Battlefield 5 Fans Want The Game To Be Set In A ‘World War 2’ Setting

At least a specific set of fans do.

Posted By | On 17th, Jan. 2016 Under News


While the last couple of Call of Duty and Battlefield games have either been set in modern times or well into the future, it appears those aren’t always the most beloved settings. One popular YouTuber decided to try and figure out at least what kind of setting people who watch his content would most like to see from the new game.

YouTuber Jackfrags posted the results of his poll and according to his users, the next game should be set in World War II. He does point out that he understands the 55,000 people who replied to this poll do not actually make up most of the Battlefield 5 fan base, but it does illustrate that at least there is a real interest in seeing another game that is set during WWII. This response is actually kind of surprising to us, considering the number of shooters that have already had that particular backdrop.

Among the other choices, which all finished well behind World War II was World War I, the near future, a science fiction setting or the present. World War II garnered more than half the vote at more than 26,000 people while none of the other choices could muster even 10,000 votes. Check out the video and see what he has to say about those findings.

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  • Terminator

    Please! Let it be like battlefield 1942, where battleships ships where drivable and carriers too!

    • d0x360

      Go play bf 1942 then

    • Lachlan Hunt

      Alright, when the next battlefield comes out don’t buy it. Go play bf4

    • d0x360

      No I won’t play either. You must be young so let me explain why I don’t want a ww2 shooter.

      For about 15 years every war based shooter set on earth was ww2. There were literally hundreds. Every major franchise was ww2. It got VERY tiresome to play the same battles in every game over and over and over.

      No more ww2 shooters. There are already more of them in existence than you could ever play. Battlefield twice has already don’t ww2, call of duty has done ww2 about 6 times.

      No more

  • polysix

    the problem with WW2 is they would have to limit the technology (Guns, Vehicles) to suit the time period which may make for a far less dynamic/fun game with much less variety/unlockables than modern day BF4. Can’t see it happening myself. I think Battlefield (the main franchise) should always be set in the relative ‘present’ to represent current tech, not the far future, not the past. There’s a time and place (pun intended) for that but the main BF isn’t it if they wish to retain the depth of gameplay they currently enjoy!

    • Yolanda Macklin

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  • d0x360

    No no NO they dont. We had 10+ years of ww2 games. We don’t need more. We need creative ideas not visually enhanced versions of games we played literally 1000 times

    • Macgyver Mg

      According to statistics, 53% of players bf not want more modern or futuristic war .

    • Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth

      I don’t really want a futuristic war version (Advanced Warfare bullsh*t)
      Modern i’m good with
      Old school I’m good with.

  • Corey

    Nope. WWII is extremely overdone too. In fact it was more overdone than Modern settings.

    • Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth

      WWII is not overdone anymore it’s been left in the past. It’s more of futuristic games, or modern.

  • AngryDave

    I’d totally be up for a return to WWII on Frostbite engine. Or Vietnam, Korea etc… Sick of all the modern shooters with the same weapons/tech and all that lock-on crap. Battlefield has had several consecutive modern shooters now and it’s about time it went back to its roots. Doubt I would even buy another BF3.5.2,

    • Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth

      Better than EA trying to rip off COD. 🙂

    • d0x360

      You mean CPU ripping off EA. EA came out with multiple ww2 shooters called medal of Honor then call of duty came out about 5 years and 4 medal of Honor games later…. Also set in ww2… With the many of the same levels.

  • dont let jack frags fool you he hasnt a clue he also loved it when they took marksman bonus away

  • Harrison Rogers

    Why does the Internet seem to have such a WW2Boner…seriously, WW2 again…I have had enough WW2 games and I am not convinced that WW1 will be all that great either…here is an idea…give us a damned BF game true to the SWAT4 mold and shove the WW2 and WW1 in the closet, for good!


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