15 Most Highly Anticipated First Person Shooters of 2012

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2012 is looking like an excellent year for gaming, and games from all genres are looking very promising so far. We know we’ll be seeing the likes of Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3, Inversion, GTA 5 (maybe) and others next year, but what about what is currently the most popular genre in gaming? We are, of course, talking about First Person Shooters.

For the FPS genre, 2012 seems to be probably the best year in recent memory. Already, tons of games from the genre have been announced, and almost all of them look really impressive. No doubt, more will come soon.

So here are 15 of what we believe are the most highly anticipated First Person Shooter games releasing next year. Enjoy the list, and give us your feedback in your comments below.


Syndicate is a reboot from EA that is scheduled to be released on January 3rd 2012. Its reveal was a pleasant surprise, and while it might not look distinct and unique from the other FPS games out there, it does look really good. The game has 4-player co-op, which is a much welcome feature as well. This sci-fi game looks really promising and it remains to be seen if Starbreeze can redeem the game. The game will be released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Halo 4

Halo is one of the biggest franchises in the industry, and the release of each new game in the series is nothing short of an event, a celebration of the genre itself. 343 Industries has already proved that they’re more than capable of carrying forward Bungie’s legacy with the recently released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and from what we’ve seen so far, Halo 4 looks excellent too. So let’s wait and watch, but we already know that Halo 4 is going to be one hell of a game.

Prey 2

Prey was an amazing game with some interesting puzzles and FPS gameplay, and Prey 2 looks like a much bigger upgrade. While the puzzle portals are no longer available here in this game, the game is set in a huge city with plenty of things to do. The game is massive with tons of things to do, and actually looks like a GOTY contender. Prey fans won’t be disappointed with this game.

Call of Duty 2012

Even if Activision had not already announced that a new Call of Duty game developed by Treyarch will be released next year, we would have known it for a fact. Call of Duty 2012- presumable (and preferably) Black Ops 2- won’t be much of a shift from the formula, that much is pretty obvious, even though we nothing about the game (other than the fact that exists). But hell, it’s Call of Duty. And that is enough to get us excited.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

The first Sniper game was underwhelming overall, but the sniping part was a lot of fun. What makes Sniper 2 so different is that, City Interactive is using CryEngine 3 this time around. Based on the released assets so far, the game looks gorgeous and what else do you need for Sniping? Lust jungle environments powered by CryEngine 3? We can’t wait.

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  • http://Website Deux

    i hope id software not dissapoint with Doom 4. I hope so

  • http://Website derp

    wtf are doing Sniper Ghost Warrior and CoD here ? They just shouldn’t exist.

  • http://Website beema

    What a meaningless unnecessary list. Not only is it 90% complete speculation, but it reads as though it was written by a 5th grader. If you are going to write for a profession, please learn how to write. Or at least hire an editor.

  • http://Website Justsomeguy

    Your grammar and spelling is atrocious. Please never write an article again, at least until you go back to grade school.

    • Wise_Tactics

      With people like you no one can improve their own mistakes, and telling others to improve their mistakes in a respectful manner shows a bit of professionalism, instead an atrocious conduct.

      Ps: English is not my native language.

  • austin

    i never knew anything about that sniper game… if there would be a multiplayer gameplay that would be pretty sweet.

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  • papa

    Ghost warrior is crap

  • http://www.relativecreativity.com/ Narendra Keshkar

    Black ops seems most interesting to me as I have seen its previous version.

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