15 Cancelled PlayStation 3 games that should have never been cancelled

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11. Coded Arms Assault

Coded Arms Assault was a first person shooter exclusively for the PlayStation 3 by Konami. Featuring randomly generated environments and support for up to 16 player online matches, Coded Arms Assault could have been Sony’s best shooter. No reason was given as to why this game was canned. But oh well.

12. Project Offset

If there is one game which saddens me to see go, its Project Offset. Project Offset was one of the games that according to me gave a new direction to first person shooters. Set in a fantasy world and featuring some of the best visuals (well the game looks stunning even now), Project Offset was on my most anticipated list, but now it’s in my cancelled list. Apparently things went awry when Intel took over the company and they cancelled the project stating, “recent changes in our product roadmap.”

13. Catalyst

Catalyst was an upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action featuring some dude using daggers and tools to take out men with guns. Could have been an interesting concept…an alternate world to Assassins Creed, may be?

14. Darkwatch 2

Darkwatch 2 could have been a great sequel to the 2005 DarkWatch and was due on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but for some odd reason the project did not take off and the game was canned. In order to pitch a publisher, a demo was shown at GDC 2006. You can check the video below.

15. Fortress

Game developers Grin had plans on making a spin off to the Final Fantasy named Fortress. But the studio closed its doors in 2009. This is what Grin had to say: “It is with a heavy heart we announce today that GRIN has been forced to close its doors. This as too many publishers have been delaying their payments, causing an unbearable cashflow situation. Looking back at twelve years of games, titles such as Ballistics, Bandits, GRAW 1 & 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Terminator: Salvation, Bionic Commando and our unreleased masterpiece that we weren’t allowed to finish; it has been a great ride.”

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  • Johnno

    You forgot EYEDENTIFY, shown for the PSEye showreel back in E3 2005 at Sony’s Press Conference. It was like Kinect’s Project Milo, only with secret agent anime girls and far more awesome! In fact practically all the things Microsoft envisioned for Project Natal were shown back in 2005 by Sony as conceptual videos for PS Eye. I guess the reason it was canned was because technology for such AI interactivity simply doesn’t exist at a level to be a fun experience, and I doubt Milo will fare anywhere better.

  • scott

    Your #3 cancelled ubisoft game wasn’t for the PS3. Its not even a real game but pre-render video that an artist who works at ubisoft made.

  • Johny 47

    I really hope Eight Days and The Getaway 3 are only on hold, they looked incredible at E3 2005.

    Darkwatch 2 hopefully should get a developer soon, I haven’t played the first but watched some vids and looks great.

    And 11. Coded Arms Assault was probably cancelled because of MAG =/

  • I see the reason why they canceled the Fixer cuz it played too generic:/

    Killing Day was badass, I guess they felt it was too over the top:/

    I definitely know why they stoped Red Wood, a game where as you wander about not killing anything:/

    Deep Rift…O_o

    8 Days, the animation is deeply crazy! From gameplay they used a track from Killzone 2. But to me the game looks like smokes and mirrors, though it’s still another generic 3rd person shooter but with awesome animation.

    War devil is not impressive! People only hyped it because it was a PS3 exclusive, and during that time PS3 lacked exclusive so they tried hyping it.

    Coded Arms Assault, so it was cancelled! I’ve been wondering about this game and wtf happened to it, damn it was cancelled:/

    It’s sure a shame that Darkwatch 2 was cancelled, first game was cool.

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  • blah blah blah

    I want ALL those games to be released… they all look so awesome. Pity they were cancelled. I hope they’re just in development hell, and that they will be released soon.

  • Drewseph

    The Fixer looks like it uses gun-kata from Equilibrium.

  • Fortress makes me cry to this very day. FFXII was the best game in the series, and I’ve always wanted a proper sequel to it.

    Just talking about it makes me want to cry again…

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  • d3v

    Technically, “Fortress” is still under development, just with another developer.

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  • Another awesome game that just got canceled is Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories. I just can’t believe they canceled it just because there was an earthquake in the exact same city where the game takes place…

  • The axing of Project Offset is IMO an appalling loss for the video game industry. Not only could its engine have revolutionized the current technological arena, but its premise and overall concept was also highly original, engaging and ambitious. Thanks for nothing, Intel…

  • Releasing games should be feasible, let’s not forget that it’s business and should have business sense, and be profitable and financially viable. That’s why some of these titles have never been released.


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