AMD Reveals That Xbox One Scorpio Was One Of Its Design Wins

The most powerful console ever, powered by AMD?

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For the last year or so, AMD have been discussing some new console design wins that they have secured– and we’ve been trying to figure out just what those new consoles may be, given that we have only known about one new console coming up until recently, which is the NX. But speaking in their recent financial call, AMD revealed that one of their design wins that they had mentioned preciously was the Xbox One Scorpio.

“Last Quarter at E3, Microsoft announced two new members of the Xbox One family, powered by AMD. The Xbox One S is the slimmest Xbox console ever, and the first to support HDR. The system is expected to go on sales in the coming weeks,” AMD’s CEO Lisa Su said (via DualShockers).

“Microsoft also announced their next-generation game console code named Project Scorpio for the 217 holidays. Project Scorpio is designed to be fully compatible with existing Xbox One software, while leveraging AMD leadership gaming technology to create more immersive 4K and VR gaming experiences. Project Scorpio is one of the semi-custom design wins we communicated previously”

Su refused to go more in depth about the Scorpio, including mentioning any pricing details, noting only that they are in support of Microsoft’s stated goals with the upcoming console.

“We wouldn’t disclose anything that’s incrementally more than what our customer has disclosed, so I think Microsoft has talked about their goals with Project Scorpio; I think we are in support of those goals. Given the performance level, you would imagine that there is more capability on chip, but I wouldn’t want to go more than that,” she said.

The Xbox One Scorpio is due out by Holiday of 2017. Microsoft contend that when it launches, it will be the most powerful console ever made.

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  • Graeme Willy

    Very cool, but here’s the thing; 6-TFLOPs sound amazing…right now. But come release day, that number isn’t so impressive anymore, compared to new cards coming out. This is one of those things that sounds great a year plus in advance, but then we hear about the specifications for the Nvidia 1180, and AMD’s 490 and now we’re talking about midrange performance points again, even though were the Scorpio were to release now, it would be considered high-end.

    • lagann

      The problem is that you are comparing an apu with full sized gpu cards. It’s just not comparable.

      Pc’s will always run away with performance unless consoles start using off the shelf pc parts and prices and size for consoles rise dramatically to do so.

    • kma99

      Kind of funny that people always want to compare pc to console. Ms hinted at the fact of allowing interchangeable part on console and everyone went ape Sh!t. So how about we simply leave the console to pc comparisons at the door

    • Richard Krupski

      PCs are always ahead of Consoles… What is your point here?

    • Michael

      6tf will still be amazing next year too. Neo’s specs are already

    • Eddie Battikha

      With the NEO having a year head start Scorpio has a huge disadvantage. Xbox fan base is very low compared to PlayStation, out of the 19 games I have pre ordered the only one that won’t be updated for the NEO is Dues Ex which comes out on Aug 23.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Disadvantage? In terms of what?

    • Eddie Battikha

      Of sales and exclusive games obviously, What are the Scorpio exclusives ?Crackdown 3, Scalebound and Forza 7 only. Xbox games are too short and their exclusives list is even shorter.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      It is clear that with the Windows/Xbox integration, the console sales numbers took a back seat for What MS is trying to do here. Software makes more money than hardware therefore MS appears to be targetting that part. But The Scorpio will definitely sale good enough considering that it will be much more powerful than the Neo.

      As for exclusives, the only AAAs Sony exclusives with a target release date are The last Gaurdian (ps3 title announced over 8 YEARS ago), and Horizon next year. Meanwhile the Xbox will have 3 THIS year alone in Forza Horizon 3 , Gears of War 4 and Recore. So it appears that your AAA Sony exclusives is not that long at all 🙂

    • Eddie Battikha

      I struck a big nerve LMFAO and u couldn’t even list any exclusives for Scorpio, cause there’s only gonna be a couple out lol so enjoy ur exclusives for Xbox this year. U didn’t even get one up vote from any one how pathetic. Xbox will never have a legit Baseball game and Spider Man will always be exclusive to PlayStation from here on. I’ll be enjoying Gran Turismo Sport, Deep Down, God of War 4, Days Gone, Detroit Become Human, Shenmue 3, Mlb The Show 17, SpiderMan and Yakuza 6. The list goes on and on till the break of dawn. Have fun waiting till November 2017 just for better hardware and a few games.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      It seems that you struck your own nerve since you had to reach for ANNOUNCEMENTS to add to your list, that sounds more pathetic to me…hehe

      Of the games you mentioned, you have a low budget in grand tourismo (ps3 looking), and a yearly update of names (MLB). The funniest part is that in 2017 you will only play Horizon Zero Dawn so you will definately be bored. Meanwhile in 2017 the Xbox community will have Halo Wars 2 and Dead Rising 4 as CONFIRMED plus a 2017 target date for release of Scalebound, Crackdown 3 and Sea of thieves. So basically your list does not look very promising compared to that of theXbox 🙂

      As for the Scorpio, it will simply be the most powerful console where all games will perform Better. A game sale on the XB1, XB Slim, Windows and Scorpio will simply mean more profit for MS and a possible sequel.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Nice try, plain and simple Xbox sales are low compared to Playstation because of Exclusives games, keep writing multiple paragraphs for nothing.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Casuals made the 20 million XB number seem low compared to the PS. They went for the ‘more’ power and CHEAPER price. However, no Sony AAA exclusive have reached sales that surpass by a substantial margin those of the XB1, so your argument of more AAA exclusives has no legs in that regard.

