20% Of All PS4 Systems Being Sold Are PS4 Pros, Says Sony

A reasonably good result, all things considered.

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While the PS4 Pro has not exactly gone ahead and set the world on fire, it looks like the upgraded system is doing reasonably well for itself. According to a statement Sony made to Polygon, since the PS4 Pro launched, 20% of all PS4 systems sold – that is, 1 in every 5 PS4 sold – have been PS4 Pros.

Given the fact that the PS4 Pro is more expensive than the standard PS4 by at least $100, the fact that it has received little to no marketing support, the fact that it has had no bundled, the fact that the PS4 Slim has been so aggressively pushed by Sony and retailers, the fact that PS4 Pro enhanced games with meaningful updates are few and far in between, and the fact that 4K and HDR TVs haven’t exactly taken off yet, that’s actually a really good result- and Sony is certainly happy with it, with Sony global sales chief Jim Ryan confirming the system is doing better than they expected.

So, it looks like the PS4 Pro is silently chugging along in the background. Hopefully, this means more meaningful support for it going forward.

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  • shinningserpent

    i still thought it would be doing better.

  • Luke Skywalker

    idk, but to me it’s weird

  • Luke Skywalker

    so lets see:
    September 1st of 2016 sony said they sold 47.4 million consoles
    ps4pro launched about 2 months after in November
    in April of this year sony said they sold 60 million consoles (but since we’re in June, 2 months later, lets say that number is closer to 65 million by now)

    so between those dates 65 – 47.4 = 17.6 million consoles, 20% of that is 3.52 million.
    so 3.52 million ps4 pro consoles in about 8 months…
    I had expected a much bigger number than this or am I missing something?

    edit: I guess i’m not missing anything because dividing the 17.6 by the 5 (from the 1 in 5 from the article) gives me 3.52

    • Smart guy

      They aren’t selling 1 out of every 5 lol

    • Susanmsolis

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    • Gamez Rule

      What that tells me is that a more powerful console doesn’t always mean better sales when compared to normal hardware on offer. If power was everything then we would see more PS4-Pros outselling the base PS4 systems and PS4-Slims.

      This should also point out that Scorpio may follow that same suit as Sony’s PS4 models when compared to base Xbone and Xbone-S consoles. All the PS4 models play the same games, while Xbone and Scorpio do not as VR is only possible on Scorpio and not base Xbone models, so that may have a slight affect on sales, but that’s if Xbone gamers want VR exclusive titles.

      Time shall tell.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Hmm, my comment was strictly about ps4 pro….but since you started to talk about Scorpio let’s just say hypothetically, what if Microsoft’s last year E3 Scorpio announcement actually worked and gamers are actually waiting on the Scorpio because it’s more powerful?
      Could that be a reason the PS4 pro isn’t selling that well?

    • Gamez Rule

      Could be, but I can’t see that myself.

      I know from already owning Xbone that MS haven’t released anything worth buying into ( game wise ) that supports their console users. So why bother buying into Scorpio when no support has been shown for base Xbone users within the first 6 months of 2017 alone.

      IMO Sony has this gen locked down, and even though PS4-Pro doesn’t sell as well as base PS4/slim models they all offer exclusives to their gamers no matter what model you choose and that’s more than what MS offers with their consoles hence why I posted what I did above.

      Time shall tell.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Most people buy multiplatform games my friend. And another thing microsoft usually release most of their games in the second half of the year, that’s something most Xbox gamers know and something I’d expect someone in the know to know.
      The second half of the year is coming and plus their new console is coming around the same time I think they could have some momentum going into the next year.

    • Gamez Rule

      “Most people buy multiplatform games my friend” Yes that’s true and Sony seems to have exclusive deals in that department as well as it’s own exclusives too. MS have nothing that I am aware of that cannot be played on a Sony console or PC?

      Why would I buy the Scorpio when I already have Xbone, PS4 and PC? It may be more powerful than other consoles but that’s all it offers ( like PS4-Pro does over Base PS4 ).

  • LifeOnMars

    The PS4 Pro is outselling the Xbox one world

    • Gamez Rule

      So if PS4 sold 60 million while outselling Xbone in N-America two-to-one against Xbox, and at least three-to-one in unit sales across Europe wouldn’t that make Xbone sales approx- 20 million?


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