10 Most Bad Ass Guys We Love More Than the Good Guys on the PS3

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PlayStation 3 has had a great run for the last couple of years with blockbuster games getting released every three to four months. In almost all of these releases everyone just remembers the heroes. No one really cares about the bad guys who are equally responsible for adding drama in to the game. Through this article we take a look at 10 Most Bad Ass Guys We Love More Than the Good Guys on the PlayStation 3.

Note: The article contains major plot spoilers, beware!

10. Dr Nefarious

Nefarious is the mad scientist that appears in Ratchet and Clank games and is also the primary antagonist in Crack in Time. In the game he plans to take control over time and make changes in history. He is defeated once again by the duo but is rescued by his servant Lawrence. He will make a return in the next Ratchet and Clank game: All 4 One.

9. The Chimera

The Chimera are a species of unconfirmed origin that arrived on Earth with the asteroid from the Tunguska event, who serve as the main enemies in the game. These fellows range from a few inches to hundreds of feet in height. Below are the few of many Chimeras that we have encountered in Resistance and Resistance 2.

  • Hybrid
  • Marauder
  • Angel
  • Leviathan
  • The Swarm
  • Kraken
  • Mother Spinner

8. Scarecrow

Even though Arkham Asylum had many great boss fights, the one that really stood out were the Scarecrow sections. At many points in the game Batman will undergo hallucination due to vast array of chemical drugs exposure by Scarecrow which will induce frighteningly realistic hallucinations. Batman was able to finally break free from the Scarecrow’s hallucinations by avoiding his gaze and shining a batsignal at him.

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  • to the author of this article, you are a sumbitch for not warning me about the spoilers. i was going to buy heavyrain with the move peripheral,but you have just messed it up for me. on the first sentence you have disclosed information about the origami killer without warning. epic f*** up

    • Rashid Sayed

      Note: The article contains major plot spoilers, beware!

      That is what I wrote in the first para.

  • no radec!!?? FUCK THIS SHIT!

  • I know the game’s been out for a while, but would it have killed you to put a spoiler alert up the Heavy Rain entry?

  • Ugh… reading fail on my part. Didn’t notice the warning after the main paragraph. Never mind…

  • Me

    Thanks for ruining Heavy Rain for me ass. Not everyone has played it yet ……ASS

  • Hey Ass, thanks for ruining heavy rain. Are aware that everyone hasn’t played it yet?


  • OMG

    get a clue maybe people havent played heavy rain yet and they didn’t want to know that scott shelby is the origami killer you’ve got to be a real smart one I bet you review games and tell your readers every detail of the story before they get a chance to play it idiot.

    • You just ruined Heavy Rain for me in this article. Awesome, cheers…

      It’s not hard to put ***SPOILER ALERT*** before stuff like that

  • Rashid Sayed

    My dear readers,

    I have clearly mentioned: Note: “The article contains major plot spoilers, beware!”, at the beginning of the article. Why all the hate then?

  • OH! you know I didn’t play heavy rain, now you ruined that game for me! GREAT JOB!!!!!
    GOD! this is one of the reasons i hate a lot of gaming websites!, LACK OF PROFESIONALISM!, you are a real shame for this website!
    first, go to a university, then LEARN, that’s the purpouse after all right??
    and last you can write whatever you like.. but you will write in a good way, you are simpe the worst gaming journalist i have ever read before, and that saying a lot
    sorry for being so mean , BUT IS TRUE
    PD: english is not my main languaje sorry if it’s not perfect

    • Rashid Sayed

      My dear friend, why you never read the spoiler alert at the beginning of the article!

  • the spoiler alert is there you guys back off its your fault for skimming

  • Lol @ all the idiots who don’t read the article.

    Deal with it, you should’ve thought that there’d be spoilers anyway, AND you didn’t read the “there are spoilers beware” hurr durr.

    It’s what you all get for not acutally reading.

  • Shubhankar Parijat

    Readers, it has clearly been stated at the beginning of the article that the article may contain spoilers. We wouldn’t think of spoiling your fun that way. That is why all the readers were warned of spoilers at the very beginning.

  • This soiler warning is pointless since we don’t know what game the author is talking about before reading the dam article… I’m guessing no one should have read the article in the first place since we had no clue what games would be spoiled. Brilliant. This is what is called bullshit.

    PS: I know you don’t really care, but I apologize for reading your website once, it won’t happen again.

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  • Idiots simply Learn two F***en read! seriously you all must be that dumb and stupid that you can’t even read. I’m surprised on curious to know wether you manage to get through half of the games that you read on about if you can’t even see the spoiler alert notice. i haven’t seen so much fail. If you need to rage at something, rage about your dicks being too small.

    if your too dumb, to put it in simply terms, between the lines… (your dick being small) emphasises how small your brain is. Because your thinkin with your dick, hence your brain is your dick.

    get it yet.. probably not..


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