“Bit Early to Think of Xbox One as The 720p Machine & PS4 as The 1080p Machine”: Divekick Dev

Iron Galaxy CEO Dave Lang talks about how the differences between the two resolutions is a red herring.

Posted By | On 17th, Nov. 2013 Under News

The resolution wars continue, especially in light of revelations that games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag which require updates to retail PS4 versions for native 1080p resolution. We recently spoke to Iron Galaxy Studios’ CEO Dave Lang, who are currently working on 2D fighting game DiveKick that is scheduled to be launched on the PlayStation 4.

When asked if there was much noticeable difference between 1080p/60 FPs and 720p/60 FPS, Lang stated that, “No, I think it’s pretty much a red herring. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Framerate matters much more than resolution IMO. Also, I think it’s a bit early to think of the XB1 as the 720p machine and PS4 as the 1080p machine.”

We agree with Lang’s statements as it will take time for developers to get up to speed and learn the several features of the respective next gen consoles and as with the last generation, gamers need to wait for a year or two before they start seeing games taking full advantage of these consoles.

Lang also revealed that DiveKick would be at 1080p resolution and running at 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 4. As for DiveKicks’s availability on the Xbox One, Lang states, “We’re exploring using the ID@XBox program to get onto the platform, but nothing to announce yet.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know below.

Stay tuned for our full interview on Divekick next week.

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  • bigshynepo

    Divekick looks fun, I’ll have to try it out soon.

  • Wbmaster

    Time, only time…And XO show his real power

    • Jesper Jönsson

      Yeah they could get the better games but the XO will always be, spec wise, the inferior console

    • Wbmaster

      The important is better games, not the potential spec. To want power, if the games end are nearly equal.

    • The Wolf 47

      I think it should have been out on launch.
      But that’s just me, I’ll wait and see what happens.

    • Wbmaster

      The same … I will buy both …. Nice talking to you.

  • Jason Mounce

    “No, I think it’s pretty much a red herring. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

    yea cause I mean, like. TOTALLY, who can tell the difference between

    921,600 PIXELS and
    2,073,600 PIXELS

    More than double the amount on the screen, but PFFFT. Naw. Let’s all downplay the matter of how there’s MINIMAL DIFFERENCE and no one will tell this…..

    • Marc Carter

      It’s upscaled to 1080p though moron.

    • Jason Mounce


      And I take it that you’re too young and/or idiotic to comprehend what that even does, as simplistic of a feature as that is. IT STRETCHES THE BLOODY IMAGE.

      It does not ‘MAGICALLY’ become 1080p. It becomes a messy bloch of blurred crap. 900K pixels being forced to stretch like rubber to 2 MILLION.

      Hurr hurrr but teh upscales MORRRONN1!1!1…

      Yeah, no. You know what? Get an X1 and not a PS4, please 🙂 then I know I at least won’t potentially run into You online. Scumbag. Lol

    • Marc Carter

      I’m 36 and you are the definition of a scum bag, grow up moron. I know what upscaling does, 720p upscaled to 1080p is far better quality than 720p not upscaled, it’s also very very microscopically different to native 1080p, you are a sad man indeed that you think it’s as important as you do. Sad sad moron…

      I am also incredibly glad I will never bump into you online. Do not reply moron.

    • Jason Mounce

      Congrats, you announce your age as if it matters. I’m sorry, do you want a COOKIE for being 36 years old? Do you think that your age number is going to somehow represent a Feat? An Achievement? Maturity? Intelligence? No. No it will not.

      Sorry, the only one needing to really grow up is you, getting your panties all in a bunch whilst calling people over the internet a ‘Moron’ because you’re too insecure and half-witted to differentiate and understand how unimpressive 720p to 1080p UPSCALED is. A sad, insecure little fanboy lashing out at others who feels so insecure to the point where they have to FIRST and foremost get on a soap box and announce their Age of all things.

      “you are a sad man indeed that you think it’s as important as you do. Sad sad moron…”

      Also, you need a larger vocabulary, I’d expect this from a 3rd grader. Apparently this kind of witty form of insulting is coming from someone who’s 36 years old. LOL.

