Battlefield 4 Designer Takes Shot at MGS 5’s Quiet: “What Female Soliders Don’t Look Like”

The controversies against MGS 5’s female sniper continue to mount.

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mgs 5_quiet
Ever since Quiet, one of the new characters in the Metal Gear Solid lore, was revealed via the controversial E3 2013 trailer, certain people and even hardcore fans have questioned whether the female character design in MGS5 is overly sexist.

Whether you want to call it a rib or a serious criticism, Lead Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 4 Alex Kertz had his own response to Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet.

He tweeted the following comparing real life women soldiers to the one we see in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The first link (seen above) showcases what female Swedish soldiers look like, decked out in full combat gear, same as any male soldier would be. The second link showcases a profile shot of Quiet, in all her revealing glory. What started this barrage of criticism against Quiet’s design was director Hideo Kojima stating that he wanted to make his female characters more “erotic” (which he later clarified as a mis-translation).

Of course, when told that this was fantasy military as compared to realistic military, Kertz responded:

But he did admit defeat in one department, which Battlefield as a series hasn’t had (and still doesn’t have, at least not that we know of, in Battlefield 4):

While Kertz may have a point, are we forgetting that Metal Gear Solid is a series wherein a female soldier was raised by wolves to become a sniper, an entire unit composed of beautiful females trapped in cybernetic exoskeletons and The Boss exist? The symbolism of Quiet may be the key rather than how much skin she reveals, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • DreamDrop♥

    Hideo Kojima created The Boss, everyone’s argument is irrelevant.

    • Gonggong

      Remember in Japanese culture, women don’t have as many rights as men.
      Women are like commodity in Japan, especially in business relationship. When you think about Japan you’ll be familiar with the term: cos-play….you know, costume play. Japanese males really adore sexy outfits, and the females just love fancy clothes/fashion to please your eyes. So, any westerner would think they had issues with “cheap” taste.

    • KKK

      Miley Cyrus should move out to Japan! lol she could become the most loved fetish queen!

    • Austin Wood

      Women are not treated as a commodity in Japan you racist idiot.

    • KKK

      Hey muddy queerface, go back to school and read the book of Geisha

      …or stop growing up!

    • Austin Wood

      Look at your calendar, look at your username, then try again.

    • o1striker

      Times change, and guess what they have changed a lot in Japan.
      Times have changed massively in the last 60 years in Japan and the US.

    • The Truth

      If you want people to take you seriously the adult way to give criticism is definitely to call them names without offering any details to the contrary. Your mother must be really impressed.

  • avi

    I honestly don’t care cuz I’ll be getting mgs 5 anyways, but I do question the decision to design her the way that they did.
    Honestly…in a combat setting, who’d wear that??

    • Danny93

      Well, shes in the desert isn’t she? I’d imagine its pretty hot in a desert or wherever she is lol and no one really knows her characters story in depth, plus shes a Recon / Sniper specialist so no ones going to be seeing her, not like shes fighting up close and personal. Kojima said there’s a reason she dresses like that and its to be discovered in MGS5. Wonder why no one flipped out about how Vamp dresses, soilders dont dress like that, or Fortune, or Raven or even Liquid. Metal Gear has been filled with fantasy elements since the first MGS, why start making a big deal of what the series has had its whole lifetime now?

    • Xino

      snipers who sit in their dock awaiting to mark and execute their targets do not complain about weather conditions:/

      this is a stupid design just to sexuality female.
      when you’re a soldier, you deploy for war not for vacation.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      She’s good at what she does, so she can wear whatever she wants.

    • Xino

      she’s good at what she does?
      go tell Rambo to join WW4 without wearing helmet, clothes or body armour.
      And tell me if he’ll avoid head shots and guns blazing:/

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      That’s how Rambo operates have you not seen any of his movies…plus she’s a sniper she kills from a distance.

    • Xino it really does make sense to dress half naked and go to war?

      i think people making fictional stories really need to start putting more emphases on realism or something that MAKES sense so people like you won’t see what is ‘dull’ as a sensible thing.

