Cliiffy B tags PC gamers “grumpy” for not getting Bulletstorm Demo

Posted By | On 17th, Jan. 2011 Under News

A demo for People Can Fly’s upcoming shooter has been confirmed.

However, it’ll only be releasing for Xbox 360 and PS3 on Jan 25 and Epic’s stated that it has “no plans” of releasing it for PC.

Epic’s Dev boss, Cliff Bleszinski has a unique take on the situation. He states that PC gamers who are unhappy about this as being “grumpy”

He tweeted this:

“BULLETSTORM DEMO COMING TO 360/PS3 JANUARY 25th. In other news, PC gamers are grumpy about this.”

Well, we hope Cliff was not expecting PC gamers to fall over each other when they came to know that a demo won’t be releasing for PC.

I mean, seriously? What do you expect those poor guys to feel like?

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  • Well I want to know if the game is shit or not before buying. Simple as that.

  • Tom

    This is the first time I wish I had a Twitter.
    @therealcliffyb F U

  • Seriously, what is this dumb-ass thinking? “Oh hey, I’ll treat one of my audiences for my game like a bunch of third worlds peasants looking for scraps.”

    PC players are paying for the same product but this guy can’t do a demo for it because he’s a sell out to consoles, period. It’s like he’s personally crapping on the face of anyone that enjoyed his pc games(when he actually cared about the PC).

  • Cliffy is kinda cool, his humor really is only geard towards high school kids. I would think he would grow up at some point in his life. I used to follow him on Twitter and he can be real annoying. He is famous however, most of his fame is form 12-17 yr olds.

  • Lol, oh the irony, Epic Games makes their fame on PC then craps all over it constantly.


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