Call of Duty 2016 Dev Hyping Up The Game, “The Push Is Real”

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call of duty 2016

This year’s Call of Duty game is being developed by Infinity Ward, and while their last game was the disappointing Ghosts (it was so bad it stalled the Call of Duty series’ momentum for a good two years, until Black Ops 3 came along and restored the series’ sales to the level that they used to be at), in general, anticipation and excitement for it is high- after all, the game is a follow up to Black Ops 3, which was widely well received, and it was in development for three years. How could it go wrong?

It also helps that Infinity Ward themselves are hyping the game up any chance they get. Speaking on Twitter, Infinity Ward’s production coordinator Candice Capen spoke about the upcoming Call of Duty game, leaving a tease that indicated a general level of excitement for the title (which is natural- she’s on the development team for the game, of course she’s excited about it), and also tantalizingly hinted at something new in the game via a wilily well placed ‘redacted.’ Gah. Although, judging by previous leaks, this probably refers to the game’s oft rumored space setting.

Call of Duty 2016 will probably be announced later this month, or in May, given that that is when new Call of Duty games have been announced over the last few years. It will also probably be shown off at E3 this year, possibly during Sony’s press conference.

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  • kee1haul


  • d0x360

    Black ops3 is worse than ghosts. What a horrible game that will do nothing but ensure the sales just fall again and the black ops series gets buried after #4.

    Everyone hates on advanced warfare but let’s be honest. Were it not for that game nobody would have bought black ops 3. That is the game that restored faith. I hadn’t bought a cod game in years until AW but I’ve played them all. I bought black ops 3 because I thought Activision had the series back on track. Clearly i was wrong.

    Its the last cod game I’ll ever buy. The campaign was….it was budget title level bad and the mp was just the same old crap again. No thanks.

    • Tony

      Dont bring me into this . Aw better than op3

    • Sara Roudebush

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  • Sat. Night Velocity

    Please be WW2 era…this futuristic crap is getting old…might as well rename it something other than CoD.

    • Ivan Johnson

      After a while WW2games were getting stale. Thats why they branched out. Dont want 20 WW2 games that all have same story, same guns same equipment.

  • Just A Guy

    Ghosts was bad. But AW has a lot to do with the series stalling for two years. That should tell the developers something about going futuristic.

    • Ivan Johnson

      Nahh ghost was the worse for me. I barely played.


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