Dev: It Takes 2-3 Months Just To Add Trophies For PS2 Emulation, Comments On Trophy Progression Tracker

Senior Technical Project Manager PlayStation on trophy support for PS2/PS4 games.

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ps2 emulation on ps4

Tim Lindquist who is a Senior Technical Project Manager PlayStation, revealed a few interesting tid bits about how PS2 emulation works on the PS4. If you are not aware already, Sony is asking players which PS2 game they want to see on the PlayStation 4, so it seems that Sony is at least serious about making the emulation a success on its console.

But making older games work on newer technology is not an easy task, says Lindquist. He revealed that even the simplest sounding trophies can be hard to program for and just deciding the trophy list takes around 1-2 weeks. But the actual programming takes a month, not to mention testing and QA analysis which takes another 1-2 months depending on the length of the game. Overall, we are looking at 2-3 months just to implement trophies in the emulated game! But which games has so far proven to be more challenging than the others? Lindquist revealed that one of the games was Dark Cloud given the complex calculations they had to do in order to implement it. Mark of Kri’s Complete a level without dying was a trophy that was lot harder to implement too, says Tim.

And what about a progression tracker for trophies on the PlayStation 4? Lindquist apparently loved that suggestion but whether it will be implemented is something that remains to be seen. Finally, Tim revealed that players should expected new emulated releases “regularly”.

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  • XbotMK1

    So I guess this clears some of the ignorance behind the, “Sony charging us for our old games” drama.

    • Hermione Granger

      LOL!.. pretty much, everything is a excuse over at sony nowdays when
      microsoft offer free bc and that for xb360 games not old ps2 games..

    • Counterproductive

      Why so salty?

    • Truth™

      Why so supportive of Paid emulation when it’s free on PC?

    • Counterproductive

      Then go play it on the PC without trophies. No one is stopping you.
      I on the other hand would rather support the developers rather than use pirated disc images in an emulator.

      Not everyone has the physical discs for a game that was released 15 years ago, so digital versions are welcome particularly with these improvements.

    • Truth™

      PCSX2 supports disc emulation so you can buy games second hand and play them legally while PS4 does not.

      Why are you supporting inferior technology?

    • Counterproductive

      Second hand purchases don’t support developers any more than pirating the game does. And I don’t accept the premise that the technology is inferior, given that it surpasses the technology that the games were originally designed to run on, gives me the trophies and sharing capabilities on PSN that I want, and is available digitally.

      A better question is why are you so interested in what I do? No one is stopping you from making your own choices, and I frankly don’t care why you do what you do.

      Or are you more interested in perpetuating the argument than proving your point?

    • Truth™

      Because morons like you will pay $15 for trophies while PS2 emulation remains free, legal and better on PC 🙂

    • Kinect

      PC emulation isn’t better and it’s not legal unless you own a PS2 and use your own BIOS. You can’t find all PS2 games anymore and even if you have a PS2 emulator, it’s not free because you still have to buy the games if you don’t own them so there isn’t anything bad about having the option to buy PS2 games on PS4. Can’t really blame Sony for not letting people play pirated PS2 games on the PS4.

      That is why PC is a cancer. And it shows how pathetic PC gamers are that they spend their time trying to run PS2 emulators on PC to play old +ss pirated PS2 games on a high powered PC, but brag about PC resolutions and framerates. PC gaming is a blight upon the industry and needs to die. That is why PC gamers are moving to the PS4. If you only game on PC, you have no right to call anyone a moron because you are the moron who supports cancers like PCs.

    • Truth™

      Emulation is 1292×896 on PS4. 1080P on PC. Discs work on PC not on PS4

      You fail again xtreme derp 🙂

    • James Eastman

      The problem isn’t Sony trying to sell these PS2 games. That’s completely understandable.

      The problem is Sony not supporting existing copies of these PS2 games despite the fact that they very damn well could. That’s just greedy.

      But protip: PS2 emulation on PC does pretty much everything the official emulator does (higher resolution, framerates). And if somebody wanted to make a PS2 emulator that could have unofficial Trophies, they very damn well could… there are already retro 8 & 16 bit emulators that allow people to implement achievements for retro titles.

    • James Eastman

      Implementing achievements might not be as easy as snapping your fingers, but you seriously think a Sony employee wouldn’t have an agenda with this PR bit hyping up the difficulty of adding trophies? To me, it’s clear that it’s a bunch of BS trying to get more people to become accepting of these cashgrabs.

      Adding achievements/trophies isn’t some massively difficult feat of programming. It’s just about monitoring values stored in memory. The same way things like Gamesharks and emulator cheats work, but instead of modifying values in memory to achieve different effects in game, you just monitor them to see if a certain thing has happened in game.

      Certainly, some achievements might require monitoring multiple values in conjunction with one another and some associated logic to deduce if something has happened, since these games weren’t programmed for these trophies and won’t be handling that stuff themselves. But it’s still nowhere near difficult.

