Battlefield Hardline Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. PC

Cross generational development betrays the franchise yet again.

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Battlefield: Hardline, the spin-off to the blockbuster first person shooter franchise and handled by Dead Space developer Visceral Games, is finally here. Along with all the expectations surrounding online performance and the overall fun of the new modes, there’s been a fair amount of discussion on the graphics. We analyzed the February 2015 beta across the PC, PS4 and Xbox One to reveal that the game bore quite a lot in common with Battlefield 4. In fact, we noted that it didn’t seem to be pushing any new boundaries and was largely similar in look to DICE’s 2013 FPS. It was even more interesting later when Visceral confirmed that PC gamers who could run Battlefield 4 would have no problem running Hardline. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

The key to Battlefield on current gen platforms is Frostbite 3. When DICE started out with Frostbite, it delivered such innovative features as HDR audio and Destruction 1.0. Version 1.5 introduced Destruction 2.0, taking the environmental destruction physics to a new level while also supporting DirectX 11 shaders in a minor fashion. The improvements seemingly kept coming with Frostbite 2 as both DirectX 11 and 64-bit CPUs were supported, along with the addition of Destruction 3.0 and real time dynamic lighting via Geomerics’ Enlighten.

Head to head comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Please select 1080p and 60fps for the best possible video quality.

And then came Battlefield 4, with Frostbite 3 seemingly unable to live up to expectations. While there was some improvement in the destruction, rendering, physics, etc. it was far from the massive leap that one expected from the newest generation of consoles. It didn’t help that Battlefield 4 didn’t hit 1080p on either the PS4 or Xbox One.

Such is the case for the resolution of Battlefield: Hardline on PS4 and Xbox One. As revealed by Visceral, the PS4 version is at 900p resolution while the Xbox One version is at 720p resolution. This is a far cry from the initial promise at E3 2014 to have a 1080p resolution and 60 FPS frame rate on both consoles. At this rate, we would have looked for those settings in the PS4 version, especially when you consider resource-intensive games like Dragon Age: Inquisition (also running on Frostbite 3) managed to achieve that feat. As for the Xbox One version, could its eSRAM have been a limiting factor? Creative director Ian Milham told us it wasn’t and one has to wonder if something changed somewhere in the past 6 to 8 months.

These rendering issues seem to be due to the framework on which Battlefield has been built. Again, when compared to games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, it’s odd since that game boasts more details but still operates at 1080p and 900p on PS4 and Xbox One respectively. Was Visceral simply unable to hit higher resolutions on both consoles or was it short on time?

Performance in the final build is remarkable closer to what we analyzed last month. Check out the video from the beta below. Please select 1080p and 60fps for the best possible video quality.

Whatever the case may be, the Xbox One’s 720p resolution is pretty inferior while the PS4 version shines. The post processing anti-aliasing seen in Battlefield 4 returns and it smoothens out many of the jagged edges seen in the beta. This doesn’t make it better than a full-blown AA solution but it certainly improves the image quality. In terms of frame rate, the PS4 version most consistently hits 60 frames per second in both campaign and multiplayer. The Xbox One version sees more drops but the overall average is at 53 frames per second versus the PS4’s 57 frames average. Interestingly, frame rate drops happen more on large maps like Dust Bowl. Downtown saw a more consistent 60 FPS on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One but overall frame rate performance in both versions mirrors the beta closely.

Volumetric effects, alpha effects and texture quality on both console versions are similar to the PC version’s High settings. It should be noted that the overall texture quality and its blandness are a result of development across generations. Shadow dithering is also an issue, especially on the Xbox One and PS4 which shouldn’t have problems like rippling shadows. The lack of any significant physical based rendering is also troublesome and characteristic of catering to the previous generation. Character models aren’t terrible looking but they’re a long way from those seen in Assassin’s Creed: Unity and The Order: 1886.

A head to head comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield Hardline.

PC screenshots for comparison.

The good news is that both console versions support HBAO leading to more realistic shadows across objects and environments. As has been the trend lately, the Xbox One version has better texture filtering compared to the PS4. At least the lighting on Frostbite 3 is still strong. Global illumination is paired with Enlighten. The latter combines rapid iteration and advanced runtime technology to bring global illumination to several different platforms, delivering dynamic lighting across baked static light maps. It also improves indirect lighting in geometry with large normal deviations. To put things simply, the technology really struts its stuff during the night time settings in Hardline where the environments best come to life.

