15 Things That Doom 4 Needs To Set Right

How Id Software can take DOOM to new heights.

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Bethesda managed to only just evade the ‘Half Life 3 confirmed’ hilarity of Doom 4 by expectant gamers. After being in development for ages and finally being announced after going through development hell, we expect that the game would take the ‘hell’/horror aspect to new heights.

There’s a lot riding on Id Software’s shoulders after the announcement of the Doom game after so many delays. If anything, it has made us look back on the legacy of the series and reevaluate our expectations from Doom 4 anew. But what all does Id and Bethesda need to take care of to make the game even better than its predecessors? We have a look at some of the aspects that would really help keep the game carry forward its name.

15. More Weapons

doom 1

Granted that the Doom games have had a plethora of weapons at the player’s disposal, but after so much time we’d definitely want to see something new at the front. The BFG was a stupendous addition to the arsenal, but it’d do good to have a whole new set of weapons than put weapons for the sake of remembrance.

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  • Jason1976

    LOL – I’m really hoping for a good *co-operative* multiplayer experience. I thought that was one aspect lacking in Doom 3. If Doom gets back to its roots, then I’d expect this to be a ‘mandatory’ feature. After all, I know many people who had a lot of fun battling demons together on a LAN back in the day. Over internet co-operative multiplayer would give Doom a social platform that allows friends in various parts of the world to meet up and play.

  • Jason1976

    One last post about point 6:

    I really agree with this… but it seems as though the focus on an intriguing story was an element that isolated Doom 3 as a failed mutant from an otherwise desirable pedigree (this impression is based on a lot of opinions I’ve read about Doom 3). I’ll dare to say it: I actually enjoyed Doom 3! And, IMO, the storyline enabled a more interesting progression into the expansion packs.

    • Paddy

      I’m with you on that. I thought Doom 3 and the story that went with it was excellent. Something about reading all of those notes added a level of anxiety that greatly helped the game for me.

  • Randy

    I wonder how Doom will look on idtech 5. The stakes are high for idsoftware, Not so great graphics are forgivible for games like Skyrim, Darksouls or Wolfenstein TNO. for Doom i expect the very best ( Doom> Crysis 3)


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