Cerny on PS4 Supporting 4K Resolution: “We’re Still in the Initial Stages”

Cerny explains why Sony is focusing on just providing Full HD gaming (for now).

Posted By | On 30th, Mar. 2013 Under News

PlayStation 4 system architech Mark Cerny recently spoke to the Japanese press about a variety of things related to the console, most of it technical. This includes the popular topic of 4K resolution gaming and whether the PS4’s games would feature the same.

Cerny was a little reserved when answering, stating that, “Personally, I’m very interested in 4K.

“We’re still in the initial stages of supporting 4Kx2K in games. Our focus is to provide for a solid Full HD experience. We can secure the display buffer for Game and OS separately, and can provide for independent scaling of both as well. (Regarding 4K) We can provide an extremely smooth user interface.

“If we consider purely memory bandwidth, with 4K, securing 2 displays worth of display buffer requires 10GB/sec. That just for simply displaying. This is our simple answer for why we’re focusing on just the Full HD experience.”

The long and short is that even before people start investing in Ultra HD displays, there’s a lot that needs to accomplished on the back end too. So wait, watch and be patient essentially.

(As reported by NeoGAF)

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  • 4K Gaming? Not necessary. To be honest, 720p@60fps will be more than enough for most gamers. That’s just fine. Till 4k screens drop in price, I can’t see there being any point in 4k in gaming anyway. For video purists certainly. Get you 4k freak on with your 4k bluray discs, but leave gaming out of it.

    • Jason Jenkins

      1080p@60fps or higher is awesome. I’m not caring for 4K. Full HD is enough and very clear

  • jake

    4K will be too expensive for most of us and if games have it they’ll look bad on our 1920×1080 screens… (remote play wud suck too)
    better to stay simple

  • Douche McTimber

    Not only is 4K overly expensive, it’s complete BULLSHIT as the ideal resolution for viewing distance has already been achieved with 1080p in over 90% of the world’s homes.
    GFY Cerny trying to push another useless technology.

  • TREY

    I’m sorry but Mark Cerny doesn’t know anything about hardware, The PS4 is not capable of playing ANY game in 2K resolution the graphic card within the PS4 is a 7790…. 7790 can barely do 1080P 30fps… barely 2K resolution? no I call bull shit & I know hardware I’m a IT Technician.


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