For the PC version, Visceral promised to cater to players with a wide range of options. Frostbite 3 has always had little issue on the PC and such is the case with Battlefield: Hardline. Setting the resolution to 1920×1080, we tested the game across four different GPUs with an Intel Core i7-5960 and 16 GB of RAM. The results are as follows:

  • Radeon R9 290X – 88 FPS
  • GeForce GTX 970 – 84 FPS
  • Radeon R9 280X – 62 FPS
  • GeForce GTX 770 – 59 FPS

Multi-sample anti-aliasing can be a major resource hog but there are other AA options available. The game is highly scalable overall but you’ll still need a good CPU with a mid-tier GPU to achieve the highest settings. As Visceral has already stated, if you were able to run Battlefield 4 at 1080p and 60 FPS in 2013, you’ll have little issue achieving the same in Hardline. Those with lower configurations can still play around with the settings enough and find something that works for them.


If Battlefield: Hardline’s failings could be summed in a few words, they would be “cross-generational development”. The texture quality, lack of physical based rendering and shadow dithering are major issues on the Xbox One and PS4. Despite (mostly) hitting 60 frames per second on both versions, Battlefield: Hardline feels like an incremental increase over Battlefield 4’s visual fidelity, impressive real time lighting and weather effects aside. The lower resolution on the Xbox One is a shame and it would suit EA to focus more on optimizing the franchise for current gen platforms in the coming years.

The PS4 version excels in the console comparison thanks to a better frame rate and higher resolution. However, in terms of the highest quality graphics with top-tier AA settings, it’s the PC version which continues to reign supreme.

 Note: GamingBolt’s Bill Smith also contributed to this article.

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  • i3myX1

    From a technical POV this game is just a BF4 Mod. It is a new game gameplaywise but they didn’t take the time to use over a years worth of SDK improvments on both platforms.

  • Guest

    Once again, the PC is clearly the way to go, this early on in the console generation. Let’s see what the Greatness Awaits (yeah right) console fanboys have to whine amd cry about, should be more delicious tears and fun to watch with a bucket of popcorn. Even with SDK improvements it’s not going to change the facts that they’re loiw budget PC hardware.

    • omarcominyo

      Why delete the comment to hide your name? Very childish!

    • angh

      I’m confused. As PC owner and console owner should I whine and cry or watch those tears with popcorn? maybe both? or just forget about pc fanboys all together?:) i mean, this 5% of steam users who actually have better pc’s than box one/ ps4;)

    • Psionicinversion

      If you bought aPC within the last couple of years and it has a dedicated gpu it will be more powerful than the consoles easily

    • angh

      I have r9 290x n my PC and I’m still enjoying both PC and console games.
      And according to steam statistics only 5% of registered (120 millions?) gamers have PC better than xbox one/ps4.
      Really, power have nothing to do with playing a good game. I would miss too much without playing TLoU, and civilization/total war series. it’s stupid to limit options only because someone like to have his e-penis bigger.

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Did you try Mantle performance with the AMD Cards? Any improvement?

    Nice analysis. Thanks.

    In before the usual console sad brains.

  • Edonus

    There is no doubt that the gaming media will adapt the old more pixel equals better philosophy, but just like BF4 when I look at the games side by side the X1 version looks better. There is more color and it just seems to pop a little bit more.

    • albatrosMyster

      The comparison shots are so compressed that you would not be able to tell any resolution difference, even if you had a Blue-Ray compared to a DVD… (JPG is not always this bad, but those are particularly not suited as basis for competent comparison).

      As for the “color pop” whoever did this did not adjust them properly, this would explain the slightly lighter PS4 version, obviously if the PS4 was connected to your TV you could adjust it to match this image (note that the game has a built-in brightness slider, it could have been different on both consoles).

      So, no there is no magic scaler at work.

    • Deeboy

      It appears that way for all games even on digital foundry comparisons. The ps4 just has washed out looking graphics and the resolution being higher only makes it that much more apparent. Everytime they have a comparison it has the same results bland colors there’s no excuse for that and no lie but the one we tell ourselves. Use your eyes.

    • albatrosMyster

      You forgot about the /s

      EDIT: I forgot the most obvious and common reason for that kind of coloring, the RGB settings on the PS4 are different than those on the TV, basically you can set them to automatic, full or limited… if automatic does not detect the RGB range of your TV/capture device proprely you will end up with either crushed blacks or a bland image… so this needs to be setup manually in some cases.

