10 Things Sony Should Not Implement In The PS4

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Next Gen consoles will most likely feature some sort of anti-used games tech or always on internet connection DRM, according to the latest rumours we have received from unnamed sources. The future is not looking pretty for good for gamers. PlayStation 4 is rumoured to have AMD CPU and GPU and is looking to be a true leap over the PS3 specs wise. However, we don’t want Sony to implement these features that could pose a big threat to the system when it comes to gaining a big audience and potentially reduce their market. Sony is very well capable of implementing them because they are, well, Sony.

We don’t want to see these things in the PS4 and hopefully most gamers as well.

Anti-used games:

There is absolutely no need for Sony to go with this, absolutely no reason. It will reduce their market penetration worldwide and also ensure that their competitors get an advantage over their console as it is a good selling point. Gamestop may even stop carrying their next gen console and Sony doesn’t want to miss out on 3000 stores in the US, does it? Selling games is a basic right of every consumer and no company should take it away from them.

Slower Blu Ray Drive

Blu-Ray was undoubtedly the redeeming thing about the PS3, and while it was great for movies and for carry massive games, the slower read speed was a huge negative point, which Sony should be aiming to fix in their next-gen console. It’s a widely reported fact that the BD in the PS3 is slower than the DVD in the 360, but that’s not really a fault of the BD tech, it is capable of much higher speeds.

Xross Media Bar

Vita’s OS, while perfect for touch based devices, is very poorly designed when it comes to the general visuals, and while XMB is superior in this aspect, it’s also quite archaic and Sony needs to change this with the PS4. Something based on the Metro UI for the Xbox 360 sounds amazing, or they can also modify the Vita OS a little bit for the PS4 so that there will be a good consistency between the two devices.

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  • Matthew Dickinson

    Adding a lot of RAM is a great idea — you could potentially load whole games into RAM so that they have near-instant access while playing. A hybrid SSD drive seems smart. A lot of newer computers are coming with that now. You could have a utility feature in XMB (or whatever it’s called then) where you check which games or programs to load up in the background, similar to msconfig.

    Backwards compatibility should be there, but as a “backlog” or “Legacy” section on PSN. I don’t know that the PS4 will have the power to emulate PS3 properly, but they could continue to add to PS1 & PS2 this way — even selling emulators for these, so that you do not, in effect, download a separate copy of the emulator tied to each game, as you do now, I believe, when buying retro titles off PSN.
    But keeping older hardware in the system itself would make the system needlessly bulky, expensive and complex.
    Also PSN needs to be better organized and faster. I would like a “quick game mode” so that you can quickly turn on the system and bypass XMB startup and go straight into most recent game (or the game that’s in the drive). Ideally you could choose to load up to your last save so you also bypass game company logos and title screen (how many times do you have to see those?)
    A fingerprint reader on the controller could be a good idea — you’d swipe it like a Thinkpad to log in, providing better security for your purchases on PSN and elsewhere.

    With Gaikai it’d be cool to see an “arcade” screen like OnLive had/has where you watch thumbnails of other players playing live, and can hover over one to zoom in and then select it to watch full screen.

    • james braelton

      hi there your right mathew a hybrid ssd be alwsoume tooo have in a game console or anouther option is western didgital 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drives or seagate 15,000 rpm cheeta hard drives wich be between 300 mb/s read write too 400 mb/s read write speeds say a 15,000 rpm cheeta max out 400 mb/s read write speed and first gen ps3 hard drive max speed 40 mb/s read write speed new hard drives are 10 times faster then old hard drive a hybrid 7,200 rpm hard drive 200 mb/s too 300 mb/s read write speed oh yes laser hard drives can reach 400 peta bytes per second then light speed disk light speed hard drive light speed flash drive future ipad and pen has 4,095 terabyte light speed ram disk and 100 terabyte video ram core less a 0 core no core cpu 1,024 bit graphics card from nasa intel cpu

  • Awesome sauce

    I like the part where they say Sony has always been associated with power because, as a pc gamer primarily, I find when anyone considers game consoles as power that they’re naive. Or something… Hmm…

  • Jim

    This entire thing sounds, to me, like, “Make the Playstation more like the XBox.” No thank you.

  • reilly davis

    wow cant half tell the author is an xbox gamer id realy rather the playstation not be turned into an xbox, if i wanted one of those id go to cash converters or something lol.

    What i think shouldnt be included is the move controller its a cheap knockoff of the wii mote and playstation doesnt need it, its a nice gimmick to keep up with the rest but its not needed to game

  • Mr.Nobody

    Somebody here knows somebody who works with sony…send this to them. I mean we are the users we pay for the game. They should be asking us what we want i mean for $400 we should have some input!!!! Not to mention spending over another$100 for 1 game and controller. A lot of companies are getting lazy bcuz they feel they can give us less and charge us more and we still will buy. Which is mostly true but some people will just say no and unplug

  • ActualButt

    Wow, what a moronic article. Pretty generic “suggestions”.

  • PS_Trooper

    Well said. Only author forgot to mention controller design. We are getting tired of the same controller design for a third generation since ps one. I mean, c’mon Sony, Use some imagination and change that old design for the love of God! Make it heavier too

    • I think that is what they tried to do with the Move.

  • Joe Mama Angie Daddy

    Solid state hard-drive please. Loading speeds from boot-up to game start are slow on PS3 and an upgrade would be epic.

    • I can’t afford to pay for solid-state. That would easily make the PS4 over $1500 for even a Basic system. Might as well ask for a system with a flux-capacitor too.

  • “… the reason why PS3 gets so many inferior ports compared to the 360 is because it has less available RAM”… I lolled. This guy doesn’t know anything.

  • Jay

    I personally don’t understand how people can find the XMB “confusing” or “ugly” especially considering it’s won awards, and saying they should turn it into Metro is also ludicrous, theyve already done something similar with the new PS Store, all these different sized tiles with minimal space in between them is confusing. I was reading Windows 8 reviews the other day and every one commented on how confusing/annoying the metro UI is.

    Homogenization is a terrible thing really, apart from other obvious things, the PS3’s XMB and Ribbon, and the 360’s Metro interface are what really set the systems apart.

  • Bob

    All I really read was, make it like xbox. Make the menus like the 360 so all we get are ads? better yet, advertisements while we PAY for online.

  • noname76761

    Get rid of the XMB? The most user-friendly UI on the market? Listen, the 360’s UI works, but the time my friend got his 360, he admitted to spending 5 minutes on the UI trying to load a game up. He was actually surprised when I figured it out in a minute. Claim bullshit, but it’s true. When I said, “Yeah, I have no idea how I did that.” when I started Halo, he said he didn’t have a clue either. Yeah, the 360 UI may be slightly better when you get used to it, but I didn’t have to get used to XMB.

  • I hate how this is about how the ps4 should be like the Xbox, when in fact the Xbox should look at how Sony has been kicking ass since the first playstation. I used to think the Xbox had a shot at becoming the next big console to replace the p,any station but as I watched and played both sets of systems I go back to Sony for the three key factors. One the games are blue ray quality, two the online play is free, and three playstation + gives free games and not just plastron one games but some great playstation three games as well. So in light of this obvious mistake on the articles writer who should do more research. Don’t judge a game system by its starting line up of games

  • I hate this place

    THis is the worst article I have ever read, this site should feel awful for throwing this up here. The ps4 should not have crappy hardware!? My god, It should also not have a sidearm come with it because guns are bad. Just in case you were wondering. Now I have to go write my own top ten list of things the new xbox should not implement before its too late!


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