      But Speaking of nothing…. you claimed to have a long list of exclusive games ready for 2017, but you ended up with a SHORT list….:)

    • Tomaterrrx

      Lol you up vote yourself which is quite sad imo.

    • Bad wolf

      Dead rising 4 too that’s make it 4 for Xbox.

    • Tomaterrrx

      DR4 is timed exclusive. It’ll come to PS4 later like with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      For the PS community, WAITING is something they are used to. They waited about 9 years to finally have a release date for the Last Guardian, so yeah a year is nothing for them. In fact they are still waiting for greatness 🙂

    • Tomaterrrx

      Meh. Fair enough.

    • Nintengods

      Nintendo NX is going to destroy PS4 32X kiddo.

      No one wants one. Deluded $DF drones think $ony has a fanbase. Hilarious.

      $ony Aren’t fit to tie Nintendo’s shoe laces

    • justerthought

      It depends what those teraflops are used for. A 6teraflops 4K game on MS Scorpio won’t look as lush or run as smooth as a 4teraflops 1080p game on PS4 Neo. And if you have a 1080p TV like most gamers, you won’t see the 6teraflops 4K benefit, just all the negatives.

      Timing is the key, so you capture the core market. The core market right now and for the next 5 years is 1080p.

      If you have a 1080p TV like most people will do for the next 5 years, PS4 Neo is the way to go with 4teraflops running 1080p 60fps with eye candy turned to max. Plus it comes out a year earlier than MS Scorpio. In 3 years time PS4 Neo 2 will be out at 6-8teraflops running games 4K as our TV’s start failing and get replaced with 4K TV’s. Like I said, timing is key.

      MS undershot the core 1080p market with 900p XB1 games and their desire for revenge has caused them to overshoot the core market with 4k. Two fails.

    • Tomaterrrx

      None of the Neo’s specs have been confirmed. So most of what you said is pure speculation. And Scorpio isn’t confirmed to be running all games at 4K. Some might, some won’t. And it may just end up using the upscale tech found in the updated chip on the Xbox One S to upscale non-4K games to 4K. And Scorpio will most likely support HDR (the S does) so HDR compatible TVs will be treated with more vibrant colors and more ‘eye-candy’. And if your TV does happen to be 4K, then Scorpio will definitely outdo the Neo in sharpness and textures etc.

      As for normal TVs, 4K has proven to be a stretch for a 6tf machine devs may end up dropping it as even a 5.9tf RX480 struggles at 4K 30fps.It might end up being Scorpio aims for 1080p 60fps which in all honesty would obliterate Neo if it is going to have a 4-4.5tf GPU. And by now Neo’s specs is going to be pretty hard to adjust as it’s so late in development stages and dev kits are already out.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Within the next 5 years, the Scorpio games will have the option to have better details (more grass), steady frame rate and years of advantage over Neo 2 🙂

      And by the time Neo 2 comes out, the Scorpio 2 will be released with 15 tflops where all games will continue to look better.

    • Nintengods

      And neither the PS4 32X or the xbone ram pack have games.

      There’s no reason to buy them when the NX is launching next year. Is stronger than the Neo and has the GOTY launching with it.

    • GIO_007

      You’re absolutely right Graeme Willy, but when you consider the upgrade costs and labor vs a console, the console wins out. Granted, I love the PC experience and the power, but to upgrade (and a solid upgrade at that) is going to run you $200-300 more, plus updates and labor. Furthermore, I like competing on an even playing field, where on the PC it’s not so even due to varying rigs. But again, the absolute most important element is the games.

  • Eddie Battikha

    That’s y the PS4 NEO having a full year advantage is a huge deal, I have 19 games pre ordered for PS4 every game will be updated for NEO except for Dues Ex which comes out on Aug 23.

    • jayblazer

      Oh has the Neo been announced? Did I miss something? And wow 19 games? I don’t even have that many for current generation. Do you just preorder everything? And one more thing all of my Xbox one games will be updated with the Scorpio, and a lot of my 360 games will also.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Ur xbox games will be updated to Scorpio, u sound idiotic saying that. All the games except for Dues Ex I have pre ordered are coming out from the middle of September till 2018. Xbox games are too short and their exclusives list is even shorter.

    • jayblazer

      “updated with” not updated to. there is a difference. Now who sounds idiotic? Nice try though fanbot.

    • justerthought

      The PS4 Neo is not a rumour anymore. It’s existence was confirmed in an announcement that you obviously missed. MS have history regarding backwards compatibility so your comment sounds very naive.

      The MS version of backwards compatibility is not via hardware emulation, it is all about pre-converting the game to run on the new system and then place it on a server for download. Not every game gets converted and they are not a remaster or quality upgrade.

