15 RPGs To Look Forward To In 2014

With a new year comes a new set of RPG games to cut your teeth on.

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There are plenty of reasons to be excited for a new year, and plenty of reasons to celebrate as we send off the old year and bring in the new. Plenty of us go out with friends and family, to enjoy the festivities with just a bit of the warmth left from the holiday season in us.

Much of the same can be said for gaming too. While there have been some great RPG games in 2013, with a new year comes new games to play, some to share with friends and some to enjoy from the warmth of a brand new console generation. Some of the titles that are coming are continuations of a franchise, other are a fresh start with a new story. Whatever you’re into there is probably going to be an RPG in our little list that should tickle your fancy, even if it’s not coming out right at the turn of the new year, you’ll have something to look forward to in 2014.

Note: This list consists of one unannounced title.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt:

Gamers getting their hands on the new Witcher title is a pretty exciting proposition. Even at a glance, the game is absolutely gorgeous. The game’s gritty subject matter, just like always doesn’t seem to shy away from the more gruesome and gory bits of combat. Just like the previous Witcher titles, it’s also going to be presenting the player with a plethora of choices and decisions, from skills to quests and even dialogue. Developers, CD Projekt Red is also pretty confident in their ability to please gamers.

The PC version is DRM free and will look absolutely stunning. While it’s obviously not going to be a pushover on the new consoles, this game’s really going to shine on the PC platform, which is what the developers have intended. Be warned though, if you haven’t played any of the Witcher titles yet, go back and do so if you’re interested in this game. The Witcher 3 is the conclusion to the story arc that started in the first game and while you may really enjoy the eye-candy, you’re going to have a hell of a time following the plot if you’ve missed the first two titles. Sure, you could watch a Youtube re-cap or something like that, but where is the fun in that?

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  • MujuraNoKamen

    It’s good to see X get a mention but was the Wii U bashing for?
    “Now for a bit of information that you may or may not be too pleased about. This game for now at the very least is scheduled for release only on the Wii-U” Of course it is! Monolith Soft (the devs) are 100% owned by Nintendo. I take it we shouldn’t be pleased about the next uncharted and Halo games being PS4 and XBO exclusives respectively too. God damn them for making a system seller.

    • Arthur Sataine

      Exactly. Wii U is phenomenal. If people would actually play it, they could not deny it.

    • FlareKnight

      It’s a fair comment. The problem for Nintendo is that the Wii U isn’t selling great. Which means a lot of people don’t have one. Thus, a lot of people can’t play a game for a system they don’t own. So people either have to buy the system or miss out, that’s news that people probably won’t be overly happy about.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      It’s true Wii U isn’t selling great and number of people will approach it with caution but the “buy a system or miss out” concept applies to every system ever not just Wii U. I find it annoying that people aren’t bothered by PS and XB having exclusives like Titanfall, Uncharted, Halo etc (as they shouldn’t be) but when Nintendo makes a great exclusive game to counter the negative Wii U press and sell some systems they’re inconveniencing all the gamers out there. I don’t plan on getting an XBox One but if Halo 5 is really good, then I might just go for it. I do plan on getting a PS4 when it builds up its library and gets a bit cheaper but if Infamous and Destiny are amazing then I’ll go for it sooner rather than later and you wont hear me complain. Nintendo/Monolith/Wii U should be respected for having an exclusive like X that can make us feel envious of Wii U owners and make us get so excited for the game, not shunned for holding on to it’s own IPs.

    • James Wheato Wheatley

      I’ll be getting my son a Wii U for his birthday, but it’s more for me than it is for him! :p

  • ministry86

    Well there isn’t much RPG about JRPG’s so those can be safely taken off the list.

  • Sean Connelly

    yeah, some of these will definitely not be out in 2014…

  • Wait What

    #15 – Underground settings are not even remotely unique to the RPG genre (nor are rpgs that take place entirely underground). I don’t even know where you came up with the sentiment that the concept was unique. The game sounds good, but you’d sound a lot more convincing if you also sounded like you knew what you were talking about.

  • Alyfox

    What about Wasteland 2??

  • Levi Hayes


  • Khanh Nguyen

    finally the rise of the rpg game. now my hope for next years is the rise of grid tragedy game like xcom. i surprise nobody try to copy xcom on the ps and the xbox system yet.( yeah i know there plenty of those game in the pc.)

  • FlareKnight

    Will say that a good chunk of the games on these lists are serious stretches. FF15? KH3? ME4? Fallout4? It’s unlikely we’ll see any of these games in 2014. We haven’t seen anything from KH3 since that reveal trailer and not that much for FF15. I doubt games like ME4 and Fallout 4 will come out since they haven’t even been announced. Even in mid-November these were stretch statements.

    Some good games coming though. Be nice if Inquisition was a bounceback for Bioware after the mess of DA2 and the ending fiasco with ME3. Witcher 3 should be great. Some good HD collections with FFX, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and KH 2.5. Xillia 2, etc.

  • theweakminded

    The fact that Thief is not on this list is embarrassing…

  • Kick Full

    Not even slightly interested in any of the games on this list! What I am extremely excited about is Persona 5!! Persona 3 and 4(Golden) are by far the best games I have ever played! It’s sad they don’t get more recognition!!

  • wazzup


  • Rick D

    Got a wife and 3 kids. Wont get to play Witcher….

  • Trailer

    There are Lords of the Fallen and The Witcher I’m happy. Both very interesting to me, are at a high level and definitely worth waiting for them.

  • johndoe

    Wasteland 2, Torment and Persona 5!!!

  • Midori Inaba

    >No Persona 5
    List is invalid.

    • Jeroen Keers

      Persona 5’s gonna be 2015 :p. Though I agree with you that there are way too few JRPG’s on this list. X’s the only one I think.

    • Midori Inaba

      P5 is still 2014 in Jap, but fair enough I guess.

  • frostare

    I’m really hoping for an announcement of Dragon Quest X

  • Stacy K

    FF15 wow so they’ve used the Cloud skin for the 3rd time now….


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