10 Upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives versus 10 Upcoming Xbox 360 exclusives

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The Battle of exclusives! Fan boys delight! Well the article is not about that. The article aims to take note that both consoles have some great exclusives in the pipeline, so that no party can say it’s a bad time to own a particular console or a piece of hardware sucks. Obviously you are entitled to say what you feel in the comments below. But trust me after all it’s a win-win situation for all parties and especially for a gamer like me who owns both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it goes beyond that.

So let’s take a look at some of the biggest upcoming exclusives on both the consoles.

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inFamous 2

Get ready to toast as Cole returns in the sequel to the 2009 hit: inFamous. Cole looks much smarter, bad ass and brimming with attitude. Hope the game play will be able to put itself a step ahead as compared to the original. Without a shadow of doubt inFamous 2 will be electrifying.

Killzone 3

The helghasts have returned from the death in the third installment of the sci-fi shooter. After the stupid mistake by the dumb ass Rico at the end of Killzone 2, the helghans have gone nuts. In Killzone 3, the stakes will be higher as the odds are highly against you.

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

The Future franchise came to a cracking end in Crack in Time with Ratchet and Clank both living happily after. Now as you guys know Insomniac are not only the most talented developers around, but they are also the wittiest. Dr. Nefarious the comic villain in Crack in Time now joins the awesome duo along with the ever irritating Captain Qwark for an awesome foursome in All 4 One. Should be fun, as usual!

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  • wat do you mean upcoming exclusives?
    they are basically all the exclusives coming out:/

  • PS owns M$ because of quality and variety

  • I call B.S!!!

    I get that you HATE fanboys as so I… Both systems have their strenths and weaknesses… But not everyone can afford both system like you PLUS get the games that they want as well. In these hard economic times I have trouble paying rent some times and buying a game requires saving months in advance… Many of my college friends are in the same BOAT!

    Now this is why I chose the PS3 over the XBOX… and while I get that I am missing out on some games I feel the great exclusive lineup on the PS3 is clearly its greatest strenth… while the online community leaves much to be desired. This is why I find this Article to be MISLEADING TO SAY THE LEAST! Firstly the list of Xbox exclusives is pretty weak compared to the solid AAA proven titles on the PS3… But more Importantly the fact that you only chose 10 exclusives… some not even in the works is just silly! WHERE IS RESISTANCE 3? Socom 4? Final FANT V.S? SORCERY? Agent? D.C UNIVERSE? FF ONLINE? Dead Naction? Kung FU LIVE? these are just some of the games that…from what we have seen so far… are more promising than half of what games you listed on the XBOX… I think you are trying to hide the fact that the PS3 has better exclusives and thats like trying to say that XBOX LIVE is just like PSN because they share most features… clearly a fraudulent statement!

  • Can honestly say that the only 360 games I’m looking forward to are Gears, Project Kingdoms, Mass Effect and XCom while I am pumped for every single game on the PS3 list. Microsoft is in a sorry state right now when you’re filling out their exclusive list with a bunch of Kinect crap.

  • Mass Effect 3 is not an exclusive it’s deafinetly coming to PC and very likely to PS3.

  • no matter how you look at it, Mass Effect 2 was never a 360 exclusive (and neither will be ME3)

    even if you don’t want to call it multiplatform, the superior PC version exist therefore is not a 360 exclusive, maybe you can call it a Microsoft exclusive which is nto correct either but at least is not so stupid

    (and this is without even mentioning the PS3 versions)

  • Jay

    I think I’m more excited for the XBOX games than the PS3, I’m one of the lucky ones that owns all 3 consoles, I’m really excited about both console exclusives, I play more on my 360 because I prefer live and the control but that doesn’t mean that the PS3 sucks. I don’t see how PS3 games are way superior to the XBOX games or the other way around.
    Grow up and live with the console you bought you don’t have to justify it.
    See yaaaa

  • Mass Effect 3, if it comes out, won’t be an Xbox 360 exclusive. Not even times. It will be multiplatform.

  • OK we got it PS3 fanboys, ME3 will not be a 360 exclusive, now can we move on, do you idiots have anything to add to this discussion or are we going to see 10 more posts saying the same dam thing.

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  • ps3 games are waay better, i was playing reach all last wek at a mates.. and its so apparent , that ps3 games are way better. and have been for about a year or 2 now. i admit, when it came out… yeh NBA live 07 might have looked better on 360… but now, its not like that, … not like that at all, with some devs now using ps3 as the lead console.

    sales of multiplats even tell the tale amongst eroupe africa, india, which are all massive markets, france germany and spain and the rest of eroupe who make up the emma on vg charts. ohh and australia, an the middle east, so ye, pretty much the rest of the world excluding america, and japan, who have their own chart. so emaa stands for eroupe middle east africa australia.
    … xbox titles are going down, they only sell in america. period. im happy. i got a ps3 and my brothers got a 360 so we can play eachothers games anyway. peace.

  • i could write you a list….

    50 ps3 exclusives, vs 20 xbox>? sound good >?

    how about 20 up coming ps3 exclusives, vs 10 xbox >?

    sound good now>? my man who commented above is right, but to add, not only is this article hiding the fact ps3 has better exclusives, its blatantly trying to hide the fact ps has and always will have twice as many, all of good quality, while he scampers to make p the list of xboxs with titles that arnt coming any tie soon, or ones microsoft contracted out. now sony has done this before, ie modnation racers, and a few others, infamous. is a second. but they do own more than 14 studios. this is a lot,. compared to nintendo with 7, half that.. and microsoft with 4.

  • Ya the only AAA on the 360 is Gears 3, this article is misleading. All the PS3 games are big time games and they very on type, thats why I chose PS3. As for online ( from the guys talking above) I honestly cant see a differance between the two, other then voice messaging….and the now $60 price tag for Live

  • For all those just reading these comments. Here is a little note for you and i want this to spread because i am tired of it…THIS CONSOLE WAR IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND NEEDS TO END”..i mean come on…a 360 video comes and? we have like 10 PS3 fanboys that show up to troll…then a PS3 video comes on and look at this.. a whole fucken battle..what are you getting out of this?..thats right NOTHING!!

    Multi-platform games are #1. for me anyway

  • @HeavY i think u just owned yourself by comment sorry

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  • tareq salah

    its amazing with all the ps3 offering that the 360 is actually still competing. impressive list by ps3


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