Crytek: Writing To Xbox One’s ESRAM ‘Yields A Considerable Speed-up’, Ryse Uses Custom SMAA 1TX

Crytek on Xbox One’s ESRAM and custom AA in Ryse.

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We had recently reported how the ESRAM in the Xbox One will result into better results for games that will take advantage of  it. Even though Xbox One’s board memory has a bandwidth of just 68GB/s, it is more or less offsetted by the on-chip ESRAM, which tops out at 204GB/s.

So how is Crytek utilizing this in their Xbox One exclusive Ryse Son of Rome and is 32MB  enough for rendering elements? Cevat Yerli, founder, CEO and president of Crytek had this to say about it:

“We put our most accessed render targets like the G-Buffer targets into ESRAM. Writing to ESRAM yields a considerable speed-up. While 32MB may not be enough to use something like MSAA to the fullest, with a smart memory management strategy it is possible to deal with that,” he said in a tech interview with EuroGamer.

It is interesting to note that Yerli states that MSAA will be possible with ESRAM with a bit of memory management. But again, it remains to be seen how many developers will be making use of this feature on the Xbox One.

Yerli also revealed that Ryse will be using a custom SMAA 1TX which is combination of morphological AA and smarter temporal anti-aliasing. Crytek will be revealing new details about this custom AA technology at Siggraph this year.

More recently, Crytek Producer, Mike Read was all praise for the Xbox One’s DX11 architecture and how it helped them to run optimization prototypes.

Ryse: Son of Rome will launch along side the Xbox One this November.

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  • Carlos

    Nice info, thank God this isn’t another article about rumours

  • jflex

    Its good to see that not everyone just wants to start rumors with unknown facts

  • hyperhyper

    Yes, it’s great that he is providing hard numbers as proof and something to compare it against. Also, it’s good that he is not using words like “considerable” and “speed-up” to describe these increases and …..oh wait…… It’s nice and all to hear the exclusive developer for the X1 talk about how great it is but without numbers, it’s more “blah blah” trust us talk. I prefer to get impartial reviews done.

    Lift the embargoes!

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  • Maddox

    Please do an update on Ryse… It’s a really good game but it would be better if u add some gameplay into it like shadow of Rome. When the crowd are pleased they can throw weapons which in time would break up but give you a bit of advantage…


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