      There is no technical reason for the XB1 to have anything over the PS4 version… and no, lower resolution does not yield more details.

    • albatrosMyster

      GTA 5 (both 1080 bative) and the hardline Beta… see, both have the exact same colors! magic!

    • Deeboy

      Lower resolution with more textures does though.

    • albatrosMyster

      Show me 1 example of “more textures” in a case of an XB1 game V.S. a PS4 game.

    • Deeboy

      You’re looking at one and there’s been plenty more as of late. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them you just haven’t accepted it yet.

    • albatrosMyster

      This is not one, and there are none.
      The worst thing you could find is that some games for a reason that is not clear yet a couple of PS4 games have worst AF or missing AF texture filtering, then again, this affects only textures at an angle and some of them got patched over time… still, over all both texture filtering and resolution cause detail loss, just in a different way, but given that one has clear causes (sub 1080p on XB1 is a result of missing ROPs, small esram pool and a slow GPU… the AF “issue” on some PS4 titles all point to a software issue or developers omission).

      There is no magic in this.

    • Deeboy

      Yet they results in lost of textures on some ps4 games more than on Xbox. There are always gonna be some good and bad on both. Always has been. People want to act like every game on the ps4 is 1080p 60fps when the fact is there are hardly any on both at the moment.

    • albatrosMyster

      Again, you are making things up… I am sorry be be breaking this to you.

    • Deeboy

      So you’re saying I’m lying about every game on ps4 not being 1080p 60fps?

    • albatrosMyster

      no, obviously not… you are wilfully obstuse about the detailed textures thing, there is still no example of what you are saying… if you could point just 1 (real) that would help, not something that is in fact something else (crushed blacks actually kill details.. so you can’t really call it enhancement and you can simply adjust the brightness level of your TV to get the same effect if you really like it).

      EDIT: the thing about “not all games being 1080p 60fps” is that it could be said of pretty much any hardware, even a PC with a core i7 64BG or RAM and some dual Titan X video cards in there) and if some hardware does it right now, some game is bound to be released that will make if chuckle in the near future… either way, the number of sub 1080p games on the PS4 can be counted on the fingers of 1 hand, which is around 1% is the whole library! and there may be even less games that have actual frame rate problems (I.E. games that have significant drops below 30fps) so in therms of performance this machine is delivering, considering the price, that same statement does not hold scrutiny as far as the XB1 is concerned.

    • Deeboy

      Do you own an Xbox? I do and the crushed blacks issue was fixed right after launch. You guys hold onto to anything to try to protect the PlayStation from being exposed from the truth. If its lower resolution on the PlayStation its because its not optimized you guys say. If its better textures and AA on the Xbox you claim its crushed blacks even on native 1080p games where the issue was only on the upscaler after launch. It’s been fixed on the upscaler and you guys need to find some other excuses to run because that one is just too old and it only makes you seem like a raving fanboy to actually Xbox owners who know the truth. You asking me for proof where’s yours that states that the Xbox still suffers from crushed blacks coming from Microsoft themselves.


      Crushed black issue was never fixed and will never be fixed. It was obvious from your previous comments you own one, you didn’t need to tell us. You enjoy making things up, I see.

    • Deeboy

      LOL. I love when someone who doesn’t even own the console tries to tell you want you’re experiencing. Too funny.


      Fact: Xbox One still has gamma issues (crushed blacks), its up to developers to fix it in their games, but the problem is still there without them doing that. They shouldn’t have to do this, it should be up to MS to fix their own issues. It still exists in games.
      On a plus, they DID fix the horrible sharpening filter either just before or just after Titanfall came out last year (I think after?). Maybe that’s what you were talking about?

    • Deeboy

      The sharpening filter was fixed right after launch about three months to be exact. Crushed blacks was caused by the sharpening filter that’s why its been fixed. Not only that I remember the first game I noticed the difference on. That was Assassin creed black flag. Please if you’re going to post a link to prove your point try someone other than GAF. They have and always will be pro Sony. Ask any Xbox gamer about that.


      Why did Sunset Overdrive ship with crushed blacks?

      Why does Advanced Warfare have crushed blacks?


      I could go on, but you get the point.
      They fixed the sharpening with the upscaler, nothing more.

    • Deeboy

      I think you need to read those again. Despite the fact that they are over a year old and proves my point that it was fixed in a matter of months. The other article entitled Did Microsoft fixed the upscaler actually says it did. So yet again where does it say anything about any current games having the crushed black affect that doesn’t exist.


