Assassin’s Creed 3 vs Revelations: A Visual Comparison — How Much Has The Series Evolved?

How much has the series evolved since last year? We try to analyze.

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The Assassin’s Creed franchise has come a long way since it’s inception with the original game set in the Holy Land back in 2007. We already have taken a look at each of the four canonical titles (and AC3) in our retrospective series, in terms of what they brought to the series, but just how different will the latest game, Assassin’s Creed 3 be from the previously-latest game in the series, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations? How different will the game be visually? 

In this feature, that is our main concern – how much Assassin’s Creed 3 bring to the table when it comes to the visual department, but we will also be looking at other things.

Below, we will be comparing Assassin’s Creed 3 with Revelations via visual comparisons and determine how different the two are from each other.

So let’s begin!

The images on top are from Assassin’s Creed 3 while the ones on bottom are from Revelations. Click on the images to view them in full size.


We all know Assassin’s Creed 3 uses the AnvilNext engine, an engine built from the ground up especially for Assassin’s Creed III itself so that the game could look much better than its predecessors. Of course, seeing gameplay in motion is one thing, but from what we see here, the improvements aren’t exactly very noticeable.

As soon as you look at the two images, you can see that both the games, Revelations and AC3, look great. However, what’s surprising is that Assassin’s Creed: Revelations seems to have larger focus on the environments and how detailed they look, while the character models and the weapons in AC3 have been crafted very meticulously. It’s also noteworthy how excellent the grass looks in the top image.

Let’s have a look at another image for combat:

Now, in this image, Assassin’s Creed 3 clearly looks better. The city in the background is better detailed and less pixelated, the character models are- once again- very well crafted and it just looks all around more polished than Revelations.

In the visuals department, it seems as if both the games are almost neck and neck, but Assassin’s Creed 3 nicks it by a very small margin.

As far as playing it goes, Ubisoft has already confirmed that the combat system will be overhauled in AC3. The control scheme is supposed to be entirely different, you can use different kinds of weapons while countering and the basic aim is to keep your chain going without being hit. The combat looks brutal and enjoyable in AC3, but it looks like Ubisoft may not have been able to do anything about the stupid AI that has bee rampant in AC games during combat ever since 2007.

Now, let’s move on to…


Assassin’s Creed: Revelations had plenty of great NPCs. It might have been missing the memorable Da Vinci, Machiavelli and Bartolomeo from Brotherhood and AC2, but it did have the likes of Yusuf, Suleiman and Sofie. In the NPCs department, AC3 seems to be going all out- George Washington, Ben Franklin and the infamous traitor, Benedict Arnold are just a few of the names that will feature in AC3. But how do they look?

With Revelations, the engine the AC franchise had been running on started showing its age, and the character models, while great, had a few rough edges… literally. In the image above, while Benedict Arnold’s not exactly looking as awesome as Kratos in God of War 3, the character model of the NPC has been created very well, and it’s certainly an improvement. Yusuf’s character model has some rough pixels, and his features are not as clearly defined as the former’s.


The Assassin’s Creed franchise is hugely famous for its great settings, realistic ally and authentically recreated cities and the fun you have while exploring those aforementioned cities. Now, Constantinople is the largest city the series has ever visited, so we won’t be comparing the sizes of New York and Boston to Constantinople here (enter generic penis joke). rather what they look like.

Assassin’s Creed 3 seems to be focusing more on the forest area- the Frontier- but the cities look excellent too. They’re as perfectly created as you would expect in a game of this franchise. Not only do you see everything you used to in previous games, now you also see carts rolling down mud-streets, children running about, houses with their windows open, dogs and pigs roaming about the city. It’s a fantastic recreation, and it looks excellent as well.

Constantinople from Revelations is definitely one of the best cities the series has ever featured, and it looks excellent, and it’s size and scope are breathtaking. But it’s important to note that due to an ageing engine, Constantinople didn’t look as good as Venice did back in 2009 or as good as Boston does now. That is not a bad reflection on Constantinople in Revelations, just a good reflection on AC3’s visuals. Constantinople still looks awesome.

Free Running

Now this is a close one. The attention to detail in both the games is amazing- the city in Revelations look great, the draw distances are commendable and the tiny little details make it all look excellent. On the other hand, the forest in AC3 looks excellent oo- the snow looks great, the trees seem to be looking organic and natural and the animals in the background make it all look authentic.

As far as artistic style goes, it would definitely be a tie here, as both look excellent, but AC3 has the edge in technical terms. The pixels are smoother in AC3, as mentioned before, and again, the character models and the all round visuals seem more polished, with the new engine. The difference isn’t striking at the very first view, but it sure it noticeable.


While the AnvilNext engine is not the radical, drastic change we hoped for, it does bring the Assassin’s Creed franchise to a new visual high. Assassin’s Creed 3 is not the best looking game, but it looks great. In comparison with Revelations, it’s often tough to say which looks better, bothbeing such artistic games in their visual style, but AC3 has the better technical visuals upon scrutiny.