      Awrr, I’m hurt. a moron thinks his perception can accurately pinpoint those around himself as a moron! 😛 Welp, you totally provided overwhelming evidence to back yourself up…oh wait, you didn’t. All you did was get defensive and whine at me…

      P-p-please don’t reply to me, m-moron, I’m 36 years old and you’re b-beneath me. You sad, sad, sad, moronic, sad man! Grr!!

      A source of entertainment you are, Marc Carter, you’re SO pathetic even, that you deleted your comments to run away and avoid being given notifications of those who respond to you so you can’t be informed how completely idiotic you are.

    • Guest

      Wow man you need to calm yourself down. You’re going to give yourself a stroke over a debate about a console that isn’t released yet, and developers developing games for day one release to a brand new console. Everyone knows that Xbox One can handle 1080p. Do people really think that Microsoft would make a console (set for release in the year 2013) that couldn’t run games at 1080p, when the next gen 4K TV’s are slowly starting to emerge? Calm down, stop calling people fan boys, and use common sense. I clicked on your picture Jason, and all of your replies/conversations are so pompous. I probably won’t check this post again, but I’m expecting a real “prick-like” reply.

    • Jason Mounce

      Lol. “I probably won’t check this post again, but I’m expecting a real “prick-like” reply.”

      Act like a prick, delete your comment and run away. Priceless. I don’t need to be ‘prick-like’ to a prick.

    • Mathew Chopey

      You know you talk like 720p upscaled to 1080p compared to native 1080p is like comparing FF9 (720p) to COD4 1080p). The truth is, games on both consoles are still going to look fucking great (for consoles). Yes ps4 games are going to look a little bit better but it should not be the deciding factor on what console you will be getting for the 8th gen. maybe look at things like price, games, what console your frinds will be getting (if you have any *cough* cough*) what company you like better, multimedia capabilities. Graphic sluts get a PC and stfu about consoles thx 🙂

    • Jason Mounce

      Of course the difference isn’t MASSIVE….but I still am tired of media or the likely factor of bribed/corrupted ‘gaming journalists’ downplaying the matter to make light of most of X1’s negative stories. EVERYTHING about X1 that is bad is being downplayed.

      It’s not a deciding factor, but it can be a leaning factor of preference to a final decision on which to get if choosing between the two. $100 cheaper and stronger hardware should be a logical and obvious choice.

      Games are always what sell a platform, and for me it’s Naughty Dog games and MGSV on Next-gen platforms instead of current-gen.

      *cough cough* most my friends are PC-types. *cough*Douche*cough*.

      Do yuh really think I don’t have a PC? Boy-gee-wizz I wonder what I’m using to type these comments….maybe…just maybe….a PC…

      >Tell someone to ‘get a pc’ – BRILLIANT!!!!


    • Mathew Chopey

      OHH boy the retard runs strong with this one (not really retard just lack of common sense)

      “Of course the difference isn’t MASSIVE….but I still am tired of media or the likely factor of bribed/corrupted ‘gaming journalists’ downplaying the matter to make light of most of X1’s negative stories. EVERYTHING about X1 that is bad is being downplayed.”<——— NOO derr This attracts EVERY fanboy out there. xbox fanboys go "fuck yeah fuck you sony" as they jerk off to a picture of bill gates. Sony fanboys. well your comments are a less extreme version of what they would say MORE CAPS THOUGH (NO btw im not calling you a fanboy) . PC fanboys "PC master race GG" and i don't even think there are nintendo fanboys out there anymore. The xbox is not THAT far behind the ps4 as people believe. Well maybe at launch but xbox does have a little bit more foren hardware then the ps4. Not cell processing more PS. I couldnt imagine how good games would look with the spec os ps4 AND cell processing OMG. Clicks=$$$$$

      "It's not a deciding factor, but it can be a leaning factor of preference to a final decision on which to get if choosing between the two. $100 cheaper and stronger hardware should be a logical and obvious choice." <——- i digress. 100$ cheaper is a pretty big reason to choose a ps4 over xbox one. but not the hardware. You also have to think that the reason xbox has a higher price point is because of kinect; yes yes i know core gamers don't care about kinect but gaming consoles aren't just gaming consoles anymore. Hell i'm thinking of getting an xbox one so i can put it in my living room and do my workouts in their and NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH FUCKING REMOTES UUUUHHHGGGGG I HATE LOSING THE REMOTE.