      XB1 and 360 games will be lucky if they get that pre-convertion treatment to MS Scorpio and if they do, they won’t get a quality upgrade. In fact, unless you have a 4K TV the MS Scorpio will be a bit of a lame duck. You won’t see the extra pixels on a 1080p TV and the games will be running 30fps with the same object density we see in XB1 games today. That’s because 4k is very demanding. Even high end PC’s struggle to do 4K 30fps with graphics on medium setting.

      The same game running on PS4 Neo will look far superior on a 1080p TV. PS4 Neo will struggle to do 4K gaming so the devs will go for lush worlds at 1080p 60fps. Most gamers have a 1080p and are not interested in 4K. We still haven’t got Toy Story level of detail at 1080p yet in games.

      I actually predict MS Scorpio will fail to make a significant dent. MS fell short of the core 1080p market with 900p XB1 games and will overshoot the core 1080p market with 4K Scorpio games. Plus it will be hitting the market 12 months late.

      You will go into a shop and see Scorpio running a game in 4K, but the frame rate will be sluggish 30fps and forests will have 10 very detailed 4K trees. You will then look at the same game in the shop running 1080p on PS4 Neo with silky smooth 60fps movement and lush forests containing 30 trees at 1080p.

      So if you buy an MS Scorpio and have a 1080p TV, you won’t see the 4K pixels, but you will see the sluggish 30fps and the 10 tree forest. But if you buy a PS4 Neo and have a 1080p TV, you will see silky smooth 60fps and lush 30 tree forest. That’s why MS Scorpio will fail because the 1080p market will go for the Neo 1080p upgrade.

    • Nintengods

      That would require games which Sony has none.

      Also the PS4 Neo uses the same garbage Jaguar cores the PS4 does so it’s only ever getting 30FPS and below on multiplats at medium/high settings.

      Nintendo’s going to annihilate such a mediocre upgrade

    • jayblazer

      Confirmed is not the same as announced. One means yes we are working on something, the other means we are ready to bring it to market. I’m careful with my words you should be also.. I’m not sure how we got on this path but I own them all “I still have my original NES I got new when I was 12, and my Sega Master System” and will own the new ones that’s the beauty of being unbiased. Oh and I do have a 4k tv thank you. One last Thing since I have obviously been around a while and consoles are my hobby, I feel pretty strongly that Microsoft is lying when they say things like that. They cannot shoot themselves in the foot and say it will do much more then the Xbox one will or they will kill sales for a year. The people at Microsoft weather you like them or not are pretty smart people and they have a long term strategy in play here and its not just targeted at the us 4k owners. Honestly I believe the whole reason for the existence of the Scorpio is to have a home console that can truly do VR. My fingers are crossed that next year while unvailing the Scorpio they also announce a partnership with Oculus.

    • cweb1988

      They’ve said multiple times that devs can use the extra Scorpio power for other stuff besides 4k. So PS Neo and the Scorpio will basically be the same thing. Scorpio it appears will just have some extra power for devs to use.

    • Bad wolf

      Still no one care, the Scorpio already killed the Neo in social media
      that’s why you come in Xbox articles to damage control,

    • Nintengods

      Whole year? It has 4 months before it gets annhilated by the Nintendo NX

      There is no point in buying a PS4 32X

    • Eddie Battikha

      Nintendo NX LOL I left Nintendo a long time ago, I’m a hardcore gamer not a casual gamer. The NX is gonna have PS4 graphics from 2013 and its releasing in 2017. Enjoy ur gimmicky kiddie system.

    • Nintengods

      How can you be a hardcore gamer if you bought the casualstation 4?

      Enjoy your paid online

  • Mr Xrat

    Yep, MS managed to delude itself thinking that power is the reason they got owned so hard and now AMD is set to profit off them rushing for a console that won’t do 4K adequately. Well played.

    • Bad wolf

      Here we have the biggest Sony Pony fanboy over here trying to damage control, (lmao), how sad when you up vote your own comment.

    • Nintengods

      And the PS4 32X has no power for 1080P 60FPS either. So it’s going to be laughable at launch because it has no games and no significant upgrades since the weak CPU means most games will stay 30FPS and below. Delusional $ony Drones are hilarious to watch trying to spin their garbage hardware.

      Just lining it up for Nintendo to come in and own $ony and M$ harder than ever before. Gonna laugh when Horizon Zelda Clone is still 1080P and stuttery 30FPS on Neo while Zelda BOTW looks like the reveal trailer and is 1080P and smooth 60FPS on NX.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Zelda BOTW the cartoon game, Hahahah nice try Nintendo Sucks I enjoyed my N64 the first 2 years then traded it for a PlayStation and never looked back.

    • Nintengods

      Keep waiting for greatness to never come while Nintendo gets GOTY year after year when NX launches

  • Nintengods

    Who cares. NX is out next year. No one cares about the xbone ram pack or the PS4 32X

  • The Walrus

    Goo Goo G’Joob!

  • Andrew

    What about the Xbox one s isn’t that concidered one of the 3.


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