Battalion 1944 May Use DX12 On Xbox One, PS4 Version Will Provide ‘Exceptional’ Experience

‘We are actively working with Sony to make that experience as exceptional as possible,’ says Alex Preece.

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Battalion 1944 2

Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 may use DirectX 12 on the Xbox One, according to the game’s communications manager, Alex Preece. When asked whether players can expect a DX12 version of the game on the PC and Xbox One, Alex stated that: “We’re totally looking into these features and seeing how we can utilise them in our development pipeline or not. We have a great relationship with Microsoft devs so we’ll see what we can do!”

It will be interesting to see whether the Xbox One version will use a DX12 build but given the console already has a game or two which utilizes the latest API, a DX12 version of Battalion 1944 might be on the cards after all.

Furthermore, when we asked him about their opinion on the rumored PS4K NEO, he stated that he cannot comment on rumors but they assured that Battalion 1944 will be great experience for PS4 users. “Battalion will be a great experience for PlayStation users and we are actively working with Sony to make that experience as exceptional as possible,” he added.

Battalion 1944 is due this year for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • kee1haul

    Everyone should use DX12.


      Especially when considering the PC….. Please use DX12…..PLEASE!!!

    • Dorothy Wilson

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    • slasaru

      PCs are already strong enough. I mean gaming PCs


      Gaming PC’s……thought that was exactly why we were here……

    • Fleetwood

      Vulkan is much better than DX12.

    • Josh Morland

      DX12 has so far been underwhelming and won’t be as successful as the open source Vulkan API. This was only M$FT’s way to get Windows 10 adoption up like they did with DX9 on Vista.

    • Hvd

      not really there still have been any games made from the grounf up for dx12 that will be crack down 3.before you say it i dont believe that battlefront was full dx12 on the xbox one.we will see when more games this year use dx12.

      it is still early for dx12.


      DX9 was way before vista….that is for sure. (Thinking you meant 10) BTW DX9 changed the gaming world and was used for the longest time up until DX10’s sorry excuse for an API came along.

      Do not blame M$ for any adoption issues as it is the “developers” who have to choose which DX12 “setup” to use out of the three specific methods currently available. Need to watch the video PCPerspective (PCPer) put up on YouTube regarding their newest line of GPU’s and how they are going along with driver support from here on out.

    • Hvd

      since it will be the main api for gaming you would think so.its still early for dx12.
      we will soon get game built for dx12 not dx11 patched games.

    • kee1haul

      Hope so. I noticed an improvement on DX11 games as soon as I installed windows 10.

    • Hvd

      thats because of the multi core cpu boost win 10 gives.

  • Hvd

    why wouldnt you use dx12 unless this dev is an idiot.isnt this the dev that was also bashinf both consoles saying they both wernt powerful enough.

  • crizz1066

    Finally they’re using the secret source on the VCR. Bit late though isn’t it??? Should probably look at finding ways to give the poor hamster inside a break!


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