Bungie Acknowledges Fan Uproar Over ‘Preferential Treatment to PlayStation’

‘There is a surprising amount of pushback right now.’

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Destiny (9)

Bungie made it big on the Xbox and Xbox 360 with the Halo games, but you really wouldn’t know it from the way they seem to be giving so much preferential treatment to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4- exclusive content, exclusive alpha and beta access, and so on. Xbox fans aren’t happy about this- not only is this kind of exclusivity for multiplatform games slightly out of the norm (exclusive content is usually tied, where Bungie has given no indication of any such timed exclusivity for the Destiny content), but they also feel betrayed by a studio that they feel became as big as it did because of Xbox fan’s content.

Surprisingly, Bungie has actually responded to this uproar on their forum, or at the very least acknowledged it.

“Bungie wishes you a Happy Bungie Day. This is just a short thank—you to fans who’ve inspired us to strive harder. (There is a surprising amount of pushback right now in our forum about this—there is a feeling by Xbox owners that it’s not really a ‘Bungie Day,’ but a ‘Playstation-owning Bungie Fan Day’—which really doesn’t roll quite so smoothly off the tongue).”

At the same time, though, Bungie don’t seem to be budging from their stance on the exclusivity for all this content (which makes sense, considering all the exclusivity is probably iron clad in contracts and so on), but it’s interesting to see them acknowledge it all the same.

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  • Whiny babies whining.

    Now. Imagine if it was the other way around…

    We, the PlayStation owners, are the “silent majority.”

    We would stay silent, and say nothing.

    Xbots are children.

    They’ve taken Call of Duty DLC, Mass Effect timed exclusivity, and much more along with many years of boasting about having smoother running games…

    Yet, they don’t have Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, nor do they have The Last of Us.

    Xbox only has Halo and Gears.

    • XboxGamer33

      See the last part of your obvious fanboyish statement is why Xbox fans are so upset. Let’s be honest here, Bungie became a perennial developer because of the 55+ million copies of Halo sold on Xbox platforms. That is why so many feel betrayed as they do now. It’s much like Insomniac having to defend Sunset Overdrive because people were calling it an Infamous clone.. It’s on both sides right now, more so for Bungie because it’s like Naughty Dog becoming independent and then releasing TLoU 2 with exclusive content and early access to Xbox owners.. Tell me, how would you feel?

    • The Muffin Man

      Well, XboxGamer33 first of all, a TLoU 2 still wouldn’t be on Xbox since it’s owned by Sony not ND.

      Second of all, I wouldn’t feel upset. Because they would only be doing that for business and you should know that. Just like Bungie, they’re only doing this for business. IT’S ALL BUSINESS. These so called “Betrayed Xbox fans” need a reality slap/check and understand that this is…


      To calm things down, here’s a cat business gif:


    • XboxGamer33

      Hey I already know this is mainly Activision and Sony as Bungie is under their contract. However, you get what I’m saying. I personally am not upset as I get Destiny and Halo. Sure the 4 day beta sucks tbh, but whatever.

      Sure you wouldn’t be upset… But I can confidently say that there will be an uproar in the whole community.

    • The Muffin Man

      No doubt there would be an uproar, but my point is that it’s a common strategy from Sony and Microsoft, nothing new.

      Let’s take Insomniac for example. They have been developing classic games for Playstation since Spyro, now they’re making an exclusive for Xbox, why aren’t PS fan up-roaring?

    • XboxGamer33

      Well it is just a business in the end honestly. And they did, you should’ve seen Insomniacs twitter page the week after the unveil, however this is some articles I can find.

    • The Muffin Man

      Yeah but that fan-enragement ended quickly.

      See how long THESE enraged fans are dragging this Bungie-Sony thing? They’ve been petitioning and ranting to the devs for a really long time now. It’s almost like they won’t stop ’till they do something about it.

    • XboxGamer33

      It’s not like I’m the one going to the Bungie forum (even though I was a member since Halo 2 ;)) and ranting at Bungie. It’s all business, but the fact that it’s Bungie and that 80% of their forums are in fact Halo/Xbox gamers.. Obviously the majority will be louder than the minority.

    • d0x360

      Don’t bother arguing with them. This site in the last year has become a Sony fanboy dreamland because of n4g pushing them traffic. They are ignorant mindless trolls who care more about insulting other platforms than about games.

