Anonymous threatens to hack Activision after the controversial Black Ops 2 Trailer

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Anonymous has a beef with Activision now. Why? It’s because of the Black Ops 2 trailer that was released recently. The trailer which you can see here, portrays the Anonymous organization as the enemy of the United States, which has pissed them off greatly.

They have released their own video in which they threaten to hack Activision and to disrupt their online servers. They have managed to ‘dox’ Activsion’s CEO Eric Hirshberg, and are threatening to cause a lot of damage to the company’s infrastructure.

“This act will show you how serious our collective us and that we will protect any human who calls himself Anonymous,” can be heard in the video. Check it out below.

This is what they posted:

Greetings fellow users. It has come to our attention that Activision entertainment company used our collective as a bad example to other players all over the world. Selected company presented us as a terrorist group with plans to hijack planes and others. This is our reply to the selected company Activision: We are not terrorists, we are fighters for freedom in every aspect of meaning. However, if you want to present us in that way we will need to take action against your company and online servers.

We will hijack military system and use valid date to control over the parameter. We will deface your online game servers and make damage of millions of dollars to your company. This act will show you how serious our collective us, and that we will protect any human who calls himself Anonymous. The time has come to expand our collective. It is time to take steps on streets, protest and other public actions in order to bring one step to mission and create a public team who will proceed with the mission.

Again this is the act of all of us who share the same idea and mission. To others, our message is continue to share data, links and other protest space. That is all steps to one great plan, a final mission that will free the system form potential threats. So you can see, we are all one team, Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Activision, expect us.

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  • Butthelm_Cockgondola

    Where in that trailer is Anon even brought up? I watched it and saw nothing of the sort. Goes to show that any jackass can grab a hold of a Guy Fawkes mask and claim to represent “Anonymous” with completely unfounded bullshit. This particular specimen is either a troll or is off his meds again.

  • Dino

    really?! really?! for the love of all that is holy every member of anonymous needs to go have sex with a woman now!!! cmon man CMON!

  • ghostkill221

    Originally when Anonymous spoke out against Scientology, and some other organizations who suppressed free speech, not because Scientology was wrong but because of its suppression of its members voices. I was all for them. even throughout the Geohotz scandal and when they took down all of the Illegal xxx sites, I was kinda proud of my fellow nerds, but ever since lolzsec came around all Anon and Anti-sec and the lot seem to do is hack whoever makes them angry or to get whatever they want, I’ve truly lost all my respect for the Organization.


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