Days Gone Receives Brand New PS4 Pro Screenshots, Comparison Image With PS4 Shows Big Improvements

The difference is immediately noticeable.

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days gone

The PS4 Pro may not be all that we wanted it to be, but it still is a pretty substantial upgrade over the base PlayStation 4 console- at least twice as powerful. That is going to reflect very well in some games, if they manage to use the extra power well- which is exactly what Sony Bend appear to be doing with the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone.

Sony Bend shared a tweet on Twitter showing off a couple of screenshots of the game running on the PS4 Pro. Those make a good looking game look even better- but the coup de grace is this post on NeoGAF comparing the PS4 version of Days Gone with the PS4 Pro version- showing a major, immediately apparent difference in texture quality.

Days Gone is going to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 some time in 2017. The PlayStation 4 Pro is set to launch on November 10.


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  • Hvd

    upscaled 4k/30fps at its finest ….lmao digital foundry already has done their frame rate tests on these games they are 30fps…lmao

    on the xbox one s all your games are up scaled with out a patch and itf its 60fps it will be 4k/ will see forza 4k/60fps on the xbox one all for $299…lmao

    • Harkins1721 .

      No it wont. The Scorpio will not cost $299.

    • Hvd

      no ift will be $100 more for the better quality. it will cost more or less $500 for The Scorpio which will do native 4k/30fps.

      if you want 4k upscaled on the cheap side get the xbox one s no download patches like the ps4 pro and it will upscale all games to 4k.
      plsu multiplayer games will be the same fps if cod is 60fps on one it will be 60fps on the other.

      so you are really paying for 4k up scaled vs 4k native if you dont care get the cheap xbox one s for $299.

    • DarthDiggler


      Rumors are $500 – $700 for the Scorpio and it won’t be out until Next Year. At that point you are starting to hit the other end of the console generation lifespan. Sony will have a year head start. Remember last generation when Sony lagged behind a year with the PS3?

      Also MS will not be able to deliver 4K for all games with the Scorpio. They will be doing up-scaling like they are doing 1080p up-scaling. They should be able to deliver 4K for some games but not all.

      Why would any PlayStation fan who owns a PS4 want an Xbox One when all of their games are on PlayStation 4?

      You aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are brah.

    • Shinobi

      Rumors? You mean fanboys pulling numbers out of their backsides.

      Now, looking at things rationally we can see that in a year a 6tflop gpu won’t be much more expensive to produce than a 4.2tflop gpu this year. We definitely see this is true in the PC graphics card market. So, depending on what they do in terms of the CPU and RAM the Scorpio will either be $400 to perhaps $500. There’s no reason it should be more than that. And Microsoft knows that anything over $500 is not going to do well in the console market.

    • Hvd

      if ps4 pro is $399 bank on it being $499

    • shadowhedgehogz

      To be honest, it doesn’t seem a bad system for the money.. but lets be honest here, most PC gamers are using 1080p with some going or staying at 1440p to get high frame rates.

      Single GPU’s on PC aren’t yet capable of sustaining 60fps, average yes, minimum no way, so there will be dips quite often.

      Right now 1080p/1440p with high refresh is best, 4k is still not ready because GPU’s still can’t handle it. I mean you can get even a mid end GPU that can do 4k at 30fps these days, but if you want a solid 60 that is where the problem lies.. and even then it’s arguable that 1440p and 120/144hz is better because even if you can’t reach the hz of the monitor in frame rate, you don’t suffer from it. Whereas with 4k you suffer from sometimes large frame rate dips.

    • Hvd

      so you are getting already 1080p/30fps on the ps4 if you dont have a 4k tv are you going to pay $400 for 1080p/60?..4400 for 30fps? thats double what yopu can get on a pc which a 1080p/60fps card is $200.

      if you own a 4k tv are you going to pay $100 for the same upscaling the xbox one s can do?the ps4 pro is incapable of 4kupscaled 60fps it cant do are you paying 4100 more to do the same thing the xbox one s can and it has a blue ray player?

      native 4k will be after the xbox two that will be the real 4k ear this is a up scaled

      fyi the better option for the money is xbox one s.

