Crytek Explains Why They Are Not Bringing Ryse Son of Rome To PS4

Senior Producer at Crytek, Brian Chambers comments on the lack of PS4 version of Ryse.

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ryse son of rome pc

Last month Crytek confirmed that Ryse Son of Rome will be coming to gaming PCs with improved graphical effects such as 4K support, high resolution textures and shadow effects. The decision to bring Ryse to PC is pretty interesting to us. Crytek has suffered from  layoffs in the last few months and obviously they would want to recover some of the money back.

So launching Ryse on PS4, a console that has sold over 10 million units and is leading the new console cycle, would have made more sense. Crytek’s boss Cevat Yerli himself stated that they are not happy with the sales figure of  Xbox One. Ryse is Crytek’s IP, so why is the developer not bringing the game to the PlayStation 4? We raised this point in our interview with  Senior Producer at Crytek, Brian Chambers.

“The game’s arrival on PC is a direct response to interest from gamers. The PC community, as well as Crytek fans reached out to us and asked for it. We also feel the growing public appetite for 4K experiences makes this the perfect moment to bring it to PC.”

“The decision to bring RYSE to PC was logical to us, not only did it allow us to respond directly to our fans, it was an opportunity for us to show off an aspect of what CRYENGINE is capable of. The PS4 has gained a large user base in a short time and CRYTEK will develop titles for it the near future, such as HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Currently there is no announcement regarding RYSE coming to PS4.”

We will have more coverage on the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome in the coming days. For further reading check out our Xbox One review of the game or read everything related to Ryse over here.

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  • in other words we have an exclusive deal with microsoft for another few months and cant talk about it.

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    • spideynut71

      Nice retort, PSaise1963….

    • bigevilworldwide

      Maybe they don’t like money…..They should have known to begin with it wasn’t going to sell well on the Shooty brah box…..It will probably be announced the same time capcom announces Dead Rising Ultimate edition for PS4….

    • bardock5151

      Yeah because only shooters are on Xbox. Just like all the indies are on Playstation. Its f#ckin sad you guys want Xbox games so much but are too stupid to actually buy the console you really want.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      How is that sad, there are some decent games but the console itself is a massive piece of garbage, put those games out on a better console and we’ll buy them.

    • bardock5151

      You do realize the ps4 is in reality marginally more powerful right. Features, ease of use, a better OS and more all make it better than the ps4 in functionality. I suppose its about time Sony fanboys had bragging rite’s even on something like marginal performance benefits. Yay for you lol.

    • demfax

      PS4’s functionality seems to be acceptable to most consumers considering sales.

    • bardock5151

      Acceptable yes, at Xbox’s level no. Even the exclusives from Sony this year are mostly no show or half show just like those features promised still yet to pan out unlike Microsoft who has delivered and more.

    • demfax

      PS4 has more exclusives not on Xbox this year, most with good reviews on metacritic. Other than The Order no 1st party retail games were delayed into 2015. You’re wrong and lying about “mostly no show of half show”.

      PS4 already has plenty of features, most of the things they announced are coming in firmware 2.0 this year.

      Most consumers don’t care about the features you’re talking about, and you’re making things up about PS4’s 2014 exclusive library. They both have good exclusives this year.

    • bardock5151

      This is Sony’s tech demo year, no substance in their games. They’re trying to hard to show a bigger gap than there actually is, much like its fanboys.
      You want to talk metacritic? Go look at reviewer’s that give those games below 6, everyone of them either only had one review or highly rated Sony exclusives yet bashed Microsoft exclusives.

    • demfax

      Infamous 2nd Son and First Light, MLB: The Show 14, The Last of Us Remastered, Counterspy, Entwined, Dead Nation, Driveclub, Singstar: Ultimate Party, LittleBigPlanet 3, Velocity 2X, Helldivers, Guns Up!, more.

      All in 2014. No substance in any of these games? Lol okay.

      Metacritic is biased against Xbox? Lol okay.

    • bardock5151

      Infamous as I’ve said pretty but low budget on everything except the two mains. Mlb the show got middling reviews and fostered calls for a different baseball game. Tlou is a money grab as I said and 4A and 343i have and are doing better remasters(both offer more value), DC is launching as half a game with the rest to follow next year sometime, lbp3 has content but its not breaking any records, singstar is a cash funnel and then a bunch of indie type titles with better versions playable either on 360 or PC. Late next year I’m expecting to see Sony bring some real content to the table.

    • andy

      Are you high? Sunset Overdrive is THE FIRST major Xbone exclusive of 2014 and first since Forza 5 released back in November 2013. Can I have whatever it is you are taking?

    • demfax

      You’re forgetting Kinect Sports Rivals.

    • bardock5151

      Quality is what I’m talking about, a money grab by naughty dog, an empty low detail open world(all the detail went into one character), half a racing game and you get the picture.
      Microsoft has had Titan fall(Microsoft exclusive), FH2(a full high detail open world game, impressive techniques in use, full racing game), sunset overdrive(vibrant art style, innovative gameplay, detailed full open world, character creation, tons of AI on screen and so on) now do you get the picture. Every game released for Sony is nowhere near the gameplay on offer with Xbox and they even keep the games looking visually impressive. That’s the problem when the publisher tries to force developers to put more emphasis on pretty than gameplay. Hmm same problem you lot think crytek pushes on itself.

