Bloodborne Glitches Makes It Even More Tough: Invincible Enemies And Immovable Players

From Software’s PS4 exclusive isn’t without its issues.

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From Software’s Bloodborne is out now, exclusively on the PlayStation 4, and is garnering rave reviews from critics. That being said, it’s not without its glitches. Though a day one patch went live to help curb any remaining issues, players have still reported some rather game breaking glitches in their hands-on time.

Perhaps the worst possible glitch is wherein enemies seemingly don’t die. It’s one thing to have to learn an enemy’s attack pattern, skillfully dodge them and not even have much of a defense. Now add enemy immortality to that and it becomes nearly impossible to move forward. The second glitch would probably make it impossible for players to move forward since they literally can’t move. It also seems that the player will lose all XP in the process.

Again, no launch title is without its glitches and Bloodborne’s are a far cry from the problems seen in Assassin’s Creed: Unity or even Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Hopefully, From Software will address these issues in swift fashion.

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  • Aaron T. Starks

    It’s weak to say “bu, bu, but look at these OTHER games!” in trying to defend this one.

  • d0x360

    Bought it this morn and I’ve had the following glitch happen 4 times. The game loads and I doe instantly. Every time it happens I need to start over.

  • Mark

    If this happened to me on my Dragon Age build, I’d tap out lol. Hopefully it isn’t alot of people goin thru it.

  • Dang, I must be lucky then, I haven’t really had any issues with Bloodborne other then the long loading times (that doesn’t bother me all that much).

    Good thing they’re already looking to patch any lingering issues for other video gamers though, that’s how a video game company should roll. Player sees a problem, automatically start working on fixing it.

  • Greg137

    I play offline and I have found glitches in how the blood will sometimes stand out and will be unaffected by the darkness or light levels… Seriously, you could even see the little white borders around it… It usually happens when I have to quit in the middle of the level, so I exit without leaving the level, and then I try to pick up where I left off the blood looks fake but also slightly creepy too.. One time I went online to look up something so I went to a safe area where the enemies were already dead, and when I came back there was this graphics glitch with the blood… It stands out from the darkness areas like the dark shader textures failed or something.. My current Character is a bare handed build, by the way, and I have also clipped through enemies that I was sneaking up on, and there are even time when weird stuff happens like When I charge up a sneak attack the enemies will go prone with the sound effect even though I never actually hit them and the stun before the attack would activate before my character never completed the stun blow.. There are also times when I try to sneak attack only to hit it to stun them, and then when I go for the kill strike for some reason without explanation my character does a God Father style backhanded slap which knocks the enemies out of the stun… .
    I have also tried to back stab the enemy only to get behind them only for the stun blow to connect properly only to have the enemies ignore it completely…
    This game needs some patch work done to make the game playable… With app version 5 being what version I currently have… How do you mess this up?
    This is a version exclusive!! From!! you need to QA TEST YOUR GAMES!!!


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