Battlefield 1 Will Get Classic Mode In The Future

Plus, more details about Hardcore.

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Battlefield 1

If there is one thing that one can always expect from DICE, it is excellent post launch support for their games. Battlefield 4 is probably the best instance of this, getting great content even three years after its launch, but really, this holds true for all DICE titles in general.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that work on Battlefield 1 is far from over- DICE will continue to work on the game. In fact, they will even be taking user feedback into account. And one of the things they may be bringing into the game as a result will probably be the Classic Mode. Speaking on his official Twitter profile, DICE producer Ali Hassoon confirmed that the Classic Mode was on DICE’s ‘to do list’ and that it would be coming at some time in the future.

Hassoon also shared some details about Hardcore, which is set to be added to the game some time soon. He noted that for now, health values are set at 100%, while damage is 200%, but that could be changed. He also noted that the compass could be making a return, although he refused to commit to any hard dates- which was also his stance with Battlefield 1‘s Hardcore mode in general, which still doesn’t have a date, although Hassoon promises that it will be ‘coming sooner than you think.’ Let’s hope that it does.

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  • TPoppaPuff

    Well, since Pramath decided not to let anybody without a PhD in Battlefield know what Classic mode actually is, I’ll go ahead and complete this news article. Classic mode strips away most of the nice player friendly updates to the BF formula after BF2. There isn’t any 3D spotting, but spotting someone will put them on the minimap, just temporarily have an icon over their head. It also means no health regen, but medics still have medpacks. You can also only spawn at a base or your squad leader, not other squad members. Reloading no longer saves spare ammo in the mag, and vehicles are first person only. Also you no longer see where you were shot from after death.


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