Crackdown 3’s Cloud Based Destruction Enhancement Detailed, Was Extremely Challenging To Achieve

No prizes for guessing: It was damn hard to achieve cloud assisted destruction in Crackdown 3.

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The cloud technology that is powering the multiplayer mode in Crackdown 3 is surely impressive, and may some day be the future of gaming- but as effortless as it makes everything seem, it’s actually fairly hard to achieve on the backend. Just how hard? Pretty damn hard, since the entire paradigm for computing has shifted.

In an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, Maurizio Sciglio, the CEO of Cloudgine, the company that is providing the cloud tech powering Crackdown, explained just how the process works.

“Traditionally, games are held back by the amount of compute power available on the host device. This means that important and computationally-intensive components — such as physics, animation, AI or even graphics — are constrained to fit within a limited resource budget,” he said.“Our platform, however, effectively removes this limitation and seamlessly provides additional compute power as needed, by tapping the resources from a cloud computing infrastructure such as Microsoft Cloud. Crackdown 3’s Gamescom demo shows this model applied to physics in action. Or perhaps I should say, “in destruction,”” he added, laughing.

But Sciglio is aware of the limitations of this technology, particularly in a real world context, especially given that the scale and ambition of the cloud processing in Crackdown is far beyond anything attempted before- including previous Xbox One games like Forza and TItanfall.

“With Crackdown 3, we focused on the hardest problem first: the distribution of a very complex physics simulation,” Sciglio said.“Physics distribution comes with a long list of challenges: How to split the cost of a single physics simulation across multiple servers? How to minimize the inevitable latency introduced by the distribution? How to scale the system to use compute power on demand? And more importantly — once we solved the problem of simulating a huge number of physical objects in our cloud platform, how to send their state to an Xbox One through a reasonably low bandwidth (2Mbps – 4Mbps) internet connection?”

How, indeed. Something tells me they found an answer to that problem- they had to have, or the project would not have proceeded. As to what their answer is- well, I hope to find that out once the game launches.

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  • Cenk Algu

    This is real next gen;)

  • Psionicinversion

    Microsoft powering real Nextgen advancements… MS is the best, nuff said

  • archfiendx

    I’m not impressed at all by what was shown so far and I know this guy is spitting out marketing bs. They will need to show why someone needs the internet to achieve what an arguably better looking games like Just Cause 3 is doing without internet.

    • Psionicinversion

      crackdown 3 is far more complex than just cause 3 in its destruction

    • archfiendx

      Whatever you say Aaron Greenburg.

      I’m sorry but Crackdown 3 looks like -ss and the destruction doesn’t look any better or more fun than Just Cause 3.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah it does, ive seen gameplay vid from just cause 3 with its destruction and its pretty simple compared to crackdown

    • ShowanW

      damage in just cause 3 does look good…no doubt.
      but like other games, it just eventually disappears and regenerates afterward…

      damage in crackdown is permanent (for that gaming session at least) and broken objects can be interacted with

      major differences

    • GHz

      Next Gen Starts when XB1 delivers it. Get over it! No amount of hateful barking & rhetoric from you will change that fact. MSFT engineers told us in 2013 that with XBLCloud, the XB1 will be more powerful. Well guess what? So go head, live in your fantasy world all you want. 2016 XB1 gamers will be playing Crackdown 3 while you’re in a dark hole somewhere believing your own BS.. 😉

    • andy

      And yet 1 year and a half on Xbone still doesn’t have a game that comes even a shred close to the insane detail AND resolution of a game like Infamous Second Son on PS4. You feel free to let me know when Xbone gets close to that game visually.
      And no amount of falling PS2 looking skyscrapers is going to change that lol. Feel free to keep using the “you’ll see” card like the last 2 years though.
      Overhyping Crackdown 3 is a silly as overhyping Halo 5, the game made by that unproven studio that has done nothing but disappoint to this day.

    • GHz

      You’re entitled to your opinion. Ge at me when the PS4 start winning SIGRAPH best graphics in a video game awards like the XB1. 😉

    • Tech junkie

      Yet you are impressed with PS4 graphics. Sounds like bias fanboy to me.

  • GHz

    Well I believe what will finally separate this gen from last gen is scale. This gen will be all about going big on everything. More NPCs, bigger more extravagant FX, destruction, lighting etc. 😀

    I hope Crackdown gets it right, because it will mean a lot to other devs. XB1 is always showing the way in what matters cause 1080p is not NextGen. That problem was solved a loooong time ago on PC. The next big problem to solve was scale and thanks to games like Crackdown on XB1, that wont be an issue anymore either. 😉

    • dapaintrain

      No, devs make games for money so only first party studios will use the cloud stuff companies like rockstar and ea want money from all consoles at the same time so putting extra effort into a game is pointless

    • Tech junkie

      Ea is already using the Microsoft cloud for Titanfall. Thanks for coming out though.

    • andy

      What exclusive games on Xbone so far that can’t achieve 1080p have proved anything that the console is pushing some sort of next gen level of animations/technical/artistic aspects? Sunset Overdrive? That is pretty much the only major exclusive game on the console the last 12 months and it was nothing mind blowing looking.

    • GHz

      So a DX11 enabled XB1 is how you want to measure the ability of the console. Go right ahead. It still won best graphics and other awards the PS4 couldn’t. Why? Simple. The XB1 exists. So while in the end we are all subjective in regards to what looks great, experts who innovate on the tech you’re trying to argue about, chooses XB1 games showing off real innovations. Done!

      When the PS4 start winning SIGRAPH best graphics in a video awards let me know. You can keep your brand of PS4 1080p. You’ll need especially starting next year and then on. Your ignorance is your bliss.

  • andy

    Game looks no way next gen, is incredibly unlikely to run at 1080p like most Xbone games and was STILL “extremely challenging to achieve”? Oh dear god.

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