      But the crushed black issue remains, did you even read it? They mention the gamma. Did you look at the links? The images? Advanced Warfare isn’t an old game. Jesus Christ, if you don’t want to believe me, don’t, I really don’t care any more.

    • Deeboy

      Dude if you want to get upset over nothing that’s cool. I’m telling you from experience of a person who owns and plays on the console daily. Also if the Xbox still has issues with crushed blacks ( which it doesn’t). Don’t you think you would hear about it every comparison made?


      Like I said, MS have left it to the developer to fix. Some games still have crushed blacks. Ignore the evidence in the links which prove that it is still happening, I am tired of talking about it with someone who refuses to see facts. Good day, Sir.

    • Deeboy

      Believe what you want if it makes you feel better.


      I backed up my claim with actual evidence, you have not. Good day to you.

    • Deeboy

      Wait wait wait. You backed up evidence? How? By posting a link to an article of someone saying they saw native crushed blacks without any pictures and posting another article that states that it was fixed. LOL. Ok.

    • albatrosMyster

      We both are trying to have a rational discussion with you :-/
      Go a little deeper in the information you were provided, I personally don’t think this crushed black thing is a very big issue, but it’s certainly not a positive thing for a piece of equipment that was designed to plug on your TV to output an image with unbalanced colors.

      Anyway, this was not a conversation about this topic, we are still looking for those XB1 games with the amazing textures that are not on the PS4 version… those “many” XB1 games that are more detailed despite their lower resolution?

      I mean, I can understand what it would technically mean, if I take a picture with my 8megapixel phone and the same picture with a good DSLR + good lens then reduce them both to the same resolution the image with the camera will have more details, even if I reduced the camera image to a lower resolution it would still be more pleasing to the eye than the phone’s picture… but there is nothing that would make something similar for cross platform games that are both on the PS4/XB1, what you say is true, it just does not apply in the context you think it does.

    • Deeboy

      Likewise. The only difference is whenever the Xbox comes out with any kind of edge involving colors and or textures. Some people always want to blame it on crushed blacks and that’s not correct. It’s been fixed and I stand by that being that I was one of the first day one adopters of the Xbox. I gave feedback on the preview program from day one and one of the topics was fixing the upscaler that caused the crushed blacks in my launch titles. Assassins creed black flag, cod ghosts and ryse. Once fixed there were no more issues. This is coming from experience not articles. At least with your comments you genuinely believe there was still an issue while others use it as excuse every time. Digital foundry, gaming bolt and all other comparisons would state that there’s a crushed black problem with every game if it was a console issue. There isn’t one and those who want to cling onto this launch problem either hate the Xbox or don’t know and are only repeating things they consider negative. Do you know that there are still people out there that think the Xbox is still online only with 24 hour checks and no used games. LOL

    • albatrosMyster

      There is yet 1 real example of these exclusive xb1 textures that you keep bringing up.

      As i demonstrated earlier, the pictures on this site are off color wise, at least on the PS4 side, i can’t tell for the xb1… So yes, here they look duller on the ps4, but this does not mean the xb1 has an advantage.

    • Deeboy

      You keep saying that only on this site. It’s on most sites.m that have comparison screenshots and videos. Google, Bing or whatever you use to look it up. Stop trying to prove a point that can’t be resolved by eyesight.

    • albatrosMyster

      Show me your proof… again, I showed you you were wrong, if I am wrong you must be able to provide a credible example that I may be wrong, if this is all over the web, there has to be credible places that posted those pictures and made credible analysis of this color/texture problem the PS4 apparently has.

      If you cannot insert the images for any reason, just paste a URL that points to a site or an image so we can discuss it, I am more than willing to admit it when I am wrong, but given that I have looked into this specific topic for a long long time either on PC when comparing graphical settings for my own interest, or among different consoles since the early days of 3D, I am pretty sure this kind of marked difference would not have gone un-noticed as it never did in the past and from what you say it seems pretty obvious (I find the difference between 1080p and 900p pretty obvious, lower resolution textures always bothered me before as well, it would not stop now).

    • Deeboy

      So basically you’re too lazy to dig the info yourself. Even if I supplied you with all the information in the world. You’ll still make excuses.

    • albatrosMyster

      Again with the images that are so compressed that you basically loose all details… (I know these are PNGs, but they look like they were taken from youtube videos or something similar)

      I concede that on these pics the PS4 colors are washed out, obviously that will lead to loss of details if the rgb range is not set properly on either the PS4 or the capture equipment…

      There are so many things that make these examples just as bad as the ones posted in this article.

