10 Console Games That Should Only Be Played On a PC

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As PC gaming continues to loose out on the cash front to the supposedly more lucrative console market, we’re seeing more and more dodgy PC ports of console games. These games are often much worse on PC than they are on consoles, but it wasn’t always this way. Many games from our past, present and future, though on consoles, are games that should only be enjoyed on a PC. Here are ten picks that typify this dynamic.

Supreme Commander

I bet you’re all anticipating a paragraph long rant about how ridiculous it is trying to play an RTS game with a console controller. Honestly, Supreme Commander on Xbox 360 made a good attempt at creating an intuitive control scheme, but it was the bugs and performance bugs that really pushed it into the obscene. Frame rate drops, bizarre audio and visual glitches and an unforgivable amount of freezing issues made Supreme Commander’s console version laughable for all the wrong reasons.

Dragon Age: Origins

Bioware generally do a good job of translating their games to console without any dumbing down. That said, the immensely varied nature of loot in the original Dragon Age made navigating one’s inventory a bit of a drag with a controller. For this reason alone, DA on PC felt that little bit more fluid. Being kind of like a little cousin to the classic Baldur’s Gate games, (in feel rather than thematically) it also just feels at home on a mouse and keyboard.


When a game’s core mechanics revolve around clicking your mouse all over the screen, it’s hard to imagine how it would work with a controller. Regardless, the original Diablo saw an intriguing PS1 port back in 1998. The lack of online play was meant to be remedied by a two player local co-op mode. Whilst a cool idea on paper, it worked horribly in practice due to the inability for the second player to move any distance away from the main player. That, and it also took up a whole memory card to save your game.

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  • I must agree, some titles were really bad compared to PC originals, BUT it is only a matter of how good is the port made. If game is ported only to make another money (ofc it is), but without polishong and adjusting for the new platform, the game is most of the time only a shadow of the original. However, with little tweaks and controll adjustments it can be as good as the original. I totally disagree on putting Oblivion or Half Life 2 into this list. Those were really good on consoles. And Mass Effect ? That is even more console then pc game my friends.

  • Not sure I agree that they “MUST” be played on PC. I’ve had no issues playing any of Biowares or Valve’s games on consoles. Just because there’s little niceties on the PC over the console (say better frame rate or higher textures etc) doesn’t mean the game aren’t worth while on consoles.

    For a game like StarCraft 2, I’d say stick to PC… but that said… I’d like to see if it could be done with something like… PS Move… as it has the precision and buttons needed to swaps between units easily. Sad that we’ve not seen a full blown RTS like SC2 on the move yet.

  • “As PC gaming continues to loose out on the cash”

    Loose – “free from anything that binds or restrains; unfettered: loose cats prowling around in alleyways at night.”

    Lose – “to fail to keep, preserve, or maintain: to lose one’s balance; to lose one’s figure.”

    Go back to English class George.

  • Really rubbish article, and totally irrelevant to anything.

  • I disagree with Doom. Doom on PSX was in many ways better than the PC version. I realize there was maybe a couple things missing, including the huge mod community, but honestly I prefered playing Doom on PSX with link cables to playing on PC, and to this very day I feel the same way. I cannot say the same about any other FPS, including Duke, because those games had mouse look. The sound track on the 3DO/PSX game is superior by far IMO, and the lighting effects were improved. The entire game felt like a different experience than the PC version… it was much darker, and for me that made it far more enjoyable, especially in deathmatch.

  • This is just some PC fanboy touting his preferences. Get over yourself, buddy.

  • “effortless mouse and keyboard controls” – sounds like someone’s never spent time with a gamepad – I played 25 hours of Oblivion on PC, but gave it to a non-console mate as soon as it was announced for PS3, digital WASD movement and only two speeds (three with sneaking) was a huge step back on PC, and for a game where you do so much moving, a dealbreaker for me. Sure, my PC then (and now) is more powerful than a PS3, but I had a lot more fun just because a gamepad handled the controls and gameplay far better.

    Mouse/kb on Mass Effect was also pretty bloody average – kb for movement is far worse than gamepad (only eight directions, only one speed, two with a run button), and the mouse turns sensible aiming mechanics into point-and-click adventures (yes, Tales of Monkey Island is definitely the kind of game that works better on a mouse/kb, as do all point-and-click adventures, but is surprisingly absent from this list).

    Also – Diablo on PS1 worked really well, and local coop was a tonne of fun – back when Diablo was released, online was pretty minimal, even on PC. Easy to forget now, but not if you were about then.

    @hush404 – give RUSE a look – works really well with Move, and has more strategy than SC2 (SC2’s still got strategy, but it’s still more top-down action than strategy).

  • “As PC gaming continues to loose out on the cash front…”

    It’s spelled lose as in winning and losing. Not loose as in letting shit loose into the console market. Editing 101.

    Console has it’s place but it is for all intents and purposes the “easy” way out and more streamlined for the noobish market who won’t or can’t be bothered to maintain their own hardware. Add the ability to play on their TVs while sitting in bed wearing dirty underwear and the scene is complete. PCs versions of any console game will always be superior. Providind it’s actually optimized well to play on PC and not hobbled for the 3 fingered gaming system.

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  • TeeKay

    I was looking for Battle city 1990 that i can play with a console!


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