Check Out Over 30 Minutes of DriveClub Gameplay Footage, Showcases Menu, Car List, Customization

From the beta version.

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Youtube user DarkAlextesteur (Dark_Alex) has uploaded over 30 minutes of gameplay footage from the PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub. The footage is not from the final retail version but is from the beta version of the game.

As expected, the gameplay video gives us a glimpse of what to expect from Evolution Studio’s racer. The video takes an in-depth look at the menu system, the various customization options available and the car roster. The video also takes a look at that club system and the progression screen.

The game recently went gold which means the retail discs are probably being manufactured right now. DriveClub will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 next month. For more on the game check out our hub page of the game here or read our interview with Evolution Studios here.

Stay tuned for more news and update and let us know your thoughts in the comments sections below.

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  • Guest

    Looking bland and poor in the content department. MEH!

    • Starman

      TY and the “AI” looks horrible

    • demfax

      Driveclub got great impressions at E3 2014, it’s like a next-gen PGR with connected social features and club competition. Most E3 2014 impressions state it plays well and looks great.

      Driveclub is channeling Project Gotham Racing, one of Xbox’s most beloved arcade racers. Those games didn’t have any customization beyond paint jobs and you know what? They were still amazing. It’s an arcade racer, different from sim racers, it doesn’t necessarily need fine tuning customizations. Not inherently better or worse.

      Closed and open world racers are different experiences, not inherently better or worse than one another.

      Weather is confirmed free in a patch soon after launch. It was demoed in-game to journalists at E3 2014 and demoed at Gamescom 2014, it’s basically finished.

      Framerate is confirmed locked at 30 and the game engine updates faster than the framerate for better controller response.

      The PS+ Version of Driveclub includes all game modes, the Platinum trophy, online play, 11 tracks, and 10 cars. It’s being offered free to PS+ users at launch. It’s more than “a demo”. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, manager Fred Dutton confirmed “DriveClub will be in addition to your regular PlayStation Plus allocation,” he elaborated in response to a fan.

      Driveclub PS+ Edition doesn’t take up a slot on October 2014 PS+ games, you still get two free PS4 games in addition to Driveclub.

      The PS+ Version of Driveclub includes all game modes, the Platinum trophy, online play, 11 tracks, and 10 cars. It’s being offered free to PS+ users at launch. It has far more features than a demo.

      Nobody is offering full retail AAA games on PS+ at launch. Is anyone else offering anything remotely approaching Driveclub PS+ Edition, basically giving away a good portion of the game? No, it’s unprecedented for an AAA retail game and a good thing.

      Driveclub beta tester impressions:

      “Gameplay really is fantastic. I’ve played a lot of racing games. From Burnout, PGR, Need For Speed series, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, Forza (though not the Horizon series) and more. The car handling feels semi realistic, so a mix or realism and PGR style arcade, though I think it leans more towards realism. Plenty of content/events/challenges.

      Graphically it is the best racing game I’ve played (haven’t played PC racing games). At first I didn’t think it looked that great, but then you keep racing and it just hits you. It’s stunning, and just feels so rich. The environments just feel like they’ve had so much attention and it really brings the races to life. I haven’t really experienced this before, it’s just very dense. Motion blur is really well implemented, it doesn’t feel distracting at all.”

    • MrSec84 .

      There’s nothing bland about this game, it looks amazing, easily the best looking racer on consoles to date.
      The game may not feature a huge roster of cars, but they’re all actually different from each other, with accurate physics and handling.
      No other racer on consoles has the attention to detail that this game has.

      55 tracks is more than GT6 or Forza 5 and the game is packed with events, so it’s hardly lacking in content.
      The weather, with rain, sleet, hail, snow, mud, ice and the lighting effect are the most realistic in any console racer too date too.
      All of that is dynamic, nothing’s baked in, which means no two races will ever be the same.

    • otherZinc


      It doesn’t have weather at launch.
      And, this was the most boring racing video ever!

    • MrSec84 .

      It’s available to download shortly after launch.
      In your opinion, I don’t agree though.

    • bardock5151

      So GT and FM5 don’t have cars that drive different to each other? DC doesn’t come close to a sim’s physics, attention to detail isn’t more polygons, overall for a track racer FM5 still wins, content physics, laser mapped tracks, accurately reproduced cars with all the little nuances and lots of all of it.
      The game has at release nothing to make I stand out aside from being pretty, after that the weather comes in and is different from other closed track racer’s but because its not here on release in foreseeing downgrade.

    • Michael Norris


  • Gaikai

    This is going to be the racing games of the year for sure!

  • Mark

    If any of u guys have only have 1 console, then why bother arguing about what’s better? Play ur game on that system and forget what people (mainly instigators) say. Have mad fun. Also, we mustn’t forget, we’ll all be playing the same big games mostly anyway. Boo hoo. Lol


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