15 RPGs To Look Forward To In 2015

RPGs. RPGs are everywhere in 2015.

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The RPG genre has been on something of a hot streak for the past couple years. You can’t shake a stick without hitting a game that’s either borrowing elements from the genre or an excellent RPG in its own right. 2015 is no exception, and there are a ton of quality RPGs that planned for release in the coming year. That said, we’ve narrowed it down to 15 games that you should keep your eyes on next year.

This list is in no particular order.

15. Dead Island 2

All right, I know what you’re thinking: Dead Island 2 isn’t an RPG. But it kinda is, actually. Technically, it’s an action RPG. You’ve got stats, perks, upgrades, an experience system, and even classes to choose from, in terms of the characters. Dead Island 2 is set in sunny California, and will feature more fragile, and more deadly, zombies, according to developer Yager. You may have heard of them – they were responsible for 2012’s incredible Spec Ops: The Line.

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  • Mark

    Imo, The Division and ScaleBound belongs on here too buddy. Still, rpgs are the future. Both current gen systems will have more open world games because of the 8GB Ram. Good stuff, I luv rpgs.

  • DrGhettoblaster

    Final Fantasy XV…?

    • Will Borger

      We went with stuff that has a launch window in 2015. FFXV doesn’t have an official launch window yet.

    • SMT x FE doesn’t have a release window either…if you put that on the list, you have to put FFXV on it, too

    • Pokeroots

      Well kingdom come has a mid 2016 release… So how much did you say you were getting paid

    • Will Borger

      At the time the list was written (November 2014), it was listed as a 2015 release. December 2015, but 2015. It got delayed onto 2016 on April 2nd.

      Looking at the dates things are published is important.

  • Ukko Clap

    >Bloodborne not being #1 most anticipated game of 2015.

  • PlayStation > every pc & gaybox game, we japanese are PSN gamers. 🙂

  • Green Day

    [HOT Accident 2015] The most horrific traffic accidents of word!!!



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