      It’s like me making a fictional story and making the protagonist carry a pistol that has unlimited ammunition.

      snipers who snipe from distance wear gilly suit, camouflage or clothes.
      Just admit you like seeing something that doesn’t make sense as reality.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      I don’t have to tell a person how to deal with their creativity. Women and Men should be wearing full body armor in Saints Row since it needs to be “real” and not have Call of Duty’s and Battlefield shouldn’t have as many explosions as they do since “real” war doesn’t have EMP blast and Air Ports being taken over and everyone dying…

      What reason do you need to make sense of a video game that someone else created with their own vision? How about you let them make their game, and if you don’t like it then don’t worry about it.

    • Xino

      gamers get stupid by the minute when they don’t realize games based on realistic terms gets inspiration from real world/events.
      Even the bit in BF3 opening with the sniper was an inspiration that actually happened real life.
      EMP blast in MW or BF? I don’t remember using one unless you are talking about BF 2142

      i’m done talking to you man. Go fantasize over Quiet…in your terms she’s already realistic by the way she dress.
      I will look for games that are more mature and have a standard of realism.

      good bye.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      That’s what I’ve told you already if you don’t like it don’t play it. The most realistic MG game was probably 3 and even that wasn’t “realistic” if you want “realistic” go play SOCOM or Tom Clancy Splinter Cell games. In no way did I say Quiet was real, but I’m not going to judge another person’s vision on how they wan’t to make their game. You on the other hand want to get butt hurt just because she’s not wearing a gilly suit.

      I believe MW3 had the EMP blast in Washington DC or something…no way in hell would America let that kind of stuff happen. But anyway you’re done talking so I guess this will be my last as well =P

      take care Sir.

    • HelterSkelter

      So you want games to be like real life? Then what’s the purpose of games? Why do you have to experience real-life in a game when you already experience it in your life? Games are supposed to occupy ourselves and take us away from real life not draw us towards it.

    • avi

      What?? I’m not making a big deal out of it. I said that i don’t really care how she dresses and expressed curiosity as to the reason behind quiet dressing like that..
      It’ll be interesting to find out.

  • Diago

    Its a story, a character, SHUT THE FUC K UP PLEASE.
    Dice just lost some respect cause of this, damn people, artistic feedom… .

    • twinspectre

      im glad i will never support DICE , Battlefield 4 preorders already cancelled :)

    • Saqib Mansoor


  • Suzaku Kururugi

    That DICE guy got wrekt pretty hard. Just trying to stir up something to generate buzz. Yawn. I wasn’t going to be buying Battlefield anyways, thanks for solidifying my mindset.

  • Xino

    certainly agree.
    but it’s ironic that they comment on “what a female soldier looks like” while they don’t even have female soldiers in any of their BF games.
    even COD Ghost just adapted to reality by adding a female soldier:/

    i hate these types of character designs for female, this just shows example why Gaming Industry is sexist and does not take female sex seriously.
    I get annoyed when I see trash designs like this, especially the stupid design of that female in Resident Evil Revelation, the one with big boobs and hair covering her face (Sharon?) yet meant to be a B.S.A.A member.

    For games like Dead Or Alive, that is fine because it’s fantasy. But for Metal Gear Solid that feels realistic, this is a stupid ass approach!
    The bikini is fine but to add the torn and ripped legging makes the character full retarded.

    If Kojima doesn’t change the design and make it more mature and seriously taken. The gaming industry will continue to move to this stupid path of making every female a teenage fantasy thought.

    • John

      BF has always focused around American military. Which branches feature dedicated fighting women again?
      Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily support the military’s choice in this manner, but facts is facts..

    • Xino

      women do fight in military, it’s a fact.
      they perform other duties and are not the main chargers during war.

      why didn’t battlefield adapt to having women in their games?
      BF is mostly played and dominated by male gamers. What would be the point in adding female assets if male gamers will not use them?

      I like how COD gives players what they want. And they are not dressed half naked like this full retard Quiet.

      It’s like saying Splinter Cell Conviction 3: the president of America is a Mexican that can’t speak English:/ (no racist here jus pun for jokes). How can you run for President of American when you can’t speak english, makes no sense.
      Which is exactly how our hoe Quiet makes no sense with her attire uniform.

  • Jason Mounce

    Douchebag of the year goes to— lol.

    Cause totally, the MGS Universe is ‘TOTALLY’ Realistic, and we can’t play Snake in a thong, climb into a cardboard box for CAMOUFLAGE as a ‘TACTICAL ADVANTAGE’ and here we have some twit comparing whom is likely a Mercenary with her own style. Sniper Wolf, Big Mama/Eva. All of them had some sexualization but that didn’t mean anything nor were they ‘proper Soldiers’.

