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Xbox One: The #1 Console to Own This Holiday Season

Strong support, constant updates and a hat-trick of amazing games catapults Microsoft ahead in the console war...

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Sells 10 Million Units in United States

Nintendo of America celebrates a major milestone for the platformer.

Atari: Game Over Documentary Now Available for Xbox Live Gold Members

Watch the downfall of Atari and the creation of the most infamous game in all history: E.T.

Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Still Scheduled for December 29th

Microsoft confirms that the beta has not been moved forward.

Call of Duty: Heroes – F2P Strategy Title Releases for iOS and Windows Phone 8

Call of Duty meets Clash of Clans in this mobile title.

Destiny Xur Location and Item Set Revealed for November 21st to 23rd

The Agent of the Nine makes a somewhat underwhelming return.

Child of Light Profitable Enough to Fund Sequel

Creative producer Patrick Plourde talks about the success of Ubisoft's 2D RPG.

Destiny Strike Difficulty Issues Being Investigated by Bungie

If you've been playing solo and noticed higher difficulties, then Bungie is working towards a solution.

Destiny: The Dark Below Opening Cinematic Leaked

He really does wait in the Dark Below.

Halo Different From Call of Duty Thanks to “Really Rich Story, A Huge Universe”

343 Industries' Dan Ayoub says the developer has "barely scratched the surface" with the stories told.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Receives Free “Power of Defiance” Update

Adds a new character skin, challenge mode and Epic Rune.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is 2014’s “Biggest Entertainment Launch”

Activision reveals over $10 billion in revenue obtained worldwide.

Titanfall Boasts “7 Million Unique Users”, “Does Not Mean 7 Million Sold”

Respawn Entertainment talks about the total number of people which have played its first person shooter till d...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Patch Eliminates Exploits, Adjusts Spawns

Sledgehammer continues to fix many of the multiplayer's several glitches and errors.

Resident Evil HD Producer Walkthrough Discusses Visual Improvements

How do you make a game look better but retain its signature style? Find out here.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Patch Incoming on November 21st, Tons of Fixes Revealed

343 Industries reveals a number of improvements planned for multiplayer and campaign modes.

Far Cry 4 Director Receives Clearance to “Do Something New”

Alex Hutchinson will be working on a smaller, more personal project after the open world shooter's release.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes PC Requirements Revealed

Recommended specs include a GeForce GTX 760 and 8 GB of RAM.

Media Create Hardware Sales Showcase Strong New 3DS XL Reception

Platform sales overall are up in the past week.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Receives Introduction Video

Curious about what's new in Smash? Find out here.

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