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Saying PS4 is “More Powerful” Than Xbox One Or Vice Versa Is Really Misrepresenting How Games Work

It's not as simple as comparing technical numbers according to No Goblin's co-founder Dan Teasdale.

Halo 5 Guardian: Art Director’s Artwork Shows Beautiful Vision of Sci-Fi Action

A talented artist with a stylish take on the future.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Fix For Multiplayer Issues Due To Latest Patch

A little trick might help players who are facing issues.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster May Launch After Mass Effect 4

Not a confirmation but developer outlines some nice to haves in a possible Mass Effect remastered.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Importance of Multilingual Soldiers Explained

Kojima addresses the matter of multinational language barriers

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Latest Patch Resolves Connectivity Issues

Some fixes are rolling out, be at peace.

Final Fantasy 15: Demo To Last Between 1 To 4 Hours

A one to four hour demo is pretty hefty

Destiny Servers Are Being DDOS’ed, Facing Connection Issues

Lizard Squad have taken responsibility for the attack.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: Here’s A Temporary Workaround For Crashes

Just a temporary one though, we still don't have a real solution yet.

Frame Rate Issues Reported for Destiny on Xbox One

No permanent fix yet either.

Planetside 2 Dev Confirms PS4 CPU Is A Bottleneck

But they are still aiming for 60FPS.

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Launches WITHOUT Any Issues

In an incredible twist, Nintendo manages to provide the best online experience of the year.

Xbox One and PS4 are Outpacing Xbox 360 and PS3 Sales So Far According to GameStop

That sounds impressive, and it is, but...

Elite: Dangerous Developer Re-Asseses Its Refund Policy In Wake of Complaints

Yesterday, we reported that right ahead of the launch of the game, developers Frontier had dropped the sin... Read More

Batman: Arkham Knight Appearing at Video Game Awards?

A short tease seems to indicate as much.

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