Crytek Defends Against Claims That Ryse Is ‘Nothing But A Series of QTE’s’

Producer Mike Read also talks about the game’s original direction for Xbox 360.

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Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, you have to admit that Crytek has had its work cut out for it ever since it first revealed Ryse: Son of Rome for the Xbox One at this year’s E3. One of the key concerns for the game has been that it relies too much on quick time events or QTEs in place of actual combat. While these same commands can be used to call troops to your aid, there has been a worry that the basic combat has been all flash.

However, speaking to producer Mike Read, this is most definitely not the case. “What we showed at E3 was a small slice of what we had planned to deliver for the final game. Unfortunately, we had to make a series of cuts to the demo to make it a more enjoyable and polished experience for both the visuals and the gameplay.

“After E3, we took note of the response to it and felt that we could have done a better job in explaining where we were going with the combat systems. We feel that coming into Gamescom last month helped to dispel some of the negative views people had on what we presented with regards the ‘game playing itself’ or being ‘nothing but a series of QTE’s”.

We also quizzed Read on how Ryse was supposed to work out on the Xbox 360, especially since Kinect isn’t as major a component on the current-gen console as it is on the Xbox One (though recent developments now allow Kinect to be disabled on the latter as well). Read replied that, “The game you see now is very different than what we showed some years ago as a purely Kinect-based title. There were a series of prototypes that were put together and the version that we are showing now is what ultimately ended up as the winning idea in the end. The option for Kinect integration is ultimately left up to the developer as to how far they want to take it.

“We experimented with a series of things including things like hand gestures as a method of control. At the end of the day we found that things like this took away from the player experience we were trying to deliver. That’s not to downplay the Kinect at all. It’s a very powerful device and with the standard inclusion of this with the Xbox One it will be interesting to see what kind of things developers will be able to pull out of it in the years to come.”

Ryse: Son of Rome is currently scheduled to launch with the Xbox One when the console releases on November 22nd across 13 territories.

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  • joe

    Crytek must really be regretting signing that exclusive contract with microsoft now. Only 70,000 preorders for Ryse in the US, ouch.

    • Jon Christiana

      Not like the massive 49,000 pre orders knack has on the ps4

    • Sebastian Garcia

      Knack is not even getting the same publicity as Ryse is tho Knack is Sony’s 3rd best exclusive release game while Ryse is Xbox 1 2nd best

    • dieger

      true and unlike ryse knack is a kid game which always tend to sell low unless its pokemon or mario

    • Matt

      Those 2 games have a larger following of adults… It’s all about COD, Halo, GTA, etc even for kids. It all comes down to the restrictions the parents set…

      I remember being in 8th grade and everyone was talking about Conkers Bad Fur Day…

    • Matt

      Whats #1 for the Xbone?

      From all the press I thought it was Ryse…

    • Sebastian Garcia



      And that is it…… Nothing else to tempt anyone into untethered territories….. A racing game….

      Sorry to say that Microlo$t has “lost” their vote from me according to their feeble attempts at an E3 launch/linup….

      It is arguably one of the most sorry excuses for a system launch in history. Even the devs have been talking down the architecture that is XBONE and this is coming from Tier one/first party DEV’s!!!!!

      this isn’t a fanboy ploy….. simply shouting out the obviousness that is lackluster hardware in an overwhelmed space like Microlo$t placed it……

    • Daniel Jassé

      if you are so happy with your ps4 line up why come to this story to trash talk the xbox its pathetic, the ps4 has more powerful hardware thats it! raw numbers do not equal a better platform.

    • John

      You are right, the games do! And Sony has and WILL have the best exclusives. Better console, better games – its a no brainer which to go for! Just for games like Uncharted and LOU is more than enough justification for the Sony console.

    • watcher278

      That’s ok Knack only has 1/20th the budget of Ryse..

    • Truthbot

      Let’s compare apples to apples, Killzone has 240k preorders. Knack is a family game.

    • RandomWebSurfer

      Well put. Although I do want both consoles to succeed, because without competition inovation would be lacking. Even though right now it might seem as though PS4 is everyone’s buy, but in my opinion both consoles will have an equal number of great exclusive, which I’ll probably end up getting both anyways haha.

  • Wanderlei

    Sony Black PR


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