What do you guys think? Which looks better? Tell us in your comments.

Also keep checking back to GamingBolt, our very own review of AC3 will be up in a few hours.

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  • AsA

    I think, Ubisoft should gime me a refund this sh***y game. Horrible story (doesn’t make sense, and doesn’t have anytihgn to do with the other Assassin’s Creed games), combat gameplay s**cks (feels like you are playing another game and not Assassin’s Creed) and to top it off, you have to redeem a code to play multiplayer (which comes with the game, but now I can’t sell this game on Craigslist becuase no one will buy it without the multiplayer code). GET THIS F***KING GAME OUT OF MY GAME’S SHELVE!!!! Even if they payed me to play it again, I’d say: F**CK NO!!

    • megabloxer27

      when you say “doesn’t have anytihgn to do with the other Assassin’s Creed games”

      your only helping ubisoft, they said there goal was to develope an entirely new assasin, entirely new world, and an overal entirely new game from scratch while still aving the qualities to hold the Assassins Creed name, i personally think they accomplished that. yes there is defenetly room for improvement but theres always room for improvement on any gamei

    • megabloxer27

      having* sorry

  • AsA

    Assassin’s Creed III should have been about Desmond only. No Tutankamon or Gods or American crap. Desmond should have gone to Altair’s Library and picked up Ezio’s equipment and the Apple that Altair left there. Then, he should have started a hunt for the rest of the Pieces of Eden that maybe (and in this Assassins Creed 3 universe I created) some Abstergo Leaders stole and when he collected them all from the bad guys and killed the Abstergo SUPER Leader, he should have gone to a a Secret place where there is a machine of some kind that if you place all the Pieces of Eden in it, a super kinda magnetic wave would flash and protect the Earth from destruction. Then CREDITS for like 10 minutes. (because this is how Assassin’s Creed rolls)… That should have been the real story, not this crap.

    • vRz.

      Seriously, your storyline is worse. This game unique in its special way and I like storyline. If it was based in the modern context then you’d pretty much have an already existing game with pew-pew guns and all that stuff. And one more thing, ‘Saving the World’ has already been done hundreds of times in movies, books and video games. That storyline would just be horrible.

      So stop raging to the internet and keep to yourself. It’s for the best to keep it to yourself and just move on.

      I myself like this game, introducing new environments, and new combat. Yes, there are bugs, and I can’t sell this game unless I do not use the multiplayer code, and WHY NO ONE IN BOSTON CAN SEE THAT I AM AN ASSASSIN NOT A CIVILIAN but you can clearly see from the graphics, combat and gameplay, that 8 years of development have not gone to waste.

      I have played all AC titles, and I have loved every one of them, so please remember you are hating one of the most anticipated games of 2012 and may be mauled by the couple million fans of this game.

      But this is my opinion. Like they say: Haters Got To Hate!

    • Meisadragon

      Glad they didn’t follow your storyline. Connor rocks.

    • Shubhankar (GamingBolt)

      Your story sucks.
      That’s me being polite.

  • hehe

    everybody calm down

  • Ege

    Well, thats you sucking with the game. The combat is incredible. Its the game i’ve been waiting for around 2 years. But yes unfortunatly the ending is awful.

    • Shal

      It’s all good

  • Ege

    Revelations needs a refund. Not AC3.

  • Ezio still the best !!

  • well, Rebecca look’s ugly in AC3, compared to previous AC Title.

  • tom

    that last chase scene in 3 is so s*#t
    i preferred ac3 in that it had better graphics but over all revelations is better in gameplay

  • Rafi

    You just can’t compare the majestic story of revelation with this so simplistic story of AC3. There were some brilliant stories going on parallel in Revelations simultaneously… the hunt for all the five pieces of Altair, Sofia and Ezio’s romance, Prince Suleiman and Ezio’s friendship and fighting templers. And yet how they all fitted together and complemented each other. Some mission’s were brilliant that you could play again and again. In contrast the homestead missions, naval mission and homestead missions don’t complement each other at all. Connor really doesn’t have a romantic life even though he goes making match making which was kinda comic and everything in this game has a sad ending. Connor’s mom dies, he kills his dad, Achillis dies and his village people are displaced despite all his toils. You feel like at the end the first civilization people were simply using him while Connor’s own search of his identity remained unanswered. How he copes in new America? Does he age like Achillis single, sad and bitter? Boston and New York were simply depressing compared to the glamor of Constantinople. But as noted the visual improvement was notable, and fighting were cooler and the naval missions were nice too. But again the fellow assassin’s weren’t as cool as Revelation. After playing AC3 I couldn’t remember any single mission that I wanted to play again.. it’s just all so simple. Ezio rocks and I just feel sorry for Conner. What a disappointment. Looking forward to AC4 though. It’s all about pirate which sounds promising!


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