    All this flock against Quiet is ridiculous, just another egotistical Western Dev with an opinionated assault against Japanese game designers. Kojima of all people though? This ‘Alan Kertz’ guy is more or less an amateur in comparison in the gaming industry and he has some nerve to talk shit about what is a Soldier, comparing BF4 to MGS? One is essentially a Modern Warfare Simulator with Realism, with MGS being a Fantasy-Driven Sci-fi Tactical Espionage universe with a good dose of comedic nonsensical silliness.

    But noOoOooo….Make one abnormally-bare female and we gotta sound the bloody alarms and start acting Topgun, Alan Kertz, you’re an ignorant Douchebag, plain and simple. That’s both coming from someone who’s Open-minded, as well as a fan of MGS. BF doesn’t stand as an epitome of WHAT Females have to look like if on the Battlefield.

    • Kamille

      dude, she’s wearing a freaking pantyhose with holes and a black bikini/thong! Realistic or not this is of very bad taste, unless there’s a pretty convincing explanation about why is she wearing that stuff.

    • Jason Mounce

      And you stand for a Royal-We on ‘What is’ and What Isn’t ‘Good Taste’ ? Do not become a victim of Ethnocentrism, above all. What other ethnicities or cultures see as in fine, neutral or good taste, others may not see it the same way, you may disagree with it but that doesn’t make you in any right to Oppose and force negativity upon it and then comes my theory.

      Well, for one thing that has yet to be confirmed is she seems to have an ability that causes a black paint-like substance to mark around her eyes, perhaps a form of gift that enables her to see better as a Sniper. Perhaps she has the ability to camo her skin in itself so that say – What skin shows, can blend and create a camouflage based on its surroundings, like a Chameleon. The advantage then of wearing as little as she is would be that she’d be harder to spot rather than wearing varying-colored-clothing that does not adapt as her skin could.

      That would be my guess, is if her Eyes and the shadowing has further meaning than just Sight and goes as far as giving her camo..

    • mjag

      Wow, you’re a self-righteous little prick aren’t you? We all know Kojima is a legend, I’ve played the MGS games myself, but there’s nothing wrong with what he did. Female soldiers have been fighting for equality since they were allowed to enlist, this guy chose to defend them and that makes him the “douchebag of the year”? Get off your high horse.

    • Jason Mounce

      Since when does calling him a douchebag, giving facts, theories and logically deducing the reasons why I called him that, make me ‘Self righteous’ and that I’m on a High horse? His comments were ignorant and not even backed up with an argument, no facts, no logic, just some some Patriotic Speech of Realism and BF4 Realism, if anything his words were to spark controversy to get attention to BF4 and the fact that female soldiers are in their game.

      Outside of that, I don’t really care how thick of a stick you have up your ass and your Pro-Equality speeches which aren’t even related to the topic at hand, he wasn’t ‘DEFENDING’ Equality, he was being a biased ignorant little bitch.

      Don’t try to bitch and moan at me unless you can come up with something clever to say, honestly. If you don’t know what it was that he did or said that’s wrong, then it doesn’t mean everyone who thinks the same as me is wrong and that you’re right. You’re blind and deluded and argumentative. Besides that, for you saying I’m on a high-horse where then you get into a lecture and begin judging others, I ought to mention the Pot calling the kettle black.

      “Female soldiers have been fighting for equality since they were allowed to enlist, this guy chose to defend them”. Rofl. Cause clearly this disturbs the BALANCE OF EQUALITY! He’s a DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!….By slandering another persons work while promoting his own. Me calling him out makes ME a ‘Little prick’ eh? Ignorant sob.

      Now get out of here and leave your Patriotism and Nonsensical bullshitting, please.

  • Kyle Jackson


    • Xino

      lol…not to think of it. I actually missed that. lolz 😀
      solider snake:P

    • Kyle Jackson

      Snake? Snake? SNAAKKKEEEE!!!!