      Don’t beleive me? Look up Retro Achievements, a site all about adding custom achievements to old games via emulation. You can even find YouTube tutorials walking you through the entire process of creating an achievement. Spoiler alert: Creating one achievement takes about an hour, though that’s while also taking your time and explaining every step of the process tutuorial-style.

  • Hermione Granger

    no one asked for trophy support, people asked only for bc so they could use their ps2 game disc on the ps4.

    • LordCancer Kain

      you don’t speak for the people you demented freak.

    • Hermione Granger

      i speak for the 99% of the people… that is not blinded by sonnyans hype and fanboyism..

    • LordCancer Kain

      you speak for no one but your self and poorly at that. go crawl in a hole with your boorish opinion and your imagined 99% and keep it to yourself.

    • Hermione Granger

      you’re like a worthless pimple on my but t that need to be squeezed. f uc k off as swipe!,..

    • LordCancer Kain

      you are the vaginal discharge from your mothers yeast infection.

    • Hermione Granger

      you forgot to mention the stench of shrimp…

    • LordCancer Kain

      so brush your teeth and stop going down on your mom.

  • XanderZane41

    Not sure why they even bothered with Trophies for PS2 games. Nobody really wanted that. They just wanted to be able to play their PS2 games on the PS4. Sony couldn’t even get that right.

    • Counterproductive

      Speak for yourself pal. The GTA series, Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud with trophies is awesome. I hope they do more. Destroy All Humans! for example. 🙂

    • Speak for yourself. I find trophies to be a fun and much welcomed addition to the PS2 games. It just makes playing the game a bit more fun. Plus for Trophy Hunters it is even more fun.

    • AvanStrike

      Trophies is of the main reasons I even bothered getting some of these emulated PS2 games on PS4.

    • DarkHadouFighter

      Trophies is what make them worth buying. I didn’t buy any on PS3 because they didn’t came with trophies.

    • LordCancer Kain

      thankfully, you don’t speak for everyone you demented freak.

  • Psionicinversion

    2-3 months for adding trophies. What a load of boll**ks. Is there just 1 person working on it or something!!

    Trophies… The currency of a basement dwelling loser as its the only achievement in life they have!

    • lluksavahc

      Guy is full of it, or exaggerating. 1-2 weeks, or more, on deciding trophies alone, Then getting them approved before any real work has started, Then 1-2 mo in actual work, which sounds more believable if only 1 person is working on them for like an hour a day.

      Games keep records, how high you jump how far you traveled when you get missions done. Basically half of that 1-2 wk trophy list is already in game waiting to be accesses, they are not coding the game they are looking in the code for thise special events to be triggered rest should not be as hard or atleast not 2 months of work. Indies get built on that amount of time, either sony needs new devs or someone is exaggerating.

    • LordCancer Kain

      all you have is a $400 digital space ship for your fantasy of a life. pathetic

    • Psionicinversion

      Lmao no I havnt $400 for 1 ship… There isn’t even a ship for that amount lol

    • LordCancer Kain

      Genesis Starliner $400 Limited —

      Hull E $550 Limited —

      890 Jump $600 #Limited (3560) —

      Idris-M $1000 #Limited (100) —

      Idris-P $1250 #Limited (550) —

      Javelin $2,500 #Limited (200)

      you: stupid and free.

    • Psionicinversion

      you see you said “A SHIP” for $400… how do you know it was only 1 ship or 1 transaction… thats my rough estimate i pay in £ well back then the best value was pay in $ then let the bank convert it, but of course now in europe every country has to pay by its tax rate by country by the infinite wisdom of EU i have to pay in £ with a 20% VAT rate.

      So yeah i havnt got a genesis starliner (didnt even know it cost that much) i know there ships way above it and below BUT you basically said 1 ship for $400… only because thats what i ESTIMATED a while ago and the last transaction i spent was about 1 year ago for a F7C upgrade to super hornet for i think it was £50. So basically i spent about £280 over the course of about 1 year so not much money really… (considering 12,800 gold on Fable legends is £46 for something even more useless)

      but yeah i aint spending any more cus saving up for a beast new rig. Well i will buy the physical release of SQ42/SC because the case is going to be EPIC, weve seen the art even the packaging it comes in will blow everything away also to support the game more

      A game this special only happens like once a decade or so… well worth getting into

    • Psionicinversion

      and before you call me some Star Citizen nut job is also backed this on Kickstarter and it looks AMAZING UE4 is a very good looking engine. SC going for realism in its art work… but this will be an amazing break and fun arcade shooter and by the looks of it, it should support VR because of the cockpit view… its PC but MS got it xbox to and think this will be one of there smartest moves, this will sell ALOT

  • WEL

    forget about stupid useless trophies and give us real backward support! I bet these game will not even work on the the next console anyway, right?

  • Amit

    Hey, I tried a lot of Ps2 emulators but some of them support only few games and maximum are fake and does not work properly. currently I am researching on the next level PS3 Emulator and got some emulators that are really sucking. But if you wanna give a beta level PS3 emulator you can get it here- I found it while trying each and every playstation emulator.

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