10 PS4 Games That May Get Announced At E3 2013

Sony have taken the plunge, seizing the moment with their PS4 reveal last Wednesday. In a climate where gamers are becoming increasingly impatient waiting for next gen, Sony have caught onto this momentum well. Sure, we’ve had the Wii U already, but it doesn’t really feel next gen yet, does it?

No, the PS4 was good news for tired ears, but the fight is not over yet. Certainly the Sony event on the 20th unveiled a host of pretty awesome games, but a console’s success cannot ride on the back of a handful of games alone. We need more, a sustainable release calender that will justify our investment in Sony’s new hardware. They are currently riding the waves of the announcement, but Sony will need to capitalise on E3 as the place to announce more awesome games for their new system.

We already know some of the developers who are working with Sony on the system, so here are our picks for ten titles that may get announced in June. Some are obvious, but we’re holding out for a few surprise announcements.

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  • zindkeeper

    Lol, photoshopped Persona 5 mashup of characters from entirely different games.

  • Saros

    Soul Reaver?! The game is fine and perfect bringing it to new gen is just going to further taint the image!

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