      Never getting that out of my head :(

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I really think people are overreacting about this…sure the design was really unexpected, even by me, but as a mature medium of mature minds, we gotta get over Kojima’s decision because he always has his reasons which he obviously can’t reveal right now, but the important part is that his decision will serve the story and drive the Metal Gear universe forward. If we’re okay with same-sex relationships in Mass Effect and Saints Row IV, to name a couple, The rape-like scene in the Tomb Raider reboot, Bayonetta’s stylish attacks and outfit (which I approve btw) and breast baring for women in God of War and Rockstar showing penises in GTA, why is Quiet’s outfit the exception to the our society of utopian social acceptance? Is it because it’s for the reason that it was entirely unexpected by a mastermind such as Kojima or you feel he’s Westernizing the game too much-which he already confirmed isn’t his goal at all? If those aren’t the reasons, then why don’t we just let it go and move on? I understand why people are reacting this way, but think that just like all this stuff, we will better understand its application and forget about it. Movies and other mediums do this stuff all the time; if we keep making these immature temper tantrums then people will never see video games as a medium that knows itself and is able to take risks and thrive from them. Am I the only one who believes Kojima has made a long term decision or we are gonna have to see him pull a reversal (cough, Microsoft, cough) so that every gamer is satisfied with the results? Think about it: we won’t know until we play, so why don’t we pass judgement, reserve that judgement, and save it for something that’s actually gonna matter? If Kojima knew it wouldn’t be relevant, he would’ve never went along with it in the first place. Am I right or do I just sound like a fan boy/horny bastard who has no basis or logic behind all this and might as well just go fuck himself tenfold because since everyone is reacting this way, Kojima better listen and screw his career over because gamers somehow know what’s the best course of action? Sure, if he hadn’t listened to gamers we would’ve never got MGS4 but if he listens to gamers for THIS, then it’s over for him. Sorry people, but Kojima’s made up his mind so we should walk it off and live with it. FIN.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      would the downvoter please show themselves and defend their proposition and judgement please?

  • Pudgey San

    This article is fugging lame.

  • Alex Amaya

    So the Dice guy is basically standing up for women and these dumbasses commenting make him out to be the bad guy, freaking losers

    • LuCzar

      How is this even an issue about women? Shes not real it a video game because I’m starting to think most people don’t understand that

  • Matt

    Way I see it, she’s more a combatant than a soldier. A mercenary. And obviously, “damaged goods”. She’s been through some shit and her appearance is going to have something to do with her past and personality. Not to say it’s in good taste, but Kojima is not one to make superfluous decisions to simply please eyes. There is intent behind all his decisions (even if they are sometimes misguided).

  • Mark

    All Aboard!

  • biz

    battlefield 4 designer can suck a dick nigga, MGS fuckin killin BF!

  • biz

    hatin ass nigga!

  • Nespithe

    I don’t believe any other game series could pull off such a look other than Metal Gear Solid. Also, in my opinion, she wears so little because of the camouflage ability she has (we’ve only seen it around her eyes, but I believe it’ll cover her entire body, if it even is a camouflage ability at all).
    I’m hyped as hell for MGS 5, but some of the things Kojima’s changing and implementing has got me worried. But it’s Kojima, it’ll probably work out.

  • migz

    its a fuckin VIDEO GAME!! who gives a fuck what shes dressed in

  • AndyLC

    5 years ago, Metal Gear Online let you play as fully armored female soldiers. But the gaming news never talked about it like any great accomplishment.

  • Abbakdabba

    Has anyone here ever worn fishnet hose? I don’t care if this character is in a desert or if this is a fantasy setting, if you are planning on doing anything active ever, you are not gonna wear fishnet hose. Especially not in a desert. But hey those fishnets would be a great help in offsetting whatever the fuck they are using to cover her boobs. I bet there is elastic in those fishnets that may offer coverage and support for her breasts that she certainly is not getting from those sorry strips of fabric. Running/fast walking has got to be no fun in her current getup. Also a thong? Really? Really? Snipers do move sometimes, right? They aren’t working in an office setting? Going to a fancy dinner? Seriously, tell me a backstory for this that makes any amount of sense and I will be bowled over by your brilliance.

    I have no problem with scantily clad beautiful people showing up in film, television, and video games. However, the male gaze that is going on here is… just wow. Ladies like to play the video games too. Characters like this make us feel unwelcome. Either add impractically dressed dude characters or expect to alienate some of us.

  • Davis

    Female soldiers also don’t disappear and run at an accelerated pace you hack

  • Turkeysammich

    Someone should show him a pic of a real Battlefield, titled “what a real battlefield looks like” then a pic of a black glitchy screen titled “what battlefield 4 looks like”


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