Call of Duty: Ghosts Tech Demo Called Out for Sub D Technology

Claims are being made that Sub D is not optimized for use in games.

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A user on Reddit recently addressed Infinity Ward’s tech demo for the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, in which the developer stated that it was using Sub D technology for rendering high-polygon models.

According to the user, models created with Sub D use an aggressively high level of polygons which can’t be handled by current gen hardware in real-time. Even if they could be rendered, it would be a waste of resources. Considering the Call of Duty: Ghosts will be coming to the Xbox One and PS4, maybe the Sub D technology is only for next generation platforms (and PC)?

Of all people, an employee from Rare responded to the post stating that, “You certainly can use sub division surfaces in games. At Rare we implemented an engine using sub div surfaces for Perfect Dark Zero – back when we were creating the Gamecube engine, before it got X-Boxed. The reason we eventually went for View Independent Progressive Meshes, was because sub div surfaces destroyed your vertex cache.

“You had to generate new vertices and it destroyed any kind of coherency on your index cache (VIPMs also suffer the last unless platform supports invalid zero area triangles). I assume modern hardware has come a LONG way in this regard. It certain does NOT increase the number of polygons infinitesimally – instead it allows you to generate as many as you need (and can process) at the required level of detail.”

Infinity Ward has been the subject of controversy concerning the “new” engine for Ghosts, when it was revealed that it was only a heavily modified version of the engine that had been used in other Call of Duty games till date. The whole “realistic fish AI that swims away from you” bit didn’t help matters either. But it’s hard to deny that Sub D isn’t a new technology and thus, not worth such a big deal that Infinity Ward has made it out to be.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    It’s freaking crazy that Sub D has such a huge toll on gaming compared to film animation. Can’t imagine how much more work IW is doing just to take advantage of next gen and high end PC hardware using Sub D and still make it run smooth without frame drops or crashes. Still impressive how they’re applying yhe technology though to enhance the experience. I also find it rather interesting how the Gamecube would’ve been able to handle this tech even though consoles and PCs weren’t so advanced back then and the fact that Gamecube already had lotta issues. Even more interesting how going off what the Rare employee said, Gamecube would’ve been able to handle Sub D better than Xbox regardless that Xbox was way closer to a PC than any other console back in the day. After reading this I blame Microsoft for buying out Rare from Nintendo and leaving Nintendo to gather dust with Gamecube when Rare would’ve made Gamecube THE console to play. Instead Rare ended doing garbage games they were forced to do by Microsoft so Nintendo could fall behind and Microsoft could catch up, thinking they would permanently wipe out Nintendo. Now we will never get a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day! No wonder Chris Seavor, official voice of Conker, left Rare. Not being a fanboy right now, I’m just making a point, for those who have been paying attention to what’s been going on with Nintendo at the moment, you will understand what I mean. Hopefully someday Chris Seavor goes back to developing for Nintendo or consoles in general and gives us the Conker sequel we deserve, cuz I know many other gamers would like that to become a reality. It’s all juat disappointing how Nintendo fell apart after Rare left; someone get me a time machine so Rare never works for Microsoft and tarnishes their reputation please.

    • Will

      For that you gotta blame Nintendo as well, they sold Rare to Microsoft, it’s not as if Nintendo were victims, they knew what they were doing all this long.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Oh..I thought it was a total buyout where Nintendo had no choice or something but to hand over Rare since Microsoft paid lotta money or least that’s what I heard. I know Rare didn’t wanna leave Nintendo but still can’t believe Nintendo would just give them up like that, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since they were a lot stricter about their policies than they are today. After all the great games Rare gave Nintendo, they just let them go. I guess after Conker’s Bad Fur Day Nintendo got tired of them making mature games that didn’t sell well to Nintendo’s standards and weren’t family centric so they sold Rare to Microsoft who didn’t give two shits about that back then. Ashame though: wonder if Nintendo would have been better off today if Rare was still with them. Btw, why did people praise Conker’s Bad Fur Day so much? I wasn’t old enough to play then but just saw some the Director Commemtary from Chris Seavor on YouTube and it looked like fun.

  • Shango Thomas

    U think sub d is easier in games when you use it as a form of tessellation and yes I’m sure it can get infinite cause its just an algorithm of dividing and I don’t think every new division has to be in memory


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