    • Deeboy

      There’s plenty of detail on the Xbox one screenshots but hey what can I say if you don’t believe your own eyes.

    • albatrosMyster

      Listen, both are compressed, if you don’t know what compression artifacts are you should not take part into that kind of conversation, unless this is to ask questions… same thing for color RGB range setting, if the people all take their images from the same video that was not captured correctly on at least one of the consoles you can be sure there will be “plenty” of sources telling the exact same thing.

      Believe me, this happens all the time, one person doing whatever wrong and giving their impression, then it gets repeated and you end up with a mis-informed opinion spreading like wildfire (in this case about 10 million people were tricked into thinking they bought a console that was just as good as the competing product! pretty amasing!).

    • Deeboy

      If they were all from the same website your theory wouldn’t have so many holes. You and I have different opinions about this so I’m happy at leaving it at that. I’ve got some gaming to do. Cheers

    • albatrosMyster

      I made an example with bloodborne, on the right it’s the equivalent of 900p with the original’s RGB range… on the left side you have what you think a normal PS4 game would look like, with its reduced color range (I.E. loss of details)… higly compressed as well.

      You can see exactly what is shown above, left seems “less detailed” (it is in a way it lost colors when I adjusted the RGB curve on it) and you can’t even start to see the problems with upscaling blurryness, because the image is so compressed anyway.

      This is how it works, and there is nothing that guaranty you of any level of competency from the people behind those “analysis” in fact, posting images taken from youtube videos should be a hint that whoever did the “analysis” could not have done a proper analysis, and they should have known better… same goes for people showing two highly compressed images and asking to compare the two versions… how does this happen? well a lot of people don’t get their kids vaccinated, and this is way more important than comparing video games on different systems.

    • Deeboy

      That doesn’t prove anything you making an example off of one system. It doesn’t explain why multiple sites are coming up with the same including those that know about the settings required. Your point about kids not being vaccinated is not valid also. The flu is mutating virus that there is never an answer for. Ask the guy who got paralyzed from a suppose to be flu shot that turned out to be a steroid shot instead or the millions of people that get sick anyway.

    • albatrosMyster

      Your response explains a lot. Thanks,

    • Deeboy

      Yours doesn’t. At least mine are backed by facts instead of assumptions.

    • albatrosMyster

      I am sorry, I gave you too much credit, I showed you facts early on in the discussion, I then explained to you why the data you used as a basis for your opinion was invalid, showed you how it could be reproduced, and why this was the case, then all I got in return was some empty rhetoric and insistence that those highly compressed and apparently miss captured videos were somehow correct and somehow should be used to make a competent analysis of anything.

      I am giving up on you, we will not reach an agreement.

    • Deeboy

      Facts? You showed me what you believe are facts. There’s much evidence to suggest otherwise. Like I said in my previous post. I already knew we wouldn’t reach an agreement.

    • Deeboy
    • Deeboy
    • Marc D

      Technically, the PS4’s lack of Anisotropic Filtering in LOTS of games make the textures appear worse than the XB1 versions. The PS4 has a problem implementing 16x AF in most games, therefore making textures look muddy and low res compared to XB1.

    • albatrosMyster

      List “lots” I can guarantee you that there are a few, probably almost enough to count with the fingers of both hands…

      Now in cross platform titles this is either: PS4 has better AF (rare but it happens Thomb Raider:DE is an example of this) both have equal AF (this is what we see most of the time) and some games have no AF at all, only trilinear filtering… a recent example of this is Dead Rising, it got patched and that did not affect performance… strangely it even rears its head in some titles that are not demanding at all, like Strider by example or the recent DmC port…

      Then we have PS4 exclusives like Unfinished Sawn, again, not a game that is demanding AT ALL.

      Anyway, the list is short some got it patched in, all point to some SDK/API quirk that makes it easy to oversee for any reason… if you want examples of games that have low AF on XB1 there are some as well, Forza 5 is the worst I can think of (Forza Horison 2 has low AF but it’s not nearly as bad)… in these cases the AF was definitely tuned to help keep up a decent frame rate… Mind you I don’t follow a lot of stuff on XB1, so there are certainly a lot of others.

      TL:DR: I don’t think you should use this as flame bait.

    • Gaikai

      That’s because gamingbolt change the PS4 contrast to make it look worse they always do that

  • guru
    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Looking at that, no one wins. Looks abysmal.

