10 Things The PS4 Is Missing At The Moment

Sony have been rectifying the past with the PS4. Their announcement in February showed a developer more in touch with its developers and audience than ever before. That said, we’re not the type to take good news at face value. Being the cynical lot that we are, we’re always looking between the lines at what’s missing rather than what’s there. With that in mind, we bring together ten things that the PS4 is missing at the moment.

A lot of things and features have already been announced but there are a few more things that Sony needs to clear up. Hopefully in the months leading up to E3, we will have a more clear picture of where the PlayStation 4 stands.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Anonymous

    This article is fucking terrible. First of all, no one knows what the PlayStation will look like. Saying it’ll look like that is fucking retarded, in fact, it’s beyond fucking retarded. The PlayStation will also run used games.

    Everybody knows Sony is the ultimate company.

    Sony has dominated the console market for many years, and they will still dominate it with their PlayStation 4.

    Which is another reason why Microsoft almost sold XBox to Sony.

    Sony is the utimate company.

    Sony is the best.

  • greaf

    4k support for games, you realize nothing can render 4k in real time yet right?

  • Michael Godfrey

    I really liked the PS3 Controller. It was light, without rumble, which I know a lot of people like but I prefer it without. The trigger buttons were an improvement to the PS2, but not as good as the 360 ones. I prefer the analogue sticks in the centre, I think that’s a good design, though other people seem to be split on that

    The thing I prefer about it compared to the 360 controller is the D-pad. The PS3 controller D-pad is a good size, is well placed and works perfectly, with each direction being a separate button. When I use the 360 pad it just feels so horrible, like a rubbish joystick, and it feels like it could easily press the wrong one.

    Saying all that, I’m really not keen on the look of the PS4 one. It looks a bit weird, looks uncomfy to hold, the D-pad looks to small and I’m not keen on the touch screen design. I’m hoping it will just e used as a start menu button, because I don’t want to use a tiny touch screen on my pad when playing a game

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