10 Reasons Why You Should be Excited for Sleeping Dogs

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Sleeping Dogs is an open-world game from Square Enix and United Front Games that looks all sorts of awesome. I’ve been blown away ever since I saw the first trailer for this game, and this is something that has a chance to be a massive critical and commercial success. The game is entirely set in Hong Kong, and you play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop. The premise sounds fantastic already, doesn’t it? People who wanted some exotic locations like these will undoubtedly be pleased with this game, as it contains a lot of gameplay density for you to fool around – and UFG has given you tons of tools to do that.

Saints Row from THQ, and GTA from Rockstar are their obvious rivals, but one thing is for certain, Sleeping dogs seems to provide the fun and excitement of all these games combined and it’s something that has made me excited for a video game after a very long time. And guess what? If you own Just Cause 2 (One of my favourite games) on any platform, you get Rico Rodriguez’ threads which allow you to perform neat stunts in the game. I’m feeling a lot of positive vibes from this game after a long time and it looks to be turning out to something special. Bear in mind, the game comes out on August 18, so unless we review the full product it will be hard to judge whether this is truly the amazing open world game everyone has been waiting for.

So enough intro for now, here’s why you should be excited for Sleeping Dogs:

Well realized city: 

Hong Kong is a city that has been rarely used before in video game settings because of how complex it is. However, in Sleeping Dogs, due to the full backing of publisher Square Enix, United Front Games is able to create something that is truly spectacular to look at and also a lot of fun to free roam to your heart’s content.

Solid cast: 

Sleeping Dog features a lot of talent from Asia and the west including, “Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day, Total Recall) as Wei Shen, an officer sent deep undercover into one of Hong Kong’s most feared Triad gangs, the Sun On Yee. Police Inspector Pendrew, played by Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins, The Full Monty), Wei must earn the trust of his childhood friend, Jackie Mah, voiced by Edison Chen (Infernal Affairs I/II, The Dark Knight).”

Supporting cast: Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man, Zombieland), Robin Shou (Hard to Kill, Fatal Chase), Terence Yin (New Police Story, Colour of the Truth), James Hong (Blade Runner, The Day the Earth Stood Still), Lucy Liu (Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Charlie’s Angels), Tzi-Ma (Rush Hour, The Quiet American), Yunjin Kim (Lost, Diary of June) and Kelly Hu (Martial Law, X2).

Cheesy yet intriguing story: 

Life of an undercover police officer isn’t something that is to be taken lightly. One mistake and your cover is blown, especially so when you’re dealing with gangs who show no mercy. Here’s a story trailer to show you how cheesy the cutscenes are but awesome nonetheless.

Loyalty and discretion… watch words of the Sun On Yee, one of Hong Kong’s most brutal Triad gangs. It’s the attitude which makes them strong, the attitude which makes them feared. Getting in will be the hard part, keeping alive even harder.


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  • Vaibhav Yadav

    it will be a lot better than that fake famed GTA V..

    • for seeing many preview for this game ,im more excited for this game rather than GTA V ,i don’t know why haha

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  • Dondie Garcia

    I think this game will be able to deliver and satisfy. As a PC gamer I’m not looking forward to GTA V as I already expect it to be released primarily on the consoles and wait a year, or two, before it gets ported and by then it will already be spoiled and stale.

  • tuaNERi

    This game looks very promising! And props for the well-written article as well. I found this site by random, but I might be staying because of all these good stuffs

  • Xellos

    This game looks amazing, I’m not anticipating GTA V at all. I’m not really a fan of Rockstar, it certainly seems to remind me of the Yakuza series in a lot of ways, just more brutal if anything.

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  • Pre-purchased…Can’t wait!

  • ChrisClu

    I can’t wait for this game. Looks like it will $hit all over the waste of money SRTT was. Though I am waiting for some reviews before I pick this up.

  • lil scummy

    Already have this preordered cant wait till Tuesday. This looks so much better than gta to me.

  • Richard

    the gunplay looks kinda bad, the animations look choppy and the game look unpolished. The game clearly has potential, but something tells me it just won’t deliver and will be another average attempt at being the next GTA, this goes in the Saints Row and True Crime series pile.

  • Alex

    Just took a brake from playing. First impression is great. I’ve bought the limited edition for just 36$:

  • Hudson

    For my two cents: GTA Vice City was the best in the series and all that fallows was hype. Didn’t like San Andreas and GTA4 was a mess on PS3 and later on on the PC. Saints Row 3 was a mess to but it was surely more fun to play because you could customize so much!

    Clearly the Hong Kong setting is fresh against “good ol’ NY”. Don’t tell me that GTA ever had good shooting or decent graphics… It was fun because you could do so much.
    And i want a believable world instead of another hyped GTA or wannabe GTA.
    Just deliver.

  • Just finished playing the game, it was tons of fun, and more action packed than GTA IV. Fight scenes are superbly done, shooting was more reminiscent of Max Payne than COD, driving was OK, but driving and shooting was awesome. My only complaint was that it was too short. I need more missions to keep me occupied …. even some more mini-games and dates with girls would have been great. I can’t wait for a DLC pack soon ….?


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