      "Games are always what sell a platform, and for me it's Naughty Dog games and MGSV on Next-gen platforms instead of current-gen." subjective, which i accept (you know MGSV is on XO right?) personally i think naughty dog games are over hyped still great games but overhyped.

      "*cough cough* most my friends are PC-types. *cough*Douche*cough*." <—- it wasn't clever the first time so putting 2.5X the *coughs* doesn't make it clever the second time 😛

      “Do yuh really think I don't have a PC? Boy-gee-wizz I wonder what I'm using to type these comments….maybe…just maybe….a PC…“ < uuhh phones have internet 😛 when i talk about PCs (this links into my comment of common sense earlier) i would expect someone like youself would peice together the fact that you cant play high quality games on a PC with anemic spec. I would also expect that when i say get a PC on a gaming website you you have enough brains to know im talking about a decent PC not a peice of shit (like mine)

      Tell someone to 'get a pc' – BRILLIANT!!!! <——— Thanks 🙂


      PPS. holy shit that is a long comment

    • Jason Mounce

      Sorry, I couldn’t bother reading a single word out of that novel. I’m putting my money down that it’s some silly and obnoxious whine that is full of presumptions and mud-slinging as if you argue for the sake of arguing.

      Try not to harass others too much online as a compensation for your small penis.

    • Mathew Chopey

      Wow you are really grasping at straws right now. Considering you won’t even read what i posted because you know everything you said is fucking stupid and retarded yet you will call the guest that you were replying to a pussy because because he deleted his name. Fuck i hate people like you i would watch as you slowly burned in your sleep you waste of breath piece of shit. BTW i actually agreed with you on a few points, feel like an idiot now? Of course you don’t, a retard will never admit that.

    • Jason Mounce

      Sorry, I only saw you wrote something about straws. Everything else looked misconstrued so I didn’t bother reading it too. You sound really upset though. Two posts just to ventilate your frustrations on your penis size? This pent-up anger shouldn’t be sent to be, go seek therapy. 🙂

    • Mathew Chopey

      Bitch please; you have to comment on someones penis size REAL original. I’m getting really sick of people like you who think that XO is going to look just like last gen. Put a game side by side comparison of 360 and xbox One and you WILL see graphical improvements. That is what matters. Not the ps4 looks 10% better then the XO. i love how you are saying that im angry when all i see in your posts in someone who is bombing on some one/thing because they said something you didn’t like.

    • Jason Mounce

      Why do you keep making novels when I tell you I’m not reading them? You’re fuming and really upset and need to calm down and log off the internet for a bit. Even if I did read your posts I’m sure this would be my response:

    • Mathew Chopey

      Yet you TRY to insult me? For fuck sakes you are as dumb as a bag of cow shit.

    • Jason Mounce

      Try? I haven’t tried. I’ve already done it, successfully. You silly little raging monkey. Keep dancing for me. 🙂

    • Mathew Chopey

      You’re a monkey to, we all are (another stupid comment) saying i have a small penis (to which you have no proof so its not really an insult) and saying that im raging when im actually quite calm isn’t really insulting. You just don’t have the brains to distinguish what is raging and what isnt.

    • Actually, not only have you tried, but you’ve tried too hard, and now you’re just making yourself look like a fool. Grow up or get off the internet – or at least mute yourself so that we don’t have to deal with pests like you.

      Honestly, your immaturity is quite astounding, and I’m surprised that anyone in this thread has bothered replying to any “point” you’ve tried to make.


    • Mathew Chopey

      i apologize for talking to him. Fucktards like him make me horney. Is that normal?

