Dev On PS4 Neo & Xbox 1.5: Not Everyone Is Going To Spend Extra Cash For Minimal Upgrades

Divide developer discusses whether the average gamer would be interested in an upgraded console.

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At this point, it seems all but confirmed that an upgraded version of either the PS4 (dubbed “Neo” in recent reports) or Xbox One will be coming later this year. The lifespan of consoles notwithstanding, what will this mean for the general consumer?

GamingBolt spoke to Chris Tilton of Exploding Tuba Studios, which is currently working on Divide for the PlayStation 4, about the rumours of upgradeable consoles and whether the concept of console “generations” would become irrelevant in the future.

Tilton said that, “I have all the consoles and a PC, but I will often play on console for convenience, so the idea that I can get a newer PS4/XBox to have a few more visual bells and whistles is appealing to me. However, not everyone has or wants to spend extra cash on a whole new system for minimal upgrades. It’s not like mobile phones, which have essential features that we use every day, or other upgradeable TV devices like Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire Stick, which are significantly cheaper.

“There really isn’t an apt comparison for what MS and Sony are considering doing. It will be interesting to see how people respond to it when (if) these upgraded consoles are released. I have to imagine that your average console gamer does not care if a newer version has slightly higher resolution textures.”

Will it satisfy the hardcore though? Or maybe Sony and Microsoft will build up support for the new upgrades prior to and post launch? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Russ Palk

    Minimal upgraeds? Lol who are they kidding. I will be buying both the PS4 Neo & Xbox 1.5

    • LordCancer Kain

      i am glad to see other gamers that appreciate what is about to be a console revolution.

    • Yuma55

      I’ll get mine at the the midnight launch. Cya there 🙂

  • LordCancer Kain

    not everyone has to or needs to buy neo but i think it is a brilliant option to offer more powerful hardware at $400 while reducing ps4 into the $200-$250 mass market range.

    developers benefit from mass market adoption and gamers benefit from a higher spec machine without the hard stop/start of an entirely new generation.

    your not getting ripped off if you just bought a ps4 either, you can play it for a couple of years then upgrade or trade up as there surely will be deals to do so and this wont split the market or sink games budgets like every is over dramatizing.

    surely as AMD is just boosting frequencies and adding cores that developing for two specs will still be far easier than all the various pc configurations.

    you could actually say this is nintendos innovation as they already done this with the new 3ds but consoles needed to evolve beyond the old model where manufactures lost hundreds of dollars per unit sold and required 7-10 years to break even. i think this will be good for gamers, developers and AMD especially.

    and don’t fool yourself, microsoft is doing this too.

    • HisDivineOrder

      Phil Spencer never actually said they wouldn’t do it. He simply said they wouldn’t do a half-step. He said the new version would have to be “substantial.” And “substantial” is suspiciously vague and subjective.

      Substantial will mean whatever they wind up releasing. 😉

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Microsoft will announce the Xbox 3, next E3. Remember my words.

      Everybody remember what happened to the 1st Xbox, when it wasn’t reaching its goals ‘being number 1’. 3 years after release, Microsoft ditched it, and announced the x360.

      The x1 is lagging behind the ps4. OK, one could argue 18-20 million units sold are amazing. But compared to the 45-50 million ps4, it’s a tragedy, a shame, for Microsoft.

      It’s obvious Microsoft isn’t going to wait for 2018-2020 to release a new console. They don’t accept the shame of being #2 all these years. They can’t just stand and watch the ps4 totally dominate the market, sell 2-3 times more, get the best reviews and best versions. To Microsoft, and all the fans, having an inferior console and inferior games, isn’t acceptable.

      Microsoft could sell an Xbox at 50$, and don’t care about any loss.
      That’s why they’re going to release a new console, more expensive but with great powerful hardware, they will offer a 100$ voucher to those who buy the x1, to be used to buy the Xbox 3, to make fans happy.
      And by November 2016, there will be a new Xbox, or, at least, an upgraded Xbox, with 128mb of esram, faster buses, 16gb of ddr3 (ddr3+ esram turned out being as powerful as the ps4’s gddr5), faster cpu and gpu.

      And Nintendo thought they would be alone, in 2016-17, to release the NX, without any competition. .. I guess they were wrong. End 2016 and 2017, it’s gonna buy really busy, on the console side.

    • LordCancer Kain

      well if the leaked specs are anything to go by, doubling the power of the gpu is substantial. also AMD has confirmed they have three new console chips coming so we know nintendo and sony are two of the three i can only wonder who the third company is. it’s definitely happening whatever vague thing phil spencer says. i think e3 is going to be very exciting.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    There are around 60-80 million potential ps3 fans who still ‘have’ to buy a ps4.
    There are like 30-40 million potential xbox360 fans who haven’t purchased an xbox1 yet, and could be interested on buying a ps4.
    There are 20-50million potential Nintendo fans who have skipped and ignored the wii u , and are willing to buy a new console.

