Destiny Xur Inventory Brings Patience & Time, Other Stuff You Probably Own

Disappointment as usual with Destiny’s Exotic vendor.

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Destiny Patience and Time

After forgetting to bring an Exotic weapon last week, Destiny’s Exotic vendor Xur has returned to the Tower for redemption. Or so you’d think – we’re not sure who could be satisfied with this week’s inventory. You can find Xur near the large door across from the Speaker in the Tower, where he will remain till 2 AM PDT, July 26th.

What’s tentacle face carrying this week? The Armamentarium (Exotic Titan chest), Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Exotic Hunter gloves) and Starfire Protocol (Exotic Warlock chest), each for 13 Strange Coins. On top of having some rather shabby stat rolls, these armour pieces have already been on sale multiple times.

If that weren’t enough, the Exotic sniper rifle Patience & Time is also available for 17 Strange Coins. It’s an excellent sniper rifle, especially if you don’t have one for Strikes with Arc Burn, but it’s again nothing special. The overall stock this week isn’t very good for hardcore players but if you’ve just started playing Destiny (lord help you), then it’s worth checking out.

Exotic chest engrams are also on sale for 23 Motes of Light so if you don’t find anything you like in the standard inventory, you can take a chance with RNG.

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  • Justin Wells

    Why should we be surprised? Once again the randomness sucks and the gallejohorn eludes us again. The rewarding the new guy strikes again. The Cryptarch brings nothing new to the table and year one individuals are left scratching their heads yet again. Last weekend i played with an individual who has been playing for one month and is a level 34, has completed almost all of the year one stats, has three gallejhorns and other junk i have yet to get. i am a level 104 with the cryptarch and he gives me crap. I am like 84 on the vanguard, but get a pistol. i am a level 34+ legend guardian Titan and it gives me hunter wear. the random needs to be geared toward the guardian that is played, the level of his character and the needs of the individual. freakin blows when you beat the boss on hard as a 34 titan, and recieve a rare engram. pathetic….. which is why i mispelled gallyhorny so many times, the randomness isnt random. i know guys that have recived it seven times 343, its just crap code…..


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