    • 😛 lol definitely.

    • Jason Mounce

      Wait, I’ve made a POINT?

      Sorry, the point where you lost me was you insinuating that I was trying hard. Twisting 3-4 peoples panties by talking in a nonsensical manner required very little wit. All the while I have multiple people dancing around my thumb and being declared an idiot over and over by monkeys with low vocabularies. So, what part of this successful stunt makes me somehow trying hard or stupid, or as if I was actually making a point when all of these analytical conclusions you’ve tugged out of your anus seem to be for null?

      Panty-twisting shouldn’t be this easy. Mathew is in a rut of making novels and all I have to do is tell him I’m not reading his comments and he keeps typing more and more without an end in sight. You jump on the bandwagon proving your own retardation from the get-go, you’re announcing how you feel surprised that people had bothered replying to me and yet here You comically are, contributing and making a response which proves nothing other than your own folly and idiosyncrasies of irony.

      And now, I have another named Synchr0 – All of you are singing the same tune over such trivial dribble I’ve typed up in an uncaring frenzy of boredom. So, what do you want me to say? Congrats on allowing yourselves to be played like a skin flute with ease? I don’t need to exert effort, now if you excuse me, I’ll be going to sleep 🙂

    • Mathew Chopey

      You mad bro?

    • Jason Mounce

      You rehearsing in the mirror? 🙂

    • Mathew Chopey

      *yawn* you’re boring me now. I’m going to go masterbate to a picture of gabe newell. tah tah

    • Jason Mounce


    • Synchr0nistic


    • Mathew Chopey

      At least im not the only person to think that…… Well maybe a little retarded

    • shaihalud

      I’d just like to say, reading through this engagement has made my afternoon. The amount of effort you’ve put in to try and connect with this ‘person’ only to be rebuffed by this erosion of common decency. Let’s just all hope he becomes a world leader or something, right?

    • Jason Mounce

      They are blatantly immature, you’re right. They’re immature responses to an immature mind. As if I should bother being mature to a delinquent and waste precious braincells.

      Yes, yes I am stubborn, however, I doubt anything would backfire on me. That would imply I had something to lose to begin with, something betting on any of it, something to prove. My ‘Very’ first post about resolution quality contrasts was the ONLY post that was authentic, all the rest is Dribble-quality of posts that are given to Dribble-minded individuals. Everything else simply comes together as a means to show how predictable people can be, how redundantly spiteful and angry random strangers can be towards eachother and why people keep coming back to post more rants and novels to someone who blatantly admits to not reading their posts and yet they keep typing more. Don’t you find that entertaining? I told that Mathew guy around 3-4 times that I wasn’t reading his posts and he made MORE posts…. It’s Filler, immaturity doesn’t wound my ego when I’m using it as a means to entertain me as I see him as I defined him, a dancing monkey.

    • Mathew Chopey

      OMG being “mature” grows connections between brain cells thereby making you smarter. Well you are right you really don’t have anything to lose. I love how you say your not reading my “novel” yet you posts are quite lengthy. Like i said you’re grasping at straws cause after your post(s) you realise that you were wrong. It’s ok i still love you 🙂

    • Guest

      Every passing gaming generation , the fanboys are becoming worse (sigh).

    • Jason Mounce


      Although I’m not sure what fanboys have to do with anything in the topics. I personally only mentioned the facts on Resolution quality. You don’t need to be a fanboy to understand what a resolution does for your game and entertainment purposes. I played most of my 360/PS3 games on a monitor that was 24″ and 1920 x 1200. Most games looked like pixelated or blurred crap because of my native-resolution on my monitor being MORE than what games outputted. That made it so 720 upscaled not to 1080p, but a bit higher. (Which is solvable by buying a 720p monitor, but then you’d have a non-future-proof monitor).

      720p upscaled should stay as a ‘current-gen’ problem. I’d argue that Next-gen should be 720/900p AND 60FPS (varying on genre) or 1080p locked at a stable 30FPS. You should see the difference a racing game has between 30FPS and 60FPS. You cannot turn back to 30FPS-Racing if you experience 60FPS and I’m not even a Racing-genre fan.

