10 Reasons Why Killzone Shadow Fall Will Be PS4’s Killer Launch Title

How Killzone will capture our hearts and minds in the next generation.

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Sony have announced the PS4, unveiling the system’s new features alongside a few select titles last month. A new Killzone was one of the highlights, and it seems set to be a defining launch title for the new system. That said, Sony seem adamant to launch their new console with a bang, so it’s unlikely to be a clean sweep for Guerilla’s fourth console Killzone game. We reckon Shadow Fall could still be the system’s killer launch title though, and here are ten reasons why.

A Technical Show-Case

Killzone’s gameplay has had a somewhat divisive history. Originally mis-marketed as a “Halo killer,” the original’s gameplay was considered far too derivative for some, and the attempts to move away from this in sequels have garnered equally mixed reactions from fans and critics. Regardless of how people feel about the series’ mechanics, you can’t argue with the production values. Every single game in the series has shown off Sony’s hardware immensely, providing some of the best looking games of the past decade. We expect Shadow Fall will be no less impressive and, if the trailer is anything to go by, it may well be one of the best shooters we’ve ever seen when it launches alongside the PS4.

Little Else Like it at Launch

watch dogs ps4

When considering what the killer launch app will be for a system, you need to look at what the competition is doing. Whilst there are plenty of interesting titles planned for the PS4’s arrival, few of them offer the high octane shooting action that the Killzone series is known for. Whilst Watch Dogs kind of fits into the shooter genre, its simultaneous release on PS3 and Xbox 360 will take the excitement out of its arrival ever so slightly.

A New Setting

killzone shadow fall ps4 wallpaper 1080p

Of what little confirmed story information we have, it seems Shadow Fall will take the series to new locales. Following the downfall of Helghan, Shadow Fall moves the action twenty years on, with the ISA letting Helghast refugees settle on the planet Vekta. The setting throws a Berlin-esque security wall into the mix that separates the natives from the refugees, and the tension this causes between the two will be an interesting narrative catalyst for the series.

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  • dakan45

    That is the biggiest load of crap hyping i ever read. Its just a typical cover based fps like the previous killzone games but now with more color.

    • Yener Ozturk

      lol, “with more color”

      And you think that’s it? Not very technical, are we?

    • dakan45

      Techinically? Ok techinically the demo showed that the game is streaming in. At the part that the dropship showed up, the textures popped in. Typical scripted event. Ofcourse the camera was too close to the VTOL so you wont be able to see the city which was just a backdrop and ofcourse the game is blurry in the distance to cover the lack of detail.

      Very impressive for a console game, but pc still has better graphics. Essentially it is another killzone game, nothing new or impressive to start this “new gen” by showing old trash taht we played before. That is the idea of a “killer launch title”? ANOTHER killzone but with better graphics and more color? I declare this article hype bullshit.

    • You think PC is such a kickass thing huh? Well if you buy a game that is made also on console, its made the SAME EXACT WAY, just because its PC doesnt mean anything. All developers use those things because why work on something that nobody will even see close up? PC based games are the only PC games with more detail, even at that they arent “top notch” the games never use the newly released technology because they want to make sure everyone has the stuff to do it because everybody cant afford a expensive card. So logically, PC is only good because it runs faster and you can modify the games to actually look better than the vanilla. Besides, graphics are dandy, but NOTHING, and i repeat, NOTHING compares to gameplay. If its fun as hell, i dont give 3 tiny fracks what graphics look like. Look at Minecraft.
      I even own a pc btw, and i still favor console.

    • dakan45

      Bioshock infinite.

      Console slow ass aiming, pc super fast aiming. Console, 2 weapons limit, pc all weapons equiped. Console textures= SHIT pc textures= 30gb instal with CGI qualtiy textures and superior lighting and framerate.

      Fallout, console= what you got, pc= superior visuals and tons of weapon and character mods. Even fucking vehicles.

      “PC based games are the only PC games with more detail,”

      I got news for you son, uncharted 2? even mw2 looks better on my pc. God of war 3? just a dated console game on 1080p.

      Max payne 3 on consoles? Equivilant to low settings on pc. Crysis 3? Even if you put it at lowest settings it is still better than the console version.

      EVERYTHING looks miles better on pc, thas how dated your 8 year old shit is.

      Watchdogs? Guess what the ps4 demo was on a pc and the lead version is the pc version.

      ” never use the newly released technology”

      Oh am sorry i must have missed the fact that games use DX11 with advanced ambient occlusion and oculus and tess FX and physx.

      “because they want to make sure everyone has the stuff to do it because everybody cant afford a expensive card.”

      Same point as above.