    That makes a nice ~100 million future console buyer market, that could be interested in buying a new console, these next 2 years.

    All the Nintendo fans could be getting the new NX. but what if the console isn’t very powerful, at least 2 times a ps4 power? Well, those fans could have a great alternative, with the ps4.5 .

    Some guys claim it will be a nightmare, for devs, to support 2 ps4 consoles.
    What if Sony is making it totally transparent and automatic, and devs will only need 1 or 2 weeks, to finish the ps4.5 version? Because basically, all devs need to do is setting some new limits.
    Ex, a game on ps4 uses texture compression at 50%. Antialiasing 4x. Shadows quality 4/10. Main character polygons: 500’000. Etc etc. And then, all they have to do is checking until when they can increase settings/values. Texture compression at 30% is OK? Check. Antialiasing 8x is OK? Check. Shadows 6/10 OK? Check. Polygons increased to 700’000, it’s OK? Check.

    The new version is just a matter of moving sliders, the hardware will automatically adapt to it.

    Sony would never support 2 systems at the same time, if devs needed more than 2-4 weeks to validate the ps4.5 version.

    If the specs are OK, the ps4.5 cpu should run at 30% faster, and the graphic chip should have twice the power. With a few extra bells and whistles, the new system could be as fast as 2.5 ps4 systems.which means an uncharted 4 game could multiply everything by 2: size, polygons, enemies, bigger textures, effects, particles, etc. All 2X MORE , better, bigger.

    Just like me, there must be dozens millions ps4 owners, who just wished this or that game just looked much better…and don’t want to wait until 2018-19, for a other Playstation.

    Also, the market has evolved. People got used to buying a new iPhone or iPad every 9 months, and paying a lot of money for it. There are a few whiners who think a new console should cost 149$ or less, while being as powerful as a fast computer. Because of those idiots who buy a 500 dollars graphic card but don’t accept paying more than 200 $ for a full console, because of them, Sony and Microsoft had to build cheap next-gen systems, that can barely handle 1080p.

    Bring on the power, bring on amazing graphics, and let gamers spend what it is worth.
    A new ps4.5 for September? Take my money now.

    PS. This move surely has something to do with the NX release. Maybe Sony knows Microsoft is going to release a new Xbox by the end of 2016. Because, frankly, when we see how Microsoft has ditched the first xbox, because it wasn’t number 1… do you people think Microsoft will continue being number #2, until 2019, will accept Sony having the best versions, will accept twice the sales, etc etc, without doing nothing ? OF COURSE Microsoft is soon going to ditch the x1, and will announce a new Xbox, 2 or 3 timed more powerful than a ps4. And because of that, maybe Sony wants to release something before microsoft.

    • Eddie Battikha

      U couldn’t of explained it any better my friend, I’ve had my PS4 since day and love it, but an Upgrade after 3 years is more than fine for me. 55 inch HDR 4K TV and new PlayStation here I come Greatness Awaits.

  • Eddie Battikha

    I love my ps4 and have had it since day 1, but i can’t wait to get a 55 inch HDR 4K TV and the new PlayStation. Technology and Evolution should never be held back .

  • hiawa23

    I am fine with the current consoles, but I am cool with the the console revisions. Those who want to buy the newer consoles they can buy, and those like me who are fine with things as is well, we will continue enjoying them as is.

  • Rikarudo

    Lol, I always buy 2 or 3 consoles of the same brand during a lifetime so this is very appealing to me.
    And with the older ones just having very minor upgrades if you would call it that, this is awesome. Bring it on.

  • HisDivineOrder

    I like how Microsoft and Sony are making the case for PC gaming. If they up the ante to $400-500 per three years, $60 per year, pay more for games and specialized peripherals…

    Suddenly, PC gaming looks a WHOLE lot cheaper. Plus, 1080p60 is a lock for those who want it. No playing games with specs.

    Seriously. PC gaming just became the defacto leader in value as well as performance.

  • Mike

    PS4 Neo has a GPU that is about 2.1x stronger. How is that a minimal upgrade?

  • textomatic

    As long as all the games are backward compatible and no one gains an unfair advantage in multiplayer games then I’m cool with incremental upgraded consoles revisions every 2 to 3 years.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    So when most studios stop making games for the 2 older consoles what does that do to your user base besides alienating it? This is a very slippery slope and I think most people want a console that works not a console where they have to worry about whether it is upgraded to play the game. Now that PS4 or XBOX ONE label on that game will mean MAYBE not CERTAINLY.


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