    • Xyzzy

      Wow. You have to be the dumbest person I have ever seen online, and that says a lot. While yes, it’s true, you can’t make pixels that aren’t there to begin with. You should seriously educate your self on the mathematics behind the scaling technology. Not that I think you could grasp such concepts due to it being more complex than 1080>720.

    • Jason Mounce

      So, it must be hard to calculate the totals of which I gave the pixel-difference. In which I was 100% accurate in pixel-count by saying 1080 is more than Double that of 720p.

      I fail to see why someone as clearly pseudo-intellectual as yourself would declare me as ‘Dumbest’ for reasons you can’t even give. You try to make a summary by saying “You don’t know anything” and comically, your entire post has no rationalization behind it. I could summarize your post as being “You’re the dumbest person evar because mathematics for some reason and you can’t space magic like I can”

      1080p is ‘>’ to 720. The question is, why are You struggling to understand 1280 × 720 and 1920 × 1080? Do the math. I already gave the answers. So, here. Have a Pro-tip. If you’re going to call someone ‘Dumb’, provide something called ‘REASONS’ as to why and then? Give an example or Evidence as to why. You comical little halfwitted nobody 🙂

      If all else fails in lecturing your pseudo-intellectual qualities, this surely should be plenty evidence as to what’s going to happen with the clarity of X1 vs PS4 on a scale of pixel-quality:


    • Lange

      “And I take it that you’re too young and/or idiotic to comprehend what that even does, as simplistic of a feature as that is.” You brought up his age, he simply corrected you.

      “Hurr hurrr but teh upscales MORRRONN1!1!1…” How can you possibly tell someone they need to expand their vocabulary after posting a sentence like this?

      You are the epitome of scumbags on the internet, who need to have a keyboard in front of them in order to feel superior. Sometimes i can’t even fathom what must go through ones mind when they go off on a tangent like you have just done. I certainly pity you. Do you feel as though you have accomplished something? Would YOU like said “cookie”?

    • Jason Mounce

      I take it that satirical humor to you is brand new.

      It may take adjusting if you’re new to the internet. Just try not to pick fights so badly with random strangers whilst struggling over simplistic subjects.


    • AnAnon

      The numbers and statistics are huge, no doubt. However, put into practice, it’s not as big as it is on paper. http://www.gamesradar.com/what-difference-between-1080p-and-720p-gamer/

    • Jason Mounce

      That article tells you the variables and of TV sizes and proper viewing distance with different resolution….but that doesn’t really say what you said of it not being as ‘big’ insinuating that with game clarity and how it WILL have greater fidelity or in crisp visuals :/


      Here’s one for example and this is JUST COD, so, it’s not like we can expect ‘Da Best Graphics’ but an example of what the difference can bring to a still image and that’s not even a live, seamless video showing the lack of Blur. 720p and 1080p images of COD on PS4 is there, look all around, all the trees, all the distance objects, the floor. Everything becomes LESS blurred like you got a better prescription for your glasses.

    • Jason Mounce


      New example and this is a difference from 900p to 1080p on AC4 with the new update. 900p I WILL say, is much closer to 1080p than 720p is, obviously. So the difference HERE won’t be THAT large. However, the crispness is still identifiable if you look everywhere.

      (No.1 pics aren’t the great to show the difference off course).

      In the Comparison No.2? The palm tree, your own character, the water, the background, it becomes much CLEANER.

      No.3 is plenty-good. MUCH cleaner all around and this is 900p instead of a leap from 720p to 1080p.

      THEN you have the animated gifs which help summarize the detail of certain areas 😀 Hope you believe me now and any others who doubt it.

