CoD: Black Ops gets more than 10 minutes of insane Zombie footage?

Posted By | On 22nd, Oct. 2010 Under News

Is this the first ever live Zombie footage from Activision’s latest? Well, looks like it however we can’t confirm that it is, expecially since the location looks eerily familiar to COD 5.

But you never know, what do you guys think?

Black Ops releases on Nov 9 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

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  • It’s COD 5, you can see the Nazi flags.

    • *cough* NAZI ZOMBIES *cough*


  • thats black ops dude. look at the map is new and plus the zombies move different

  • Ther is no mp40 in blackops, ther is no desert egale, all the der riese charactors are dead. The zombies are no longer nazis. Good effort though i would enjoy playing this map

    • Ok I have black ops and there are 3 zombie maps one is a arcade zombie map just there for lolz the other too are proper ones. One is called kino der uten which has all the same shit a waw but new weapons and has the same carracters but some new stuff to and u can find old weapons in the map like the mp40 and the other is five which is a zombie map in the pentegon and u play as jfk nixon and castro no sure who is the last person but I haven’t unlocked the map yet so I don’t know wat I can say about but I imagine ti to be the same but not nazis

  • Why would Activision delete the videos being posted about Nazi Zombies ? Copyrights! This is the real deal guys.

  • Another great of your great journalism skills – Thanks for sharing (not)

  • Thats clearly black ops… map is different, pistol is different, hud is different. Anyone who thinks this is w@w needs their glasses checked

  • its obviously not waw….

    Its on xbl, look where they start at the map. Its in none of the waw zombie maps.

    And this video has been taken down by activision hundreds of times this past week. And when this video was uploaded on sunday, it was taken down within 30 minutes.


  • It was taken down



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