Destiny 2 Unveil Event Will Showcase PS4 and PC Gameplay

Hours and hours of it…

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Destiny 2 might be officially announced, but its gameplay reveal is still a while away. Bungie plans on showing the game off on May 18, and according to a post on Reddit (via NeoGAF), the event will show off  lot of gameplay footage, mostly from the PS4 and the brand new PC versions of the game.

Lots of YouTubers have been invited, and it sounds like they will be allowed to record hours and hours of gameplay (you hearing this Atlus, Nintendo? You hearing this?). The keynote itself will apparently begin at 10am, and it sounds like a lot of YouTubers will be in attendance.

So basically, after this event, you should be able to see lots and lots of Destiny 2 footage. Which, for those of you who are still on the fence – and there may be many of you, because in spite of how successful the first game was, I know any who feel burned by it due to how Bungie handled it – you’ll have some actual media to help make your decision.

Destiny 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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  • Old Skool

    Nice….. definitely interested in this.
    Still play Destiny1 alongside BF1 daily.
    Destiny 2 and possibly COD WW2 (Boots on the ground baby!) will be my online fix for this upcoming winter.
    Not really worried about Destiny 2 but I’m hoping this is the COD that brings me back to the franchise after a 3 year break from it.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    Just the PC and the PS4? Dang. Sounds like some loser didn’t get another marketing deal.

    • Dougdec92

      They gave their usual treatment to Bungie, MS hulklike, brute strength and no brains, much unlike Tony Sony Stark(Braniac), has taken bungie into their good books and funny enough the hulk still doesn’t know why they’re eating dust.

    • Scorpio: Me Smash! Me grab! Arghhh.. me low IQ cavemen!! Me kill E3 with Scorpiooo arggghh!!

      Sony PS5: Analyzing and commencing counter strategic procedures.. all systems functioning.. isolating Hulk threat.. please hold.. mission success! Threat isolated and quarantined. System switching to free mode.

    • Dougdec92

      Lol, thanks for the detailed expo

    • Hahah i have nothing better to do lol.. lazy sunday

    • Yeah.. they are hoping for a Scorpio Destiny 2 release offcourse :).. the silence is deafening..

      (Meanwhile over at the xbox scorpio camp)

      Well.. but.. but.. but Halo was made by the same makers of Destiny so (they) we scorpio owners get our own new version of… *insert drumrolls* Halo!! :D..


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