8 Ways Sony Can Make Sure That The PSP2/NGP Is The Best Handheld Ever

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More Software

If you take a look at the PSP’s library of games you will see some impressive and big name franchises like Metal Gear Solid, God of War and Syphon Filter. But those were few and and far in between and generally speaking the PSP lacked the killer library of games that the PlayStation 2 was known for.  Things are already looking good for the NGP/PSP2 with support from Konami, Activision and many other well known publishers joining the band wagon. But the same thing happened when the PSP was launched. I do hope that Sony and the publishers will work on more games for the system and will give equal treatment to the NGP and the PlayStation 3 as far as games are concerned.

Proper Integration with the PS3

Do you guys remember the classic demonstration of Formula One running on the PS3 while the PSP was rendering the rear view of the car? In such a scenario the player can keep the PSP in front of him and check what is going behind the car. Unfortunately this feature did not make it to the final game. Then there were those cool videos of Lair being playable on the PSP, but the developers did not take full advantage of these features in any of the PS3/PSP games. With the PSP2 we will again have more connectivity options but will the developers churn out some interesting ideas? We will wait and watch.

Do Not Make the NGP a “Hardcore” Only Handheld

If you take a look at the PSP’s line up, majority of the games were targeted at the hardcore gamers.  Now that is not necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t see myself playing a 20 hour long game while travelling.  This is where the DS was successful even though the games on it did not have mind boggling visuals.  I am not saying that the NGP should not have hardcore games on it, but keep the right balance. You got to remember that you can’t bring a console like experience on the GO!

Provide a simpler SDK to the Developers

When the PlayStation 3 was launched, it was praised for its power and for what it can for video games. But it was also criticized by many well known developers for being too complex and too confusing for games to be developed on. This meant that multiplatform games would often look better on the Xbox 360, though nowadays they look pretty even. I think NGP should have a simpler SDK so that the developers can bring out great looking and playable games from day one. This one is strictly Sony’s call on what extent they can go to educate the developers about the NGP‘s architecture and what you can actually do with it.

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  • Red

    One of the great overlooked facts about the DS’s popularity was the fact that it may have the most eclectic library this generation. “Hardcore” gamers are as casual as casual gamers, they play a handful of games from a scant handful of genres and call themselves hardcore because of the subject matter within those games. Core gamers, however, have always been the type to play anything because, let’s face it, gaming used to have a far greater variety than it does now, so these gamers grew up on being exposed to everything under the sun. This is why the DS had appeal among core gamers, because it provided a library that, despite being wrought with shovelware, offered the kind of variety and willingness to experiment as home consoles used to have before the “hardcore” market drove the price of development too high to produce games that don’t have blanket mainstream appeal.

    If Sony wants to make a successful handheld, then they need to learn that creating a console experience is not the route to take. I can get plenty of mainstream console experiences on my consoles. The mobile market has become the defacto risk taking platform because of the lower cost of development, so they would do well to use the PSP2 as a means of taking more risk in the creativity department.

    Honestly, if the PSP2 is popular with its promise of mainstream console gaming on the go (Call of Duty mobile? Someone give me a break), then it could drive the price of development just as high as it is on consoles, effectively killing off the last bastion of creative risk taking game design outside of the PC. All in how you look at it.

    • you absolutely nailed it, mate

  • Ad

    I don’t think the SKU point is completely fair – when they released a new model they discontinued the old. Compare to the DS, where you can still buy the DS Lite, DSi and DSXL at the same time.
    Definitely with you on the price and games, although my own view is that the 5 minute games – sudoku, Angry Birds etc – are well served on phones and bringing a handheld to play these is almost redundant. However, we don’t need a Final Fantasy lasting 30 hours on a NGP either.
    A good measure might be – you should be able to finish a game on a single charge if you play straight through. 5-6 hours on a campaign would last the best part of a week when travelling to & from work/school.

  • The DS is the most popular handheld of all time not because it tries to be like a console with the most powerful specs, but because it offers a true handheld experience. Light, fun-centric entertainment.

  • rak33n

    what they should do is make it in 3d to compete with 3ds

  • aquaman22

    Damn gamingbolt i’ve been preaching the SAME thing to my friends and on blogs man lol. I really liked what you mention in the article about opening the NGP to more than just hardcore gamers, because there’s a very wide market out there. I also liked what you mentioned about the sdk although i would assume that Sony has shipped out and reached out to developers about that already, having learned the lesson from the OLD PS3 days, when developers did not “understand’ the console. Lastly of course and most importantly the price SHOULD remain at 250.00 if it’s to compete with 3DS. So get your game faces on Sony and Help a brother out in affording the NGP PSP XYZ or whatever you want to call that new baby lol Aqua Out!!!

  • I agree with almost everything posted here. The only exception is the ‘multiple sku’s ‘ section. PSP now has 4 versions, while the DS has… let’s count, shall we?… DS, DS Light, DSi, DSi XL, and coming to the ‘true successor’, the 3DS. Nintendo has multiple versions, just like Sony. It’s still a good point, though.
    Good article! If Sony did everything on the list, the NGP would surely succeed!

  • they already bit off Nintendo w/ the NGP’s touch screen XP

  • jbg0623

    ok….see…..that’s BS you can bring a console like expirience on the go. If fact, it was the lack of hardcore games that faulted the original PSP. If they try to release too many casual games, then they might as well be making a smartphone. This is the NGP we’re talking about. Screw the casual gamer.

  • tareq salah

    just make games cheaper i would rather pay for ps3 games than psp


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