    • marorun1982

      Titan fall… half baked shooter with very few players 6 vs 6 is a joke in freaking uber small map.. Worst shooter ever made!

      Ever played Warrior Orochi 3 ultimate on ps4? you can have over 2000 AI on the screen at the same time.
      No lag no problem.

      You talking about game with nice graphic but crappy gameplay lets talke about Ryse then..

      Sorry dude but you have to understand this simple fact.

      The PS4 is superior and we will see it more and more you just need to open your eye.

    • marorun1982

      Yes because what fonctionality its has work perfectly.
      You know its always better to have something working correctly instead of just trowing load of useless crap thats work half the time.

    • marorun1982

      lol big load of bullshit!

      PS4 CPU is faster in benchmark ( about 10-15 % )
      Video card is at least 40% faster and stronger.

      Memory bandwith is also way superior on the PS4.
      I dont know what drug you taking but its look very strong!

  • Lacerz

    “Crytek Explains Why They Are Not Bringing Ryse Son of Rome To PS4”

    “Currently there is no announcement regarding RYSE coming to PS4.”


    • marorun1982

      But i dont see any explanation… where is it?

  • rudero

    So a game I would not buy will not becoming to the console I have? whew. For a minute there I was worried.

  • Guest

    Of course they wouldn’t realease this on the PS4, they’d have to downgrade all the work they’ve just done again.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Well their first mistake was releasing in on the Shooty brah box to begin with, silly Crytek dude brahs only buy shooty games…..Not that it matters since Crytek is a highly overrated developer who makes mediocre to awful games, the only good game they ever made way Crysis 1

    • Durka Durka

      like i said insomniac and respawn wanted to be on ps4 but sony turned them down.

    • bardock5151

      Actually Sony stipulated unreasonable conditions, they wanted respawn to make a vita game and wanted to own sunset overdrive. I’m really glad both developers aren’t stupid.

    • demfax

      “We don’t own 2nd party IP. In first party, it’s a mix (like it was with Gears). My goal is to own what we fund.” Phil Spencer

    • bardock5151

      Do you seriously believe that goes against my point? Microsoft is willing to fund games without owning them but basically Phil wants to own them yet doesn’t let desires get in the way of having a game on Xbox. Sony wants to own all of it or try and make a developer languish in that poverty-stricken portable known as the vita, now how is that supporting the gaming community? Sony for the gamer at the expense of the developer.

    • demfax

      Sony does not force anybody to develop for Vita, and Vita is making Sony and devs a profit. You are lying and exaggerating.

      Phil wants to own the IP MS funds from now on, after having to pay a lot for Gears of War IP, and Crytek refusing to sell Ryse. IP.

    • bardock5151

      No they can’t force them because developers know better and go else where. I’m not exaggerating seeing as how respawn would’ve made far less money and seen their vision molested by developing for a portable system.
      Ofcourse they want to own them, but obviously not at the expense of the developer walking, just like what happened with Sony. Oh and nice edit lol.

    • demfax

      UPDATE 7.30pm: Respawn has clarified to Eurogamer that Sony actually asked for it to develop a version of its R1 project for PlayStation Vita, not the finalised Titanfall game.

      As the Final Hours app explains, R1 was the code-name for Respawn’s in-development project at the time – it took several more rethinks before the studio finalised the Titanfall game we know today. Here’s the relevant paragraph from the app:

      “Armed with the specs for the Xbox Durango platform, Respawn pushed forward on game development. At the same time the team quietly reached out to Sony to see if it could share any information on the next PlayStation, another target platform. Respawn quickly found out that Sony wasn’t ready to talk about its plans for PS4. Instead, Sony offered to help with developing a version of R1 for the handheld PlayStation Vita platform.”

      You’re wrong. Sony wasn’t and isn’t trying to shoehorn developers onto Vita.

    • bardock5151

      Fair enough missed that one. My other point still stands however and you’ve failed to provide any evidence to the contrary.

    • Durka Durka

      i am also glad

  • Ricoh123

    I loved this game.

    The combat is solid. The story is great. The action is awesome.

    It is repetitive, but it was fun throughout the whole game. An 8 for me.

    Just a little better than destiny.

  • d0x360

    Why didn’t they just say that Microsoft helped fund development of Ryse so it can’t be on ps4 but we own the IP so if we make another it will be everywhere

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Ever heard of the term hush money?

    • d0x360

      Good god. What business do you think this is? We have known for years Microsoft paid crytek to make Ryse. It started as a kinect game for Christ sakes so just calm yourself down.

    • andy

      Holy crap they are going to make another Ryse lol??? After the 1st absolute failure?

    • d0x360

      The first Ryse sold well enough to be profitable and they keep releasing dlc so people must be buying it.

