Crackdown 3: New Video Details The Power of Cloud, Gameplay And Destruction

Dave Jones from Reagent Games details some of the game’s features.

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Crackdown 3 was by far the best game at Microsoft’s stunning Gamescom press conference. Featuring destructible environments, Reagent Games plans to deliver a new and unique experience for Xbox One owners. Crackdown 3 is essentially the first game on the Xbox One that will utilize Microsoft’s cloud services to improve performance and add enhanced effects such as destruction.

In an interview published by Xbox’s official channel, Dave Jones from Reagent Games details how they are using the power of the cloud to push the game to an all new level. He also talks a bit about how destruction will affect gameplay and how it will be a different experience everytime the player plays the game.

Crackdown 3 will launch exclusively on Xbox One in 2016. What are your thoughts on this new game? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • HAppY_KrAToS

    It reminds me when the french #1 microsoft guy told people and the TV reporter that, when connected to Internet, the xbox one becomes 3 times more powerful.

    Damn, almost 24 full months later, dozens of 900-720p 1st party games (killer instinct, sunset overdrive, titan fall, etc), tens and tens of 3rd party pooor-ts at only 900p and lower, with the few games that do full hd being poorly cpu demanding, like fifas, with a simple pitch shader repeated 1000x, and 22 small characters with ultra low LOD…, or 5 years Dev forza 5 and its gigantic forzed downgrade, to reach the full hd mark…

    Ps4 mgs pp version is displaying 60% more pixels. And surely, textures, shaders, effects, lights, with kojima obsession for details, we can be sure he will max out the ps4, and his fox engine will move tons of calculations from the cpu to the gpu , and will use the 64 command paths and all the other custom made ps4 components. Not only the resolution is higher, but we should expect much better textures, etc.

    24 huge long months,
    And people still believe in that cloud BS. Over clocked gpu. Magic secret sauces.

    If Microsoft said crackdown physics in the cloud uses the power of 150 xbox ones, fans would believe it.

    Can’t wait to see the 1st x1 game that will use dx12. So people can finally /once again see that those ms announcements, special sauces, etc, nothing will magically make the x1 2x more powerful.

    Xbox fans, be happy, and enjoy your Feb 2016 announcement, for the release of the xbox TWO, by November 2016.

    Remember the 1st xbox? Because MS wasn’t #1, they quickly ditched it, 3 years after launch.
    Because the ps4 will be here at least until 2018, NO WAY Microsoft will spend 5 years, losing their fan base, seeing their games being released with much lower specs, and being 2-1 or 3-1 in sales.

    NO WAY. They spent 2.5B$ on minecraft , they could easily design, prototype a new console with less money. No way they will be happy with the #2 position. Specially, many xbox fans even moved to the ps4. They can’t let it happen.

    The x1 was supposed to be a 720p-900p native console, and have their per-frame Scaler upscale it to 1080p, and that was perfect, along the 32mb of esram.

    But because Sony moved from 4 to 8gb at the last moment even ultra close studios like guerrilla games weren’t aware of, suddenly, the ps4 could do native 1080p.

    and those 32mb of esram that were enough until then, had became too little, for a native 1080p work.

    THAT explains why even 1st party can hardly reach 900p, let alone 1080p.

    The new xbox console will be available next year, I can bet anything it will happen.
    even at the same manufacturing costs, the new console will be, at least, 4-5 times more powerful than the ps4 (normal, the ps4 was made with 2012-2013 components , in mind).
    There is a potential market of 10-15 million Nintendo fans that haven’t bought a ps4 or x1, and are waiting for a big new gadget to play with. As we know Nintendo, they will use cheap 2010 hardware, and the NX will be just as powerful as a maxed out ps4. Microsoft could grab those gamers, with the xbox 2.

    tl;dr people, stop believing in special sauces and other BS about the x1. Nothing will change it.
    deal with it!
    Time to dream of that new gears game, on the xbox 2 , in just 15 months.

  • d0x360

    But the cloud is fake and we all know it

    • Orion Wolf

      Not to forget the “Sony would do a much better job if it was their tech”

    • d0x360

      So true lol

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