Bayonetta Creator Miffed by Smash Bros. Character Questions, Asks “Smash Idiots” to “F**k Off”

Kamiya gonna Kamiya.

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Never let it be said that Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya, who also brought us Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and Okami, doesn’t speak his mind. After Nintendo announced that they would be showing the next Smash Bros. at Nintendo Direct – occurring before E3 2013 takes places – questions followed as to whether Bayonetta would be appearing as a playable character.

After all, Kamiya and Platinum Games are releasing Bayonetta 2 exclusively on the Wii U – along with The Wonderful 101 – but needless to say, the man wasn’t too keen on the constant nettling about the same.

As per Kamiya’s Twitter account, he voiced his frustrations at all the questions quite simply:

There are many other such responses as well, one which pertains to Dante of Devil May Cry for some reason. Regardless, though he probably could’ve handled it better, this is how Kamiya handles things. At least he didn’t stay at home and drink tequila while replying – who knows how much explicit things would’ve gotten.

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  • MrG

    If you dont care about us caring about your character then we dont care about your game. Good luck moving units of bayonetta 2 on a console that is not doing good buddy

    • lol. Typical.

      You obviously haven’t been caught up in the debacle that is Xbox One. Wii U isn’t doing good? The Xbox One hasn’t even come out yet and it doesn’t seem it will be pushing many units.

      Also, if Smash Bros 4 is to be announced in E3, only a few days away, why continue to harass the team? JUST FREAKING WAIT. Keep your questions to yourself until the announcement. Mr. Kamiya is human and has a life like the rest of us. All in due time.


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