    • DarthDiggler


      Not all PS4 games run 1080p 30fps. Many run 1080p 60fps. Some run 60fps for online multiplayer but 30fps for offline. It all depends on how the developer coded the game.

      So if you are going to base all your arguments on the premise that all PS4 games run at 1080p 30fps the entire foundation of your argument is FALSE.

      You simply can’t seem to comment without relying on logical fallacies and rhetoric. So discussing anything with you is a complete waste of time because you are not reliably objective with your point of view and your anti-PlayStation stance is transparent to anyone with working eyes.

    • Shinobi

      98% of PS4 games run at 30fps.

    • Hvd

      only moltiplayer cod bf1 type games run at 60fps.they are paying to upscaled games to 4k/30fps…lolall those games you saw at the ps4 meeting ware 30fps digital foundry already did the frame rate tests.

      they are basically paying $400 to upscales to 4k.if you dont have a 4k tv thats another $ thats $900 to…ripoff

    • Hvd

      yes not all games are 60fps only multiplayer games are and all single player games are 30fps.why does the psr pro have to download a texture patch for pro mode think about it?

    • sampson3121

      wait a second, doesn’t the xbox one s have only 1.4 Tflops? how will someone play a game in 4k at 1080p 60fps with only 1.4 Tflops?

      ps4 pro has 4.2 Tflops. am i wrong or?

    • Hvd

      upscaled is upscaled is it now our upscaled is better?…lmao.

      ps4 pro is upscaled 4k/30fps and you have to download a texture patch since there is no 4k blue ray every time you put in a new games on the ps4 pro you have to download a

      xbox one s upscales AAAAALLLLLLL your games with no patch to 4k ig cod is 60fps it will upscaled it to 4k/60fps if its a game liek destiny it will be 4k/30fps.the xbox one s up scales AAALLLL your games .

      enjoy your new 30fps machine for $399…lol

    • Dizzy74

      “and you have to download a texture patch since there is no 4k blue ray player”
      Do you really need a 4k blue ray to install a patch from Blue Ray discs and you must downloaded ?
      Imao how silly Xbox fanboy you can be?
      Xbox upscale all games without patch?
      OMG you are total idiot

    • Hvd

      do you ?4k blue ray player isnt a normal blue ray player is it?if it was they wouldnt need to download 4k upscaled textures right?

      are you dumb?xbox one s will use an upsaler the psr pro makes you down load a texture patch because it has no 4k blue ray player.

      think about it for a second…why do thay have to download a texture patch?why doesnt xbox one s have to?…think about it.

      do you even know what upscaling is?…lol

    • TPoppaPuff

      You’re right, that video card is way cheaper than PS4 Pro. My problem though is that I don’t know where to install the game on this video card. I’m not even sure it’s on. I just plugged it into the TV and put it underneath the TV but nothing happens. Also, where do i plug in my mouse and keyboard into the video card? Oh, is it all wireless?

      Also, PS4 Pro can do faux-4K/60fps. Call of Duty and whatever other games that run at 60fps on base PS4 can run at at the upscaled at 60fps on Pro. Quit spreading lies, it does no one any good.

    • Hvd

      this is why that make those how to trade videos for you and that 45m demo of what hdr is?…lmao

    • TPoppaPuff

      “this is why that make those how to trade videos for you”
      “that 45m demo of what hdr is?…lmao”

      I don’t know how to respond because that wasn’t a cogent reply. I have no idea what you are trying to say and I hope that English isn’t your first language. Please try again.

    • Hvd

      you lost give it up…lmao sony is done.

    • TPoppaPuff

      Yes, the company that this generation has the fastest selling console in history is done and all because you are incapable of writing a coherent sentence. Bravo. Your logic is flawless.

