7 Reasons Why Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Probably Coming To Xbox 360

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I remember years ago as a boy being mortally perplexed by hardware choices. As a youth, some of the hardest choices I made revolved around what console to subscribe to, as they all offered so many different features and franchises. It’s a little different these days though, with very few truly great exclusive titles driving system sales. Hell, even once proud exclusives from yesteryear are now gracing the multi-platform roster. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the latest title to receive the cross platform conjecture, so we’ve conjured up a handful of reasons (otherwise known as more conjecture) for why this may well be the case.

Square Enix are no strangers to changing platforms

Forget the core Final Fantasy games for this example, as Square Enix have so many more examples in their wider catalogue that demonstrate some crazy platform jumps. Once the guardian of PS1 SRPGs, the Final Fantasy Tactics series has now transferred to the portable realm, gracing the DS, PSP and even the iPhone. Dragon Quest 9 got a DS only release, oddly enough following the incredible show they made with Dragon Quest 8 on PS2. Square Enix have made some crazy platform jumps before, so it wouldn’t exactly come as a surprise if they went back on their word and made FF Versus XIII a cross platform title.

Greater market share in the west

I’m not meaning to sound like a hater, but the PS3 just doesn’t have quite the market share that the Xbox 360 has over here in the west. Though the gap in hardware sales is closing by the week, cross platform games tend to sell more on 360 in America and Europe than they do on PS3. Japan is a very different story, but it makes sense from a numbers angle to launch the game on 360 as well, if only to cover the different hardware trends in both western and eastern markets.

Widening the brand’s appeal

Even discounting the effect of regional market differences, cross platform releases make sense from a financial perspective. If we’re going to completely discount advertising and product quality, more people being able to play your games is probably going to equate to more people buying your games. This could of course backfire if the game doesn’t live up to expectation, but it’s not like Square Enix to release any bad games; right? Someone back me up here.

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  • George Reith deserves to die within a month!

    The crapbox360 better not ruin another FF game!

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      Wow, I never knew a SYSTEM can ruin a game.

    • @ Shubhankar: Not necessarily, though, there’s a reason why FF jumped from Nintendo to Sony. So, in that case, I guess it could’ve ruined it.

      Nah, I think the real issue is multi-platform production, versus tailor making a game to suit a specific piece of hardware. The really big issue is that both the PS3 and 360 have their strengths and weaknesses, and by creating multi-platform games, they cater to the lowest common denominator in both. Whereas, with exclusive production they don’t have to worry about how other hardware will handle this aspect, or that detail.

      The consoles aren’t PC’s, where you can just expect more resources to be available to compensate for certain deficiencies elsewhere. It’s something many developers haven’t quite figured out this gen.

  • The likelier reason is that the FF brand has been so damaged by their last few foibles, that releasing on one system simply may not recover costs they’ve incurred during the time it’s taken to develop FF Versus XIII. Making this simply another cash grab, on name recognition alone.

  • Final Fantasy goes multiplatform = Low quality games.
    If you wanna play FF Versus XIII with high quality, just jump to PS3. Or you like to play LOW QUALITY multiplatform GAMES, just stay put on your XBOX and wait until the game is multiplatformed.

  • If we can trust what Nomura’s chitchat.I may think otherwise.
    With those new engines being implemented on versus,I doubt the 360 could even dream on running this one properly.Not unless they would waste their efforts and degrade everything again.

  • If they dont watch what they are doing with the multi-plat approach it can become another issue that “damaged greatly the FF brand”….

  • Oh please. Versus XIII going to 360 isn’t going to mean squat or harm anything, as long as the game comes out after & is not the lead platform. Over sensitive and over hyped Sony fanboys need to be quiet, sit back and take a chill pill.

    The Xbox360 is just as powerful, if not more so in designing enormous environments. All it requires is the disc space to load them…as proven in countless examples such as Lost Odyssey, or Star Ocean 4, whereas Star Ocean (one of the biggest RPGs to date) was three entire discs.

    They did not sacrafice any quality nor content in those releases. And especially not in the Microsoft property Lost Odyssey, which is really one of the best rpgs of this era. I’d love a sequel to that. But in any case, with the RIGHT tools & proper care there will not be a single thing cut from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. As well, as long as the lead platform never changes it will result in a very high quality 360 version which runs in 720p. All it takes to see that proof in action right now, is the game Dark Souls.

    Again, the only way S-E could botch the game is if they deliberately tried to undermine it by packing every disc full of FMVs. FMVs & uncompressed audio are what take up disc space, not gameplay. FFXIII-2 proves that, as its a far larger game than the “accident” of cut content in FF13. It will simply be four discs on 360, and only one on PS3 with a bonus disc. That satisfies everybody involved and to be honest FFXIII-2 was originally to be 4 discs & Star Ocean 4 was one of the biggest rpgs this generation. As well, it doesn’t affect enjoyment because a great game is still great when designed exclusively first.


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