      Ryse is by no means the best game ever made but its under rated. The combat is fun especially if you play on hard which shuts color triggers off. Then you actually have to pay attention to the fight and decide your actions based on the moves being used. Its quite difficult and very satisfying.

      The game could certainly have used some more variety but for a launch title? Its better than most launch titles that’s for sure. Most launch titles are absolute garbage.

    • demfax

      Crytek never claimed Ryse was profitable.

  • Failz

    Its clear they just want to show off Cryengine. PS4 cant do 4k and Ryse doesnt sell well enough to be a multiplat console game. Ryse will look stunning in 4k

  • Don Karam

    I don’t understand this reasoning. Their engine is not required for 4k. Actually this game is one of those least likely to achieve 4k because the graphics are so sophisticated. Plenty of other games are capable of doing 4k including especially old games that were created long before 4k even existed. This is because the way resolution is programmed; it’s highly automatic as long as the game was not programmed in an incompetent way. Many games will run in any resolution that the hardware is capable of indefinitely into the future. A programmer does not need to tell it what resolution to run in; he can just tell it to run in whatever resolution the hardware and the end user tells it to run in.

    • lesrima88

      Wow you have no idea what you’re even talking about

    • marorun1982

      In fact he do havea nice idea of what he is talking about.

      If you have reasons and arguments to give then we may talk if not well sorry but shut your pie hole.

  • Gaikai

    Why would they bring this game to PS4? it’s a waste of money cause nobody would buy it, it’s boring and lame

    • bardock5151

      Ah parroting other’s who also haven’t played the game I see. The only way this game gets boring is if you play it at the 6 year old difficulty setting, playing at a real difficulty is how its meant to be played. At least its not another overdone non fallout apocalypse type game/movie.

    • demfax

      9/10 game for sure.

    • bardock5151

      You know for someone with your username you tend to spew alot of bull crap and misinformation. 7 to 8/10 by the way.

    • demfax

      If Ryse is 8/10 so is The Order and Destiny.

    • bardock5151

      Destiny cops a bad rap from bungie haters and people who ignored all the information as to what the game actually is. So yes destiny is an 8. The order could be but only if it isn’t one big run on cut scene, and doesn’t rely solely on duck shoot duck shoot. At least Ryse gives different executions to strive for and larger multipliers.

    • marorun1982

      its still much more repetitive than Destiny.
      At least destiny i have very big open world i can do anything i want in it..

    • marorun1982

      Played the game and yeah its fun for about 30 min ( no matter the dificulty level.. ) after thats its just always the same crap..

  • brianc6234

    Why put the game on the PS4? All that would do is get the game better sales. No use doing that.

  • Ian Williams


  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Go ahead an make it for PC and watch it get pirated like crazy, you should have made it for PS4, oh well.

    • Miten vitussa saan nimen ilman

      One word. Steam.


  • andy

    Nobody on PS4 WANTS it. We didn’t want it at launch and we don’t want it in mid 2015 either. But thanks anyway lol. Now get back to working on a remaster of the original Far Cry Crytek as it is the ONLY thing I would possibly want from a useless and mediocre dev like yourselves.

  • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

    I would say that ps4 is a little better than an xbox, not gameplay, or graphically, I mean, I just mean that the general machine is better than the xbox one, but I still hold firmly onto the fact that, if you want a good thing that is sure to run any game, get a pc, because not only can you play the games, but this new gen of games coming out, will look even better on pc, I was a xbox nut, with the 360, but even I know that the new ps4 is better than the xbox one, but deciding to sell this only for pc and xbox is a mistake in my book, if you want a game, and want people to buy it, make it for every console, more money that way no? 😛

  • Charles Lee

    Why does Xbox suck?

    It doesn’t. It is all a matter of opinion. If you had a 360 you would have likely gotten Xbox one. Yes the pay has better graphics, but it is not so big a difference from Xbox one. I saved literally $200 just by buying Xbox one. There are also many other reasons why I have it. They are: 1. Was $50 cheaper than pst ( ps4 is and still is 400 Xbox one is 350). 2. Came with 2 free games ( both costed $60 each at the time so it saves $120) 3. Free $25 GameStop gift card. And a free 3 month trial of Xbox LIVE (29.99). That totals out to be $225 saved. Yes it was worth it. I am also a fan of the great Halo series made exclusively on Xbox One. You people clearly have not played the remastered Halo 2 which as by far the best graphics.

    You people have to know what and when to buy it. I waited a year for a good deal and I sure got it. Ps4 doesn’t have any good deals and doesn’t fit my preferences. Also more friends I have own Xbox is ps4. You people have to ask these questions when buying a console:

    1. Is it a good deal(am I saving money or just throwing it)
    2. What console do most my friends have?
    3. Which will I enjoy in the long run?
    4.are there any games that I like made exclusively on one consol?

    Answer those questions before you look into all the technical differentiations. You you break even with both, then get both, many people have.

    Do not go around giving false information and opinions. Let people make there own decisions. You won’t be holding their hands when they are paying for a waste (ps4 in my case).


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