    • albatrosMyster

      OK, so the PS4 is less screwed…

    • Psionicinversion

      Ps4 looks like crap, no console has won there

    • Deeboy

      Are you blind look at those washed out graphics from those screenshots. I bet of you played the Xbox version it would seem like you have new eyes.

  • d0x360

    This site keeps posting these with absolutely no description of their testing methodology or tools they use. I could have written this same article based on information from.various sites without ever having played the game.

    You really REALLY need to go in depth with what’s going on otherwise these articles serve nothing but clicking bait traffic and arw incredibly misleading at times. There are been some outright blatant mistakes in the past and not know how these tests are done really destroys the credibility of the articles and does nothing bit fan fanboy flames.

    • You really haven’t figured out that these “articles” are just click-bait journalism aimed solely at getting increased ad revenue? Don’t reward them for their phony journalism.

    • d0x360

      I haven’t? Of course I have. The problem is unlike most sites I know for a fact that gamingbolt can do better. I KNOW they could be a top gaming site if they were stop with the nonsense. Traffic today is short term. If you want to last as long as ign you gotta use quality. They have potential they just dont use it.

    • Unfortunately, even the “top” sites (IGN, Polygon, Gamespot, etc.), in terms of page views, have now all devolved into nothing but click-bait journalism too, so places like GamingBolt are merely adopting the phony journalism techniques of those popular sites to try to catch up, and we’re all worse off because of it.
      It clearly works, though. Look at all the moronic fanboys here arguing over pixel counts–as if minute graphical differences actually matter (they don’t)–including hypocritical Sony fanboys who suddenly are obsessed with eye candy even though the PS3, PS2, and PS1 were all outperformed by their competitors. Now, suddenly graphics are all that matter to them? Well, all I can say is, “Enjoy dull, vapid but pretty games like The Order and DriveClub; I’ll enjoy some real gaming on Xbox One”.

    • d0x360

      You are making very true very hard to argue points. I’m right there with you.

      All im saying and I think this site has the talent to do better. To be what everyone else should be. They are rough around the edges but its buried in there.

      I worked in games press about 6-10 years ago for some big sites. So much has changed its pretty disturbing. I got out luckily and now in work for a robotics company but had I not left I’d probably have started a site more like sites of old. Actual news, in depth non PR fluff piece previews, hard hitting reviews, interviews with real questions, in depth articles etc etc. No clickbait no nonsense just a site for fans of gaming.

    • albatrosMyster

      They’re not nearly professional enough to have a “methodology” :-/ heck, the color balance is off between the screenshots of the two machines, and they post small very compressed .jpg images asking people to make their own mind.

      so it looks like a technical analysis, but it’s definitely not.

      Do they even measure the frame rate or are they just guesstimating it?

      Mind you, I find that DF is in need of competition in this area, I find they are too lenient on the XB1’s weaknesses and overly anxious to make false equivalences with some of the PS4’s advantages over it… so far NX gamer has proven more reliable on this specific aspect (however, I tend to disagree with his reviews, nobody is perfect like me /s).

    • d0x360

      I dunno.I find DF calling it very fair. If they seem excited about a Xbox advantage its because there shouldn’t be one really and they are just as shocked as we are.

  • DX helios

    I do not understand why Ravi is trashing Xbox version by providing us with Youtube video which is actually lossy compressed and does not represent anything that can be compared. I also do not understand how are we supposed to compare different resolutions side by side if they are different. For example you have some texture in a game which is created with 900p or 720p in mind. So how this texture is upscaled and downscaled when you move farther or closer?
    Let’s look at the first picture.. oh wait why it is JPG – lossy? Ravi does not bother to put PNG. Anyway let’s open with Paint and magnify – no processing. Look at the buttons. What do you see? PS4 – foggy blurred textures. XB1 – no fog, still blurred, but a little bit better. Have you guys played beta? Nothing really comparable with the examples in this article.
    So this is pure trashing of XB1 on game release date based on beta testing. It’s popular behavior – nothing to do with reality.
    I wonder with all this stupid comparisons why PS4 screenshots are so foggy? There is always some white fog and blur. It’s rarely advantage for game visuals (I remember Deus Ex 2), mostly it is nonsense. Fog can be present in dark time of day, but not under direct sunlight in the midday.

  • Michel Simmons

    I’m am Xbox One owner and will say there is a noticeable difference.


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