    • Hvd

      to bad they screwed you over and are lying as they usually do.

      fyi everyone is waiting to see how sony plans to have hdr on a 1.4 hdmi port when 2.0 is required…lmao..believe their lise if you want to…lmao

    • TPoppaPuff

      I could not possibly care about HDR until I have an HDR screen and that isn’t happening anytime soon because there aren’t any HDR screens that don’t have poor response times.

      Call of Duty IW as well as many others down the line will have faux 4K running at 60fps. Deal with it.

    • Hvd

      1080p upscaled the ps4 pro is is just a 1080p console that you are paying $400 for

    • TPoppaPuff

      Actually it runs games at 2688×1512 in addition to the 2×2 checkerboard upscaling to achieve 4K. So actually it’s a 1512p console, but thanks for failing. Trollpost denied.

      Your tears are salty, but it tastes so sweet.

    • Hvd

      you are a blind idiot you mite as well say it runs at

    • TPoppaPuff

      Uh oh, somebody’s cranky. 2688*1512. Deal with it, squirt.

    • Hvd

      the ps4 pro is a 1080p console paying $400 for upscaling..lmao

    • Aenea
    • Hvd

      you have no life doing this on 30 posts…lol. get a lif and you still proved me right…lol

    • Aenea

      It took me like 5 minutes, way less than you searching for PS4 Pro articles all day and posting your crap!

      For one I never claimed the PS4 Pro does native 4k for ALL games, you are the one claiming that the Pro only upscales to 4k from 1080p which I’ve been trying to convince you of that it’s not true.

      And this video does just that, at 1:32 he says “What we’re seeing is the next best thing though, a two times increase in pixel count over 1080p which is then reconstructed using Sony’s patented checkerboard method” which proves YOU wrong buddy. TWO TIMES THE PIXEL COUNT OF 1080P

      It’s funny tho, you keep calling other people dumb while apparently you can’t even understand English properly.

    • Aenea
    • MS

      Wow you’re dumb, the 1S is literally an X1 with a 4k upscaler, the thing cant even outperform a regular PS4, yet you think it’s on par with the Pro, which has GPU that is more than a twice as powerful,along with a much faster CPU and more bandwidth? You cant be this stupid kid. Just stop cuz you’re only embarrassing yourself. The stupid sh’t you fanboy clowns will delude yourselfs with.

    • DarthDiggler


      Single GPU’s on PC aren’t yet capable of sustaining 60fps, average yes, minimum no way, so there will be dips quite often.

      So are you saying you need the dual GPU using 2x PCIe slots to pull off stable 60fps with 4K resolution? For the “average” game title on PC?

      If the dual PCIe slots are required this very well sounds like a bandwidth issue and not necessarily a clock speed issue / memory capacity.

    • DarthDiggler


      It all depends on the game and how the developer decides they want to deploy their PS4 Pro patch. Again you are commenting without having much data.

      YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Nothing new for you. You love to spout off at the mouth all the time.

    • Counterproductive

      Xbox One S upscaled 720p to 4K. Awesome.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Or you could just see Forza on PC where all the xbone “exclusives” are.

    • MS

      Are you really that stupid? 1S is upscaling 720/900/1080 games to 4k. So there is way more upscaling going on using your standard hardware upscaler. Whereas Pro is using a hardware accelerated next gen like technique that is upscaling from a higher res base of 1920×1080, 2560×1440 or 3200×1800 res to 4K. Sony themselves is actually pushing devs to upscale it from 1800p which btw is just one step down from the real 4K res (3840 x 2160). And Johan Andersson himself (oh you know, one of Frostbite’s designers) has said that this is not entirely a upscale but rather something new and custom, not just upscaled per se but not exactly native 4K either.

      And i will take Johan Andersson’s word over your obviously ret’rded a$$, anyday. That guy is a tech guru. Not stop being an ignorant little child just wanting to troll Sony fans and educate yourself with the facts so you dont look so stupid everytime you talk.

    • Hvd

      lol your an idiot if you believe anything sony says…lol

    • TPoppaPuff

      You misspelled “you’re” during your attempt to call someone else an idiot.