    • Not_true

      Pretty sure myself and “the muffin man” have a better grasp on facts and reality and you have no response but to fling feces and call names.

    • d0x360

      I really don’t care what you think. Grasp that.

    • Generalkidd

      I see where you’re coming from, but how would PS fans feel if Naughty Dog suddenly decided to make Xbox their lead development platform and releasing a ton of exclusive content for Xbox while PS4 gets a cheap, lazy copy and paste port of all their future games? Imagine the uproar if The Last of Us 2 or the next Uncharted game was 1080p 60 FPS on the Xbox One but only 900p 30 FPS on the PS4 because Naughty Dog decided the PS4 wasn’t worth their time anymore to make the game special. There would probably be riots in the streets.

    • Not_true

      All I see are a few tweets. Insomniac wasn’t that popular to begin with even when they were making PS exclusive games.

      Nothing like this massive reaction towards Destiny’s timed exclusive content.

    • Not_true

      Where’s this mass outrage at Insomniac making an Xbox exclusive game? Not seeing it.

      It would be great if Naughty Dog went multiplat, more gamers would enjoy their great games.

      Both consoles have good games it’s only fanboys trying to trash one or the other.

    • XboxGamer33

      Like I said farther down, Insomniacs twitter page was blowing up with questions on why it’s an exclusive with them having to reiterate themselves over and over. Also here is some articles on it

    • Not_true

      Considering the Sunset Overdrive PS4 “petition” has a total 159 signatures right now, I doubt PS gamers think it’s a big deal.

    • d0x360

      Insomniac? Insomniac never had the level of success that Bungie had. Resistance was a mediocre series. Ratchet and clank was good but it was due to creative weapons not original take design. Insomniac didn’t set any genre standards or define an entire generation of multiplayer. Bungie did.

    • Graf Ulrich 88

      Hey I have a question for you! Where were you when Peter Moore announced Xbox 360 was getting exclusive content (over 1 year) for GTA IV??? I don’t recall PS Owners crying their eyes out over this. I owned a Xbox and Xbox 360 before you did I guarantee (summer 2002 owner). I had number 9 on my acct (for 9 years of Xbox Live) and was a few months on getting a number 10. I didn’t renew my XBL acct because I was so tired of the adds and more adds, the Kinect crap shoved in my face with the horrid redesign of the XBL to Kinect friendly pages, the constant kids and teens yelling profanity when you would play any HALO, COD, BF games online (were you one of them?).
      I bought a PS3 in 2010 and have noticed that the community on PSN is more mature, respectful (for the most part), and a lot let profane. It was nice not having to hear all the profanity like I did on XBL. PS Owners are usually very respectful and not jerks like a lot the XBL community (or at least the kids and teens on there).
      Oh, and ND will never leave Sony because the are completely owned by Sony for the last 15 years or so.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      and don’t you forget it-nothing beats Halo on Xbox; no Xbox exclusive comes close to touching it except Gears and that’s about it.

    • d0x360

      That is an even more childish reaction than the fans being upset with bungie

    • Generalkidd

      Yes, Xbox does have timed exclusive DLC for game like Call of Duty. But do you know why they still complain with Destiny? Because PS4 gets time exclusive DLC for 1 YEAR. Xbox only gets call of duty DLC for 1 month. Likewise, PS4 gets battlefield DLC for 1 month as well. But 1 year timed exclusive DLC? That’s totally unheard of and unprecedented. If it was only one month DLC, then fine, so be it. But 1 year? That’s just ridiculous.

    • bardock5151

      Actually xbox gamers recognise what they don’t get but still want and make the noise to accompany, whereas Sony’s guy’s whinge for a bit, cant have it then slag the game anywhere they can. Disclaimer: Statement is based on personal opinion and referring to fanboys^ on both sides not gamers.

  • d0x360

    Fans being upset is understandable. Bungie was small time until halo came around and obviously before destiny their fanbase was Xbox Xbox Xbox.

    The problem is its not Bungie making the choice to put this content on PlayStation its Activision. Sony have them a bag of money and Activision who is funding the game said do this. Bungie has no choice.

    The way they are handling it is stupid. They should tell their fan base that there is an Activision agreement with Sony and be done with it.


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