10 Biggest PS4 – Xbox 720 Rumors That May Come True

We debunk ten next gen hardware rumours.

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We just can’t seem to get enough next gen console speculation at the moment, with countless websites throwing out wish-lists for Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming hardware efforts.

Whilst dreaming is certainly nice, there are already plenty of rumours with some kind of a factual basis, with many more being confirmed or added by Sony’s recent announcement of the PS4. We’re going to go through ten big rumours regarding the PS4 and Xbox 720/Durango and have a think about just how likely they are to come true.

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This one has been hinted at for some time now, more so with Sony's unveiling of the “share” button on their new DualShock 4. It isn't quite clear what sharing will entail though. Some are arguing a system may be implemented like we saw with OnLive's cloud service, where the previous ten minutes of gameplay are always being recorded so you can capture your awesome moments at any time. That said, the PS4 will also apparently offer the ability to stream games live to your friends, though whether you can also stream worldwide to people outside of your friends list has yet to be seen.

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  • TreyMc4President1993

    I’m pretty sure you’re mentally retarded.

  • lindino08

    Stay in school…or more likely the case, go back to school.

  • Ebonics Professor

    I have no clue what you just said.

  • Rosetta Stone

    I believe he said:
    “[I am] going to be laughing so much when Microsoft announces their console with specs that are going to smash [the] phony Sony Playstation 4. Microsoft knows how to make a proper mean machine with games that will blow PS4 games out of the water. [The] PS4 is just a bunch of sequels and lame Disney games. Haha, tough luck Sony idiots. I could care less about their Japanese rubbish. [The] USA makes the best stuff. [It’s] time to win the home lap, Microsoft bring on more HD Halo and new games.”

  • wish the entire list was on one page because I have a response to many on the list, but it’s hard to memorize them all, I don’t feel like spending time going into detail, but the dvr is possible but there’s probably no demand as they’re already available with cable tv, and you could just upload to save storage space. 2 ghz is possible, used games are likely on ps4 to attract sales since xbox won’t have it, I doubt the required internet connection, and I don’t remember the other posts, and I’m trying to reload the first page and it’s freezing either due to your servers, or my isp throttling. ok here we go, live streaming is possible, but the demand probably doesn’t justify the infrastructure unless they partnered with google for hangouts, but sony is stupid in the tech industry. they also could have licensed web browsers, but probably won’t do that either. 70$ is a definite no because they know that statistically sales have declined since the increase from 50 to 60. backwards compatibility is implied, why else would they spend 300 mill on gakai. you probably won’t have to buy games twice as that would bother gamers; i personally don’t care about motion controls, but yea, probably improvement, and sony isn’t going to repeat the mistake of charging too much

    • Roy

      This is a clickbait site and that’s why everything is on separate pages, just remember that.
      Oh, and streaming SUCKS for faster paced gaming! It just doesn’t work as it works on the basis of retaining the last input until the new input is receives.
      The response on Sony’s way of doing things is almost always negative because they almost always F-up and it is deserved.

  • So basically, everything the playstation has ? … What a crappy thread.


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