    • Aenea

      Johan Andersson works for EA you dipstick…

  • Tamago1

    it looks the same.

    • Nadinewturner3

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    • Fatty

      I see a big difference man and am personally excited about this

  • Mr Xrat

    Smell that Xgimp fear.

  • Orion Pax

    i’m laughing at you, tanks lmao

  • Guest

    Imagine people, if you cant even really see a big difference between this (the plain vanilla PS4 ver. vs the Pro ver.). Then imagine how little a difference there will be between the Scorpio ver (if it really even does native 4K) and the Pro ver. of games. The differences between Pro’s upscaled 4K and Scorpio’s supposed native 4K, will be so minute, so tiny, that you will have to strain to see any differences, good luck and have fun with that. Meanwhile, the Pro is practically here and is well priced at $400 and has real exclusives that can only be played on a PS platform whereas the Scorpio is 14 months away, and could be expensive and almost all its exclusives will be out on the PC, where they’ll look and play better anyway. And you can get a PC now that’ll smoke anything the Scorpio will be able to do. So boners are going to be in a for a major shock once the Scorpio drops. And isn’t it funny how suddenly res and native res and power matters to them all of the sudden when they tried to argue all gen long that it didn’t matter? Suckers! Typical fanboy hypocrites. All a bunch of phony pieces of sh’t.

    • TPoppaPuff

      The difference being that if one is displaying in true 4K and the other in upscaled 4K, then if the Scorpio decides to use the same upscale rendering technique as Pro, it can take that extra base PS4’s worth of graphical power could be used to make the games look that much better. That’s the difference between low quality settings and high quality settings.

      Also, and I say this as someone who has spent far more time on PS4 this gen than X1, Sony doesn’t have any exclusives. It has Uncharted 4 and that’s about it. Bloodborne if you’re a Dark Souls disciple (I’m not, most are not). And if you’re only going to buy one console, you’re certainly not going to spend an extra $1k for a gaming PC so those MS games are console exclusive.

      You’re a fanboy, just a Sony fanboy. Deal with it.

    • Guest

      Ooh, I’m about to slap the stupid of you boy. And do you know what the difference between a PS4 and a X1 in terms of teraflops is? Its more than the power of the PS3 and the 360 combined! (PS4’s GPU=1.843TF, PS3’s GPU=192GF & the 360’s=240GF), do the math smart guy. And how big a difference did that get you? 1080p vs 900?! And yet all you boners kept whining and crying that you could barely see the differences. Yet you think we are going to see the differences now with the Pro and Scorpio? Especially when you factor in diminishing returns? If you dont know what that is then look it up, dumba$$.

      Yes, the Scorpio will be more powerful, but the differences are going to be so negligible, so miniscule that it’ll make the differences between the PS4 and X1 look astronomical by comparison. And most Pro games are already rendering at 1800p, 1890p, 1980p, 2070p and 3200x2160p resolutions natively, then these are upscaled through an advanced 4k buffer of 3840 x 2160p using “parallax processing” and “Checkerboard rendering image reconstruction to give the final result.
      And when did I said that if the Scorpio matched the resolution that it couldn’t squeeze of a few more effects? And p.s. I own X1 not a PS4 d-bag! So f-off with that fanboy sh’t! Moron!

    • TPoppaPuff

      “Ooh, I’m about to slap the stupid of you boy.” Well, if I had to guess somebody was carrying an abundance of stupid, I can’t say I’m surprised it was you. 😉

      I just got done saying they would be able to add graphical features to the game instead of improving the resolution, and you want to turn the argument into an argument about resolution.

      Believe whatever you need to help you sleep at night when your shut the lights off in your mother’s basement. I’ll be playing and enjoying both consoles while you save up enough allowance for your new Sony console.

      Blocked. Bye, Felicia.

  • Hvd

    the ps4 pro is just another 1080p console that you are paying $400 for upscaling…lmao

  • Hvd

    the ps4 pro is a 1080p console upscal;ed.

  • Skorge

    Shame the game is gonna be dog sh**t

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