Albert Penello Explains Why He Was Not Worried About Scorpio Announcement Impacting Xbox One S

” I was never worried because the Xbox One S is rad.”

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Microsoft did something unusual at this year’s E3. They announced two console iterations for the current Xbox One, Xbox One S, a slimmer and slightly faster version of the current model and Xbox Scorpio which will support games in native 4K and will be VR ready. However many doubted Microsoft’s timing of the announcement. The Xbox One S’s launch was a mere two months away back then and there was a worry whether the announcement of Scorpio would have killed the S right out of the gate.

However in an interview with The Inner Circle, Microsoft’s Albert Penello revealed that he was not at all worried given the confidence they had in the Xbox One S.

“I personally, I was never worried. I wasn’t surprised that people were asking that question but I was never worried. I was never worried because the Xbox One S is rad. We knew it was going to be an awesome console and I knew it’s going to beat people’s expectations and I knew how good the product was going to be at launch and I knew about our strategy of making games and accessories to be compatible which meant that I didn’t had to make a hard choice. Of course, when we were announcing that Project Scorpio was an all new system and nothing worked and you would be like ‘that is dumb” because anything I buy today is not going to work on it but anything you buy today is going to work on the Scorpio when it comes out. So the strategy made sense.”

“The product was awesome. There are lot of people on the internet that pays attention to this kind of stuff. People are still going to go out and buy something for Holidays, people still want to play Forza, Recore and Gears of War. And so I was personally never worried,” he stated.

He also stated that he liked the fact that Microsoft announced the Scorpio more than a year ahead of its release as it gave time to people to make informed decisions.

“I like that we let know people ahead of time, I like that people can now make an informed decision so next year when Scorpio comes out at least they knew,” he added.

It will be interesting to see this month’s NPD numbers (which will be revealed early next month) given that Xbox One outsold the PS4 in July. A new hardware will most likely put them as winners in August as well given the tremendous success of Xbox One S.

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  • -youjustgotburned-

    Well it didn’t impact Xbox One S sales at all so all is good. Only to the fanboys is this bad news.

  • Doggystyle

    Well it didn’t impact Xbox One S sales at all, as far as anybody knows, because nobody will ever know how many were sold, so all this information is questionable. Only to the naive Xbox fanboys who havent yet realized what MS means when they say that Scorpio will be a “premium” console, is this good news.

    • sgt_hammertime

      question for you, but why does it matter? I buy the console that has the games I want to play and the features I want to use. stop trying to make sales numbers such a big deal, because it’s not.

    • Doggystyle

      question for you, then why the h*’ll does it matter to you what I think? You buy the console you want to play, with the broken features you want to use. stop trying to make my opinion about the lack of publicly disclosed sales numbers to back up Penello’s arrogance, seem like it’s not such a big deal, when quite obviously…it is.

    • sgt_hammertime

      to answer your question, it sort of bothered me a little bit because all you do is spout trollish comments. but at the end of the day I shouldn’t let a troll commenter get to me. I sure know what to do next time.

    • JohnCReally

      He’s a Sony fanboy, this is how most of them act. You aren’t allowed to like what you like without their approval. You’re not allowed to exist without their approval. That’s what the internet has become; a hate machine.

      People spouting racism and hate throughout the internet because their parents never gave them the attention they felt like they deserved so they take it upon themselves to find negative ways to get that attention in hopes to fill the void their parents left them. Quite pathetic really. If you like Xbox, that’s what’s up, if you like PlayStation that’s fine too, but they shouldn’t sit here and act like this because someone has a different opinion than them.

    • Doggystyle

      Awwww….so nice to see you guys comforting each other like that. Maybe you guys should trade gamertags or something?

    • Nintengods

      One loser talking about his console with broken features versus another console with broken features

      $onygimps and xgimps. Equally as pathetic

    • JohnCReally

      Lol, with a name like Nintengods your comment is pretty ironic. At least the X1, PS4, and 3DS isn’t a failure like the Wii U. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually give a damn about making a great system again like the Gamecube, maybe they won’t.

      The funny thing about the gaming industry is since retards have supported garbage publishers like Ubisoft and Activision, no one tries to make any great games anymore cause they can keep churning out the same garbage and people will keep buying it just like Nintendo’s main games. Nintendo in a lot of ways has become like Disney Marvel movies, they only target their products towards 13 and lower audience, and alienate anyone out of that demographic with their “We’ll decide what’s best for you” mentality.

      Where’s the next real Metroid game? Cause Federation Force looks like some garbage Nintendoland minigame for five year olds. Where’s the next F-Zero game? Apparently no one wants those, we only want Mario Kart 5000, Mario Party 5000, Weeaboo Mirage Sessions, Donkey Kong 600, Legend Of Zelda We’re Actually Evolving to be like The Witcher edition, Star Fox gimped edition.

    • Michael

      As usual, your post is full of ponyisms and salt water…lol.

  • efnet

    Loving my Xbox one s, and I can’t wait for the Scorpio to make its official debut…

    • sgt_hammertime

      went to get mine today but they didn’t have any…..I have to wait until the 23rd

    • kma99

      You better preorder cause they sell out fast. The gamestop here in my city have had an influx of people trading in ps4 and original xbox ones. Thry had pre owned boxes everywhere

    • Doggystyle

      Yeah, they only have 3 in stock at a time. He may need to reserve his.

  • red2k

    More stupidity….. We probably won’t see another Xbox console surpassing 40 million of sales. Thanks Panello for your legacy!

  • Riggybro

    Don’t know why the whole NPD sales is such a big deal.

    Seriously we are talking about USA sales. Month on month USA XB sales are not really that far behind PS. XB does quite well in the USA. XB only need to make an extra 4 to 5 thousand to “win” USA NPD in a month.

    The thing is the gaming WORLD is HUGE. It can be quite surprising to find out overall the majority of gamers are just happy playing Yo Kai Watch, Pokemon and COD.

    • Nintengods

      Because $onygimps will never admit Nintendo is the superior company and are on suicide watch because their console has nothing at all

  • -youjustgotburned-

    Well it didn’t impact Xbox One S sales at all so all is good. Only to the fanboys is this bad news.

    Edit: LOL got one b*tthurt PS Fanboy

  • Mr Xrat

    About time that loser Penello made his glorious re-emergence as PR blunder master.

    • Nintengods

      Andrew House, Jim Ryan and Shawn Layden needed the competition after all after claiming they were coming after PC gaming when PC gaming already stomps Sony’s face in and F***’s their wife while Sony looks after their wifes son and sobs in the shed.

      $onygimp scumbags in a continuing suicidal spiral as they lose more and more games to PC and NX blaming the xgimps because the Nintengods and PCBros just laugh at them and want to stomp out the Sonyscum vermin. Beautiful.

  • BelAirBoss

    I keep hearing “Scorpio native 4k”….these Microsoft reps better be right. They’ve failed to deliver in the past on grandiose promises (3-9 times the power of the xbox one in the cloud, Kinect is part of the OS for the xbox one so the console can’t be sold without it, Milo and Molyneux…oh, Milo and Molyneux, etc. etc. etc.) so color me skeptical, but at this stage of the game if they don’t deliver precisely what they’re boasting with Scorpio, whatever credibility the talking heads have left goes up in smoke. Red ring smoke.


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