Capcom Justifies Resident Evil 7’s First Person View, Offers ‘Highest Level of Immersion’

Horror games do work best in first person after all.

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Resident Evil 7 will be the very first game in the series to use a first person point of view, eschewing the various spins on third person cameras and movement that Capcom have traditionally gone for with the survival horror series. And speaking to GamingBolt in an interview, Series Producer Masachika Kawata explained that the reason for doing this was to enhance immersion and not to make the game difficult.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it the most difficult Resident Evil game,” Kawata said. “What I will say is I think it is the best camera to offer the highest level of immersion in a survival – horror environment. I think that despite the camera perspective changes, long time fans when they pick up the title they’ll realize that there are elements of familiarity there.”

I do agree with him- immersion is paramount to a survival horror game, and nothing is as immersive as a first person camera done right. Here’s hoping Capcom do it right, and sidestep some of the most common problems associated with them.

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  • BioDevil_Dom

    It’s not the first game in the series that’s in 1st person. Other side titles have come out years prior to 7 so it’s not new. Also in regards to the topic at hand, I heavily disagree with Kawata. By the logic he’s going with games like Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 2 are not immersive because of the perspective they’re played in. To say that 1st Person makes a game more immersive is just misleading. There’s also just the fact that having things that are familiar to a franchise does not make a game good because if that’s the case remind me how Operation Raccoon City & Resident Evil 6 turned out.

    • Limit Break

      Now I’m nervous for RE2 Remake.

    • Nicholebmontgomery

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    • BioDevil_Dom

      I was too at one point but then I realized something very vital. Kawata is not involved with the Resident Evil 2 remake however the teams that worked on Resident Evil Remake HD and Resident Evil 0 HD are. Not to mention some of the devs that worked on the remaster for 0 worked on Resident Evil 0 when it was initially being developed. I believe that Capcom is going to pull as Devil May Cry (where Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition out sold DmC Definitive Edition and was the reason why the company got out of financial troubles) situation on us where we have 7 with a new style and then Resident Evil 2 Remake with the more traditional style competing for sales. So for now I’m not so worried until we actually see something related to the game.

    • Limit Break

      I recently discovered good ol’ 420 for myself, so I am far more optimistic then before, but still… it IS CAPCOM we are talking about here… The guys are EXCLUSIVELY about trends these days and trying to play it safe. And not in a “hey, let’s try that thing people loved back in the day, but just make it prettier, surely they’ll love it”, more like “hey, let’s try that thing people THINK they loved back in the day, but change it enough for it to lose enough of it’s own personality for new kids to not feel restricted.”
      DmC is one such game, not to mention Dead Rising 4, which I, even with my newfound optimism, find absolute watered-down trash ESPECIALLY after finally beating the first game on my PC:

      On Devil May Cry’s note… I feel so alone, man… It has been more then 8 years since 4… I just want home, dude… I missing them old characters, old styles, old Resident Evil-like traditional backtracking and somewhat simplistic puzzles… The silly wit, the absurd humour, the REALLY badass cutscenes, the sould-crushingly devious bosses… Please, hug, me, man, I am a 24 year old and I don’t know what to do anymore… I am waiting each E3 and each TGS and I am realizing I am getting older… Goddamit I am legitimately sad, I can’t even get angry anymore, I am just sitting here after my surgery thinking about either I should or should not boot up DMC4 SE again and hoping it won’t make me feel even more sad… Please, send help, I am dying over here. I already beat Bayonetta 1 like three times, Revengence for over five times, but nothing really helps…

    • Jai

      “By the logic he’s going with games like Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 2
      are not immersive because of the perspective they’re played in.”

      Actually, no, because that’s not what he said.

      He didn’t say only first person games can be immersive and any game that isn’t is not immersive.

      He said that the first person perspective is MORE immersive than any other. And he’s right. You don’t have to be a rocket-surgeon to work that one out; seeing what the character sees will always put you in their shoes than seeing your character from the outside looking in. That’s just a basic common sense fact.

  • Limit Break

    If you think you NEED First-Person perspective to be immersive you are basically justifying the entire genre of survival horror to become one and the same thing over and over and over again, as well as basically making an argument that old survival horror games are not immersive enough, because they are not First-Person…
    Diversion, variety, more different, unique stuff, gaming industry. Please, stop being one and the same thing over and over – we have been eating First-Person perspective horror games since at least Slender. I have nothing against this genre, let it exist, but please stop this madness of making EVERYTHING into a First-Person horror game… I am seriously no longer interested in anything horror because of it being basically ALL the same thing ALL the time, constantly.
    Alien Isolation was the last First-Person horror game I tried to play and while it was not a bad game at all I just could not MAKE myself clear it. I got bored beyond belief of the same controls, of the same perspective, of the same one-hit-kill mindset…
    Why are you so afraid of making a real fixed camera third-person survival horror game for once ? It was so cinematic, so immersive in itself. I really want to appreciate horror games more, but I am just unable to anymore, gaming industry… The last horror game I actually cleared mulptiple times was The Evil Within. It was not perfect, not at all, but it was stupid how much I enjoyed it and how much it made me tense and unnerved without First-Personing everything up.

  • Jai

    I don’t get what all these so-called ‘fans’ are whining about. They seem to forget the series changed its type of ‘camera’ once already. It’s like everyone’s forgotten what Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 even WERE, and think instead that the series started with Resident Evil 4 onwards.

    If the series can radically change its camera type once and everyone accepts it then I don’t see why it can’t again – barring knee-jerk, pretentious fanboy/girlism.

    And while this new Resident Evil still doesn’t really resemble the original trilogy, it looks a damn sight closer to it than the ‘Gears of Evil’ action shooters we’ve been subjected to over the last 10 years.

    Ok, so it’s a crazy family instead of zombies……….I’ll take that over Plagas/Uruburous/Giant-Insect-Businessmen any day of the week…..0o

    • BioDevil_Dom

      I don’t get why people defend Capcom after the numerous things they’ve done and said over the last over the last few years. It’s almost like fanboys are calling others fanboys for not buying into what Capcom throws out.

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