      Physx?Nvidia only. DX11 tesselation? Only high end cards. Crysis 3? ONLY card that support DX11. So your theory is wrong you clueless moron.

      “So logically, PC is only good because it runs faster and you can modify the games to actually look better than the vanilla.”

      The vanilla is leaps and bounds superior to the consoles. Not only resolution but many things, textures, lighting, render, draw distance, geometry, object quality, effects.

      “but NOTHING, and i repeat, NOTHING compares to gameplay.”

      Well the gameplay on consoles is SHIT.

      Why? because you cant make fps that take skill thanks to crappy lock on aiming. You will never see console games with alot of recoil or enemies that movie alot like most oldschool shooters. You will never see rpgs with alot of statistics and skills and complex rules, because console gamers are retards taht cant handle games that take skill.

    • You know, i would have respected your argument if you weren’t such a smart@ss d!ck..knowing the type of person you are, your not worth my time. You are the PC guy who can’t shut up about how better PC is, plus your a d!ck about it. PC is fun as hell and I love it. I just enjoy Playstation more.

    • dakan45

      Ok so i proven that the pc version is NOT the same game as you claim it to be, i destroyed your arugments and showed you how CRAP CRAP CPAP the console versions are and how you the consoletards whine about pcs being “expensive” when you dont even reallizethat pc has been NEXT GEN FOR YEARS NOW and you act like a cunt when i show it to you.

    • Dakan45


    • Dakan really has no life at all…He gets on every PS4 article just to bash them. Why are you so mad bro? lol

    • dakan45

      I get on what i want you nigga faggot. You wont dictate what i see in the internet and what i say.

    • Poor guy. I actually feel sorry for you. It makes me feel bad knowing that the most joy a person gets out of life comes from internet bashing Ps4 articles. It’s actually very depressing.

    • dakan45

      you are retarded and a clueless.

      0/10 for trolling, try again.

    • I’m the troll? Lolol really? Yeah we are done here kid. I hope your mental health improves soon bro…so you can get on with your life. There are better things to do than get online and trash talk a piece of software. Lol good day sir…

    • dakan45

      Yup you are retarded and clueless as i said. Typical retarded fanboys.

    • Dakan45

      retard ass

    • klor lalala

      Killzone is a good game i don’t understand why you critizice too much killzone shadow fall graphics the’re pretty good. I dont know ehat kind of graphics you migth want but if you dont like the game then go ahead and create yor own game with the type of grapucs you like.

    • dakan45

      Didnt say its bad, its great but this entire article is hype ball bullshit. those REASONS might as well be pulled out of someone’s ass.

      So much for this “next gen” when pcs are more powerfull now.

    • Dakan45


    • Wolvedrine

      You’re probably a newbie at gaming.

    • dakan45

      etremely far from it.

      What is so now and amazing about this game gameplay wise? NOTHING as for graphics, pc is miles ahead. Always has, always will be.

    • Gadan567uuhhhfchhjj

      Fuck you dakan45 pc is garbage ps4 forever

    • dakan45

      “pc is garbage” yet the ps4 is 10 times inferior.

      Fuck your shitty ps4, sucks balls Typival idiotic fanboy.

    • klor lalala

      Why you keep offending people if you like pc graphics that’s fine but you take it more personal the’re just games nothing more theres more important thing in life to argue about than this.

    • if you hate consoles why do you go to an article about consoles?

    • dakan45

      Why i posted here? GEE I DONT KNOW, propably because AS I SAID the REASONS presented here are the biggest load of hyperbole bullshit i ever heard rather actual reasons.

    • hueuheueheueh

      I don’t usually comment on stuff like this. But you’re a fucking tool. Remember this is very very early showcasing, nowhere near complete. And I think it honestly looks better than most PC games. Don’t even argue with Crysis 3 or Bioshock. Cry3 was garbage and Bioshock was too much damn fun on my ps3. Really, that’s all that counts. Good luck wanna be gamer. Time for me to play some more FFIX cause graphics mean nothing!!

    • dakan45

      Am sorry but the tool here is YOU. A tool of the developers.

      Dawnfall did not look impressive at all.

      As a matter of fact yes crysis 3 was miles better, you will not see anything at the graphical fidelity of crysis 3 on ps4 for along time. But then again i am talking to a retard that has no clue as to how ahead pc is. Max payne 3 on consoles is the low settigns of pc. Even at the lowest settings, crysis 3 blows the shitty consoles away.

      Bioshock infnite is a dumbed down linear shooter. However both buoshock and crysis 3 have far better gameplay tha your cover based generic shit called killzone.

  • Killzone is awesome, and I don’t even usually like FPS games


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