Awesome PlayStation 3 Exclusives that were Underrated & Undersold but are Gems

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The PlayStation 3 has some cracking exclusives. So it’s always a possibility that amidst the plethora of games some of them just get left behind.  Through this article we take a look at some of the PlayStation 3 exclusives that were undersold, underrated or a combination of both.

If you have more to add to the list, you can always voice your opinions in the comments below. Sales figures have been taken from Wikipedia and VideoGamesChartz and scores are from Metacritics.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

Metacritic: 82

Type: Undersold

Copies Sold: 1 million

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift was major improvement over the original in many ways. The game diverted away from the desert feel of the original to a lush and green island. Visually the game looked better than Motorstorm and they also added a few new things in the game play as well.  The environment would play a large role in the races, for example if you get your vehicle in deep water, its engine will cool but your speed will get reduced.  Evolution also added new classes of vehicles along with some smartly designed tracks. I have no idea in the world why it never surpassed the original sales wise.

Valkyria Chronicles

Metacritic: 86

Type: Undersold

Copies Sold: 0.94 million

When you see that Metacritic score and see the number of units sold, you can’t help but wonder what went wrong for Sega’s amazing artistic game. The game gave the player tactical freedom which is normally not present in several other similar games. Featuring an excellent story and voice acting, Valkyria Chronicles should have done much better.

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  • Siren 90 copies?!
    are you sure on this figure?
    because you know that the game did had a retail copy.

  • omg – the only games that i dont own are the baseball one and folklore (which is on my watchlist constantly on ebay) – they are all superb games – and not many games since have bettered these in my eyes

    never did get to the end of Siren tho, g/f was way too jumpy when we played it

  • .09 million is 90,000 dumbass

  • i think Motorstorm PR sold considerably less than the original because Sony didn’t bundle it with ps3’s like they did with the original Motorstorm.

  • i think it’s hilarious that Heavenly Sword sold close to 1.5 million and Ninja Theory said they were disappointed with its sales. They said that it sold less because of it being exclusive….then they released Enslaved and it hasn’t even hit the 500,000 mark yet.

  • You are so right…

    Sad but true.

  • Nine Thousand copies. Not ninety, bro.

    0.00 = Nothing
    0.09 = Nine thousand
    0.90 = Nine-hundred thousand
    1.00 = One Million

    At least I think…

  • It’s sold that 90 thousand in Japan, in US and EU it was a PSN download, and those sales are not included in the above, so it sold alot better then some think.

  • Kee

    0.09 million = 90,000 not 90.

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  • Digital games are held to a different sales standard so Flower should probably not be on this list. If it sold 500k it would be considered a very successful game and you put down not a million so it’s over 500k at least. That said, it should be played by every PS3 owner period, bundle a voucher with the system, whatever, it’s one of the most cathartic experiences I have ever had playing a game. Now if they would add Move support it would make it even better.

    As far as some of the others, if there were disc releases for games like Siren or Wipeout the sales numbers would be higher since far fewer people will download a game then will buy it on a disc. Since Siren only got a disc release in Japan and it’s not really a small game, a lot of people were willing to pass it by. In addition to that, and this applies to Valkyria Chronicles as well, it came out right around the same time games started implementing trophies and that sort of thing has a dynamic impact on sales. If they would have patched trophies into both of those games, hell if they did it now, there would be a resurgence in sales fr sure.

    Ninja Theory can suck it because they are a bunch of whiny bitches. Heavenly Sword sold to about 10% of the install base at the time and that’s pretty incredible for a studio that most people had never heard of. Again, if they would retro patch trophies into it, there would be a resurgence in sales and give it a higher replay value being as short as it is.

    Folklore, oh man, I love that game and it (unjustly) deserves the spot it has. I would love to see Sony put in Move support and add trophies, throw it up on the Store for $20, and get enough sales to make another game like it.

    It sucks but severalof the games came out at a time when the PS3 was the media’s whipping boy and sales suffered. Good games get the shaft all too often but this gen it seems more prevalent, and it sucks.

  • Folklore… of the best…… most overrated games probably in the history of games…..The mass media really did not show this game any love. I really truly enjoyed Folklore….it’s story…the setting and the graphics are awesome…..Plus one of the best implementation of the Sixaxis…controls…

  • I meant unappreciated game of all time…..not Overrated…

  • rak33n

    Valkyria was so underated should of been promoted more !

  • tareq salah

    motorstorm was amazing. it wasn’t advertised properly maybe. but it was good.


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