    • Lange

      New to the internet? No. Been here for quite some time. Satire? My specialty. Try to not pick fights with random strangers? Are you not the one who has done so with multiple strangers? C’mon, get real. Your sense of what you call, “humor”, is not humorous in the least. What it is, is fucking obnoxious. You know what you need to do? You need to take a step back, realize what you’re doing with yourself, and reevaluate a few things. You spend your days trolling the internet lol, how can you possibly insult me in the real world? If you’re going to insult, at least try a little harder. Please. And to your cute and overused meme, it not only translates well, it translates fantastically.


    • Axe99

      The difference depends on one’s eye for these things – I’m an amateur photographer, and the difference between the two is quite obvious on a 32″ TV at around 7′ – I play PC games on it, and have tested the difference between, 720p (upscaled) and 1080p (and 768p and a few others as well), and for me, it’s chalk and cheese. For most genres, I roll with 1080p at the expense of frame rate, as long as it stays around 30.

      From a photography perspective, at the end of the day, you just can’t upscale in detail that isn’t already in the shot. 720p is 0.9 megapixel camera, 1080p is 2 megapixel camera, and suggesting you can upscale 0.9 megapixels to 2 and provide a similarly strong visual image has been well and truly debunked.

      That said, stop calling each other names. Games still look very good in 720p – we all used to game and watch television in 576p not so many years ago ;). Yes, 1080p is better, but 720p is still good :).

    • Jason Mounce

      Even though you gave a mature and legitimate response to him. I’m afraid it’d fall on deaf ears. Both in which he deleted his comment to turn himself into a ‘Guest’ so he could run away and have a ‘last say and leave’ kind of childish tactic. That and, by all means, he was the one lashing at me defensively because he couldn’t tolerate Truth, that of which you reinforced with your own experiences and logic.

      Truth is his kryptonite, and he’s a 36 year old crybaby.

      I’d feel my now-recent insults aren’t simply derogative words, they’re a fine description of who he is.

  • Sik Beni

    In pocket developers downplaying the very thing developers were complaining about wanting for the next gen.

    Hypocrisy at its finest, so damn glad I am getting a PS4 and gaming PC.

    • Xyzzy

      That’s right, because all developers are a single person and they’re not allowed or are incapable of having individual opinions?

  • Mike Greenway

    Comment bait, it worked again.

  • Jim

    Guys remember, the PS3 was the more powerful console than the 360, and it was still pretty even. The original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2, and we all know how that went.

  • Dre

    Xbox One fanboys are going to cry “we got titanfall!” over and over until they finally feel better about owning an overpriced ugly box with inferior hardware to the PS4.

    • Oldmosely

      we wont only cry we got titanfall we will play it.

    • John Doe

      That’s a hilarious statement. From what I’ve seen while browsing various forums are incredibly immature/entitled/all around ‘bashing-the-X1-to-make-myself-feel-better-about-being-a-Sony-gamer’ PS4 fanboys going nuts because their console seems to have the edge at launch season. Which isn’t unprecedented, seeing how the PS3 had more muscle than the 360 and the 360 was still the standard in online gaming. Us Xbox gamers don’t feel the need to flood forums to try and make ourselves feel better about gaming on an Xbox. We know we’re the better gamers and community so arguing it is futile. Plus, look at what we’re arguing against…

      “Xbox One fanboys are going to cry “we got titanfall!” over and over until they finally feel better about owning an overpriced ugly box with inferior hardware to the PS4.”

      Who could possibly get through to someone with that logic? And arguing against that is just too easy for us because, you know, we actually like a challenge in our adversary. Which brings us back to Xbox gamers being the all around better gamers.

  • Watch me

    You know the more I read these arguments about gaming it just shows some gamers are really sick people. You could be playing a game or doing something productive with your time instead of arguing about the difference between 720p , 1080p and upscaled 1080p. Just play the game if you enjoy it. It’ll play the same whether its on 720p or 1080p. And also people moaning about $500, that is really cheap. Over here in the UK the Xbox One is £429 or $707 and it comes with less features than the US Xbox. Anyway I hope some of you learn from this to stop the pointless arguments.
    If you care about graphics by a PC

  • weebeeweebeeweebee

    Does no one realize the ps4